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  1. Sorry I didn't mean that negatively directed at you or anything... Simply saying I am glad there is so much more hope and support around the program this year that the tickets were gone in 2 minutes.
  2. It is great to see the dedication and support for the program coming back so strong!
  3. Str8Hoosiers

    College Bball Thread

    1 or 2 losses is the key there.... Nobody said they weren't actually good... but the UNDEFEATED stuff wouldn't be there... They would have lost at least 1 or 2 games in a P5 conference schedule. It does matter when and how played... playing tough road games out of conference is one thing and is a good basis of how they would fare, but playing tough teams night in and night out who have you completely scouted because you play them a couple times every year is a whole different ball game...
  4. Str8Hoosiers

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Make it 3.... Brunk had nothing to do with our record either, and could be big in the 2nd unit!
  5. Str8Hoosiers

    College Bball Thread

    The teams you mentioned (5 Teams) went 3-4 in the tournament with 1 not making it... the 4 that did all got "upset" by lower seeds the 1st weekend.... Plus as mentioned they played them early in the season without fans being present... I am 100% NOT on the bandwagon that is Gonzaga.... yes they are good, especially this year and in recent years, but they are no where near true undefeated good, and they most certainly don't play a tough schedule overall comparatively....
  6. Str8Hoosiers

    2021 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    They both play today..... you didn't make a pick for yesterday (3/29)..... Therefore you are ELIMINATED!
  7. I voted Atomic Butt Hurt as I HATED this hire when announced.... I don't know if it was arrogance, or stupidity but I really thought we had a shot at at least a few guys who I considered TOP TIER..... This came out of nowhere for me (even though the Tea Leaves saw it coming).... But I have slept on it, I have read about Woodson, I have tried to digest it all... And everything many people are putting out there now seems to say it is a decent hire..... the records aren't great but they are better than what he inherited, the history is old but it is a history.... I guess i have moved up from Atomic Butt Hurt to at least Unhappy, and maybe even to I Don't Know Right now... I do know I am an IU FAN and always will be, I made some bad jokes about becoming a Colorado Buffaloes fan or something but I know that could never happen, I will happily throw on the CandyStripe pants and the jersey for HH or the 1st game..... and hope for the best. As far as Matta, I think this is an excellent move. I think this shows we are at least serious about being Top Notch....
  8. Str8Hoosiers

    2021 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    For 2 2nd time out of 3 years we have crowned a New Champion on the 1st day of the Sweet Sixteen.... Congrats @ALASKA HOOSIER He also survived the next day and if he so chooses can continue to make picks and try to be the 1st ever to make it all the way to the end!
  9. Str8Hoosiers

    2021 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    First Day of the Sweet Sixteen! Will have at least 1 elimination as a couple people picked against each other. If Oregon State & Houston both win then we will crown a CHAMPION Today
  10. Str8Hoosiers

    2021 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    Just a friendly reminder to @Josh & @LamarCheeks that your pick must be submitted before tipoff of the first game tomorrow (and again on Sunday if you survive).
  11. All I know is when Brad gets back in the home state his first priority (before talking to players or recruiting new ones) is to renounce the foul words he stated at that press conference... I will have NO Patriots fan running our storied program... I will boo him at every game with no mercy... he will think the Celtics tweets were baby fodder..... or wish somebody took off his head (or at least his ears). Now Brad I want you to come home... but being a Patriots fan will be a deal-breaker! #BILLSMAFIA
  12. Str8Hoosiers

    What Are You Willing to Live With?

    WOW, I expected to be in the minority here but it seems overwhelming... I want to WIN and I want to WIN RIGHT.... I am NOT ok with paying the players in any way, keep the duffle bags, shoe companies, strippers, gold/diamond chains, cars, away! I don't want IU to be in the news every week about player A being accused of Sexual assault, I don't want constant 3 game suspensions for Drug problems, I don't want APR issues.... I get that kids will be kids, and I am ok with an occasional issue with a Fake ID, a failed class, or even a 1 time Weed Suspension... but I expect consequences for those actions to be taken by the coach and not have repeat offenders.
  13. Str8Hoosiers

    2021 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    Only 5 people made it out of the 1st weekend... they get a few days to catch their collective breath and then see if anybody can get past the 2nd weekend? Nobody has ever made it all the way (although in 2019 1 person made it to the Championship game but had no team available to pick in that game)
  14. Str8Hoosiers

    BTown Banners Bracket Challenge

    Mine is still perfect!!! Am I the only one?
  15. Str8Hoosiers

    2021 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    It's not even through the 1st weekend and we are already down to 6 remaining Survivors.