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  1. IndyHutch

    Thank you Hutch!

    I took a full time job back in the newspaper business sir -- still covering IU. Check out my original post above. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners
  2. IndyHutch

    Thank you Hutch!

    Ok, here's the story from the horse's mouth. I certainly owe you guys that much. In May I found out about an opportunity that would allow me to get back in the newspaper business. CNHI, an Alabama-based newspaper group that owns 13 newspapers in Indiana was looking for an IU writer. Pretty sweet gig including full time travel in basketball season and some football travel, too. They did a national search and had 125 people apply. They interviewed 15, then narrowed it to 5 and then 3 and then June 23 they offered me the job. I accepted it on June 24 and started on July 5. I had told 41 from the beginning that if I ever took a full time job back in the business I'd have to quit Btownbanners. I gave him a head's up about halfway through the process. I also told him if I got the job I would try to help him find a content person. I've given him a good lede and we're waiting to see what happens next. My work is now syndicated in 13 Indiana newspapers including 9 dailies. They dailies are in Anderson, Terre Haute, Kokomo, Goshen, Logansport, Greensburg, Jeffersonville/New Albany, Lebanon and Washington. I was sorry to have to bail on you guys. I enjoyed being a part of this last year but the reality was I was doing it for free. When a paid opportunity came along again I opted to get back in the business. i may still stop by and weigh in at times (at least I would like to if it's ok. Thanks for making me feel welcome here last year. All the best, Hutch
  3. I don't know. Maybe. There's just something about Bryant and his relationship with these players and this coach that make me think he'll stay. Didn't feel that way about Vonleh for example. This one is different. Could be wrong though.
  4. It's all good. My oldest son went to Wabash so we hear a long of farm animal humor in those circles, too.
  5. Wow, it didn't take long for this post to go in a different direction.
  6. There's no question about this one. Crean has gotten a lot of criticism over the years for over signing but this is exactly why sometimes you do. Otherwise when decisions are made, you're the one left standing out in the cold.
  7. See this fits more into what I was being told. Now Boo could also be giving people the impression that Troy is leaving, too. Let me just say that if a report came out 10 minutes from now with quotes from Troy or a press release from IU saying that he was testing the waters, I certainly wouldn't be surprised.
  8. There will always be a new candidate to be a victory cigar.
  9. What happens is that people will start getting in his ear and before you know it it sounds like a real possibility to a kid. I think one of the advantages here is that OG is pretty even keeled and I think he gets it. I don't know ultimately how long he'll be here but I would expect him to be back for his sophomore season for sure.
  10. I don't agree with this at all. I'm not trying to give the impression he's a finished product either but I think he has grown exponentially at Indiana myself.
  11. That is something we love sight of sometimes. It's also something that early on people weren't saying a lot with Crean. They were saying that players came to IU and never got better. I think you can make a pretty strong argument with some recent examples that this is really not the case. I think you're seeing a high level of improvement.
  12. Since when does reasoning have anything to do with these decisions?
  13. And that's where I come out, too, and I wonder if decides to collect a paycheck
  14. Not to mention with the ladies.
  15. I'm sure that's the way it will play out.