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  1. Bigdaddy76

    This Started It All for Me

    I was 10 years old in 75.....Cried my eyes out when we lost to the cheatin Cats. Watched the 76 undefeated team and have been hooked ever since. I used to watch all the games with my father until they got rid of RMK. My dad wouldn't watch anymore after that. When he did, he didn't like what he saw. I guess I am a throwback to the old days. I really hope that one day we get back to using Indiana kids. Play smart and disciplined, and most of all, play good solid defense. I like the high flyers and scoring as much as anyone. But when it comes to hanging banners, there is no substitute for good defense. 
  2. Bigdaddy76

    Next Season will be a Success If....

    Tom Crean decides to go elsewhere, and somone has enough sense and dollars to lure Stevens away from Boston.
  3. Bigdaddy76

    OT: How did you find us?

    Facebook posts! Can't remember who from though.
  4. Bigdaddy76

    Official BtownBanners March Madness Contest

    Uk,Arizona,Oklahoma,Iowa St  Upset city baby!
  5. Bigdaddy76

    Potential coaching change suggestions

    As many of you on here, I am very dissapointed in the current coach and his ability, or lack thereof. As I was sitting in traffic yesterday wondering about the fallout of a coaching change, a thought occured to me. As bad as I hate being an also ran program, I really think maybe the best thing to do is keep Tommy on for a couple more years. (No, that doesn't mean that I am gonna sopt complaining about him)  If IU makes a change now, it could be another setback of a few years. As has been well documented here. A good portion of us kind of want to see what Brad Stevens might be able to do with this program. Crean has already done as well as he is ever gonna do here, and Stevens probably won't leave Boston for at least 2 or 3 more years. That puts us at year 2017 to 2018 to have a real shot at landing Stevens and to have to put up with mediocre results. At that time, the minute Stevens is available, give him whatever he wants. AND, lets look best case scenario. MAYBE, just maybe Crean gets his act together and actually gets us to the tournament the next couple years. You could still get rid of him with very little resistance because, LETS BE HONEST! Just getting into the tournament is not getting it done at IU!  It would sure beat starting over YET AGAIN! 
  6. Bigdaddy76

    Spew your crap about Crean here

    I think that you are being a little short sighted. I believe that even the worst critic of Crean could and should realize that he actually has done a pretty good job with this team, save for a few instances. The starting of Harttman at center, and the way he has utilized the talent that he has this year with the shooters comes to mind. The problem with Crean is pretty much a mirror image of the problem with Mike Davis......We don't need a coach at Indiana that has to learn on the job. The coach at Indiana should be fully equipped to handle any situation with his coaching acumen. What we are faced with now, is the fact that Tommy has taken us absolutely as far as he ever will and that doesn't sit well with people when he is getting paid out of this world $ and a huge buyout. That goes diectly to Glass. He handcuffed us with this clown, and now we are paying for it. Crean did a great job cleaning and building the program back to its current level. Noone will argue that. But, he has proven time and again that he is not a great x's and o's coach. His resume was that he was an elite recruiter. Thats what he hung his hat on. Well, now we are seeing that is not the case as well. With no bigs in the coming class, and none waiting in the wings. Sadly, with all that said. Glass has hitched his horse to Tommy's wagon and it will not change. Glass is too arrogant to admit he made a mistake, and it will be his undoing. As fans all we can do is watch this trainwreck, because it is out of our hands. I always love my Hoosiers through thick and thin. But I am sorry, it is not being a bad fan to want to get back to being elite.  
  7. I agree! Maybe the best post that I have ever seen on this forum. Kudos
  8. All ya had to do was watch the game....Completely unprepared for the zone. Are you sure that you watch these games, or do you just like to argue. Not sure, but some of your comments are just unbelievable.
  9. There is an old saying   The proof is in the pudding! I have seen enough well coached basketball over the years to realize that this guy is NOT the answer. Nice guy, yes...Players go to class, Yes....Does things the right way as far as recruiting, Yes. What he has shown is a way to be consistently mediocre and nothing more. I am positive that there is NO WAY that this guy does anything better than he has already done. I will back it up by saying this.......If Crean wins a National Championship, I will gladly never post on this Forum again. Maybe one of the mods can save this post. I REALLY want to be wrong about this, but I am that sure that it will NEVER happen under this coach.  
  10. Just my opinion, but I would say we will be lucky to make the tournament again this year. Maybe the NIT. That D last nt., or lack thereof has to be the worst effort in a long time. I think Wisky shot like 70% for the game. I do agree, that on a given nt. when they are hitting threes that they can upset some teams. Just not sure they can shoot well enough to do it on a consistent basis. I hope I am wrong, I hate only rooting for underdogs in the dance because my team didn't make it.
  11. If you want Crean gone, all it boils down to is this....Stop showing up for games and stop watching them on tv. This is the only way its going to happen. We can bi#$% and moan all we want, but the truth is, as long as people keep showing up, he is gonna be there. Glass is too arrogant to admit he made a huge mistake, and too stupid to hire a new coach that is worth anything. Might as well ride this out, its gonna be a bumpy one.  
  12. Its really more about consistency. When RMK was here, the fanbase knew that for the most part we would be competitive in every game that we played in and have a chance to win at the end of each game. Every 4 to 5 years we were competing for a Nat Ch. because he was able to recruit at least on McD every year. This stuff of sweet 16, and then not even making the NIT would NEVER happen under RMK. I am sure that IU should be able to find a candidate to be able to accomplish this. Just not sure Glass or this admin. are the right people to do the hiring of such a coach. 
  13. Bigdaddy76

    I hate UK even more now!

    I posted something very similar to "best team $ can buy to a friend on facebook. She is an IU alum, hubby is a UK fan. He had her unfriend or block me. I laughed and laughed because you can tell that they "UK Peeps" can't stand the truth. Can not wait till Cal leaves, cause thats when crap hits the fan at all these schools that he has coached before. Its funny to me how everywhere else in the country players leave when they are 1st rounders. Oh but not at UK, they can't afford the pay cut! 
  14. Bigdaddy76

    IU Vs Gtown (Post Game Thread)

    If someone has posted this already, I appologize. Against a 2/3 zone. How hard would it be to let Troy flash to the middle? From there, he shots a fifteen footer, he drives, or the D collapses and he dishes, and with the shooters that we have, its a made 3. Its just that simple! But apparently, our esteemed leader can't seem to figure that out. It is so friggin frustrating to sit here and watch the same stupid offensive sets be ran time after time. Its basic basketball.  
  15. Bigdaddy76

    Is it possible?

    Yes I agree with you. I always want the best players possible. But what I was trying to say is that maybe Crean does a better job with players that he develops, rather than some that already have elite skill. I'll take all the 5 stars you can give me please, with a side of a couple 4's that need a little work. haha