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  1. LazOffTheBench

    Tuesday Night National Game

    Great thread, guys. I can hear RMK talking.   I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying.
  2. LazOffTheBench


    Dear Fred Glass,   Tom Crean is a great guy who tries really, really hard.   Please fire him so he can be a great guy who tries really, really hard somewhere else.   Sincerely yours,   LazOffTheBench
  3. We had a basketball game yesterday? I didn't even know.
  4. We're a football school!

  5. LazOffTheBench


    It's nice to know that Glass pretends to care.   Happy Holidays, Fred! I mean that very seriously.
  6. Class of '66, I agree completely. When I heard Bo had retired, I thought of Gene Keady's retirement. Their teams, style of coaching and play were similar. I have a lot of respect for both of them.
  7. From what I've read, Bo was planning to retire after last season, but Bo's choice as replacement, Assistant Coach Gard, was then dealing with a serious illness in his family. Bo didn't want to leave until Gard was able to take over the job during a less stressful time in his life. So that is the reason Bo gave for retiring now, although leaving at this time does mean Gard gets to be Interim Head Coach with little or no chance of being replaced until the season ends. Gard has been with Bo for many seasons. They are obviously very close. Whether Alvarez keeps Gard on as Head Coach remains to be seen.   The Bo vs. IU rivalry has been a good one. I hope he enjoys his retirement.
  8. LazOffTheBench


    I don't care which players or recruits we lose, I want Crean gone. Like yesterday. I can't stand to watch this cr*p that IUBB has become. Matt Freaking Painter is a better coach than Crean. That hurts.
  9. LazOffTheBench

    IU All-Star Line Up (Only During Your Time)

    I have to add Steve Downing and the Van Arsdale twins!
  10. LazOffTheBench

    IU All-Star Line Up (Only During Your Time)

    I'm way too old for this. There are so many possibilities but here is my subjective list.   Bellamy McGinnis May Alford Isiah   Tolbert Calbert Woodson Buckner Vic Laz!
  11. LazOffTheBench


    ^^^ Methinks CTC has a future on Comedy Central.
  12. I'm very familiar with SnapChat but what is this thing called a "football bowl"?
  13. LazOffTheBench

    College Bball Thread

    Nice not to see Boeheim. About time.
  14. LazOffTheBench

    College Bball Thread

    Congrats to Steve. Well done!