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  1. schoosier

    Gregg Marshall resigns

    He will be back in SC coaching next season. He’s said/done some horrible things but everyone deserves a second chance. Just look at our own examples.
  2. schoosier

    New Assistant Coach Hire Candidates

    Calbert is my first choice. IU guy my second. Fife, Moye miller is intriguing though and his son would come with him.
  3. schoosier

    Bruiser Could Leave for UK?

    Good luck Bruiser except if we ever resume our border challenge with the dirtiest team in ncaa history whom you just joined.
  4. schoosier

    Stew Robinson and Coach Knight

    Knight took Brooks since he had Alford and Lewis became a better player. The Anderson sectionals were absolute magic with tickets getting scalped at a 10,000 seat gym. Held should have one a couple state championships. I never heard of the dislike between Held and Knight though other than Knight signed Madison Heights players. IU player Winston Morgan was on Stew’s high school team along with IL St sharp shooter Brad Duncan.
  5. schoosier

    College Bball Thread

    My guess is UA has some serious financial difficulties.
  6. schoosier

    (2021) SF Trey Patterson

    Agree on everything and would add that our bagmen need to pay better. Look no further than the SEC to see who is landing these top recruits. The pay rates are only going to go up as the NCAA loses more power.
  7. schoosier

    All-Time Underrated Team

    Ewe Blap Sloan Chuck Franz Delray Brooks Dan Dakich
  8. schoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Ok St is the new SMU. The other players remain the same lol.
  9. Highlights remind me of Brian Evans with more athleticism. His outside shot alone sets him apart from anyone we’ve seen Archie sign not including next year’s class. Indiana basketball history has always included great shooters and banner 6 will only happen with these type of players.
  10. schoosier

    Justin Smith Declares

    My all time favorite wrestler!
  11. schoosier

    Justin Smith Declares

    Unfortunately, Smith didn’t have enough handles to be an effective slasher or create his own shot.
  12. schoosier

    Justin Smith Declares

    Congratulations on graduating in 3 years and your contributions on the court. Obviously, he didn’t see eye to eye with Arch on what his role would be next year. I wish him the best moving to his new school. Good luck.
  13. schoosier


    They actually test with it, but the Covid virus has seen big increases in both shooting sports and fishing. Those concerned with lawlessness for ammo/guns and the latter folks wanting something to do outside with limited people.
  14. schoosier


    Franklin released the AK binary triggers last year so your favorite gun stores stock them unless state/county restrictions.
  15. schoosier


    Any of you AR/AK lovers shot this trigger? Game changer!