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  1. schoosier

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    Plenty of time to turn it around.
  2. schoosier

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino to INDIANA

    Welcome JHS to Indiana basketball. The pedigree and love for the game is unmatched anywhere.
  3. schoosier

    (2022) - PF Kaleb Banks to INDIANA

    I really like his ability to create shots not only for himself but teammates. I think he plays from day 1 and his game is polished. Getting stronger while maintaining his stroke would be a freshman goal.
  4. schoosier

    (2024) SF - Cooper Koch

    His shooting form is very good for someone his size. I can understand this offer since he should add a couple inches also.
  5. Wow, I really like how he can lead the break. He’s certainly a unique talent and we need players like him if we’re gonna get back to the top.
  6. schoosier

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Question as I don’t have time to scroll back as it pertains to Brunk. Did Woodson sour on him? Did Woody not like his game or was he worried about his injury? Was this Brunks decision because of relationship with Archie? Thanks in advance. I really liked him as a non selfish team player.
  7. Welcome home Dane! I see him as our next HC as soon as Woody gets us rolling again in 5-7 years.
  8. schoosier

    Beard to Texas.

    He will have to win a lot to match Barnes.
  9. Congratulations Coach Woodson and IU nation. We’ve tried everything else but one of our own, and I’m personally happy to finally see this happen.
  10. schoosier

    Another New Moderator!

    Congratulations to both of you
  11. schoosier

    General New Coach News

    Welcome HSN’ers! You would be pleasantly surprised that a lot of us here were there and Scout before there and firemikedavis before there. We all love us some Hoosier bball.
  12. schoosier

    General New Coach News

    Plus, he’s supposedly reached out to Durham? Who does this if they’re being recruited to coach the school he’s leaving and could stay another Covid year?
  13. schoosier

    General New Coach News

    Brad Stevens. It appears even the admin won’t f*** it up this time. McRobbie has gotten out of the way.
  14. schoosier

    Archie. Miller. Fired.

    Thanks for your efforts; next coach up. My hopes are the next is as pissed off losing to Purdue as all of us here.