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  1. schoosier

    Justin Smith Declares

    My all time favorite wrestler!
  2. schoosier

    Justin Smith Declares

    Unfortunately, Smith didn’t have enough handles to be an effective slasher or create his own shot.
  3. schoosier

    Justin Smith Declares

    Congratulations on graduating in 3 years and your contributions on the court. Obviously, he didn’t see eye to eye with Arch on what his role would be next year. I wish him the best moving to his new school. Good luck.
  4. schoosier


    They actually test with it, but the Covid virus has seen big increases in both shooting sports and fishing. Those concerned with lawlessness for ammo/guns and the latter folks wanting something to do outside with limited people.
  5. schoosier


    Franklin released the AK binary triggers last year so your favorite gun stores stock them unless state/county restrictions.
  6. schoosier


    Any of you AR/AK lovers shot this trigger? Game changer!
  7. schoosier


    AK steel cases ammo is very hard to come by now. I have a very large customer who would take all I could sell them.
  8. schoosier


    Yes and yes I’m in the outdoor sporting goods industry.
  9. schoosier

    Cody Zeller and the Crean Era

    The rumor was Davis sent Oden a recruiting letter addressed to another top recruit. Kinda sums up his tenure at IU. Thanks Myles Brand.
  10. schoosier

    Justin Smith Declares

    Will they even give him feedback? He’s a sixth man Devonte Green senior year if we have the team we’ve been waiting to see from Archie.
  11. schoosier

    A Transfer Coming?

    I hope this is the case and he stays. He has great size and I believe his unorthodox shot comes around. Also, lots of talented players from his area including team where we want to continue recruiting.
  12. schoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Omg this kid has another year? He has put in a ton of work just look at his first couple of years. I’m not saying our newest recruit has the same skill set as Garza, but living in the gym can pay off. I hope he goes pro lol, and we can finally defend the outside vs Iowa this coming year.
  13. schoosier

    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    Ask Joe Hillman lol. Wasn’t he on a baseball scholly and somehow the General found him? He played some important minutes in our 87 championship run.
  14. Congratulations Logan and welcome to Indiana!
  15. Trying to stay positive but watching Green isn’t helping.