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  1. hoosha61

    Who is IUs GOAT?

    To be the Goat you would have had to win a Championship. While that narrows it down it’s still tough. I would go with Alford barely edging out May.
  2. hoosha61

    IU versus Duke Pre-game Thread

    For us to have any chance Davis must stay out of foul trouble. Josh and Rob need to continue to play better. I was encouraged by the last game. AH must be raucous! Duke is loaded but as mentioned earlier that travel schedule is brutal. I’m not saying a W is impossible but it’s a very tall task. I expect us to compete and play hard.
  3. hoosha61

    Poll: Archie Miller

    Good Hire. He's young and hungry. Hoops lifer and son of a coach. His teams play hard and DEFEND, you know that thing where you try to stop the other team from scoring. He is well respected by his peers. I'm very optimistic. #GoHoosiers
  4. hoosha61


    AND he's a Hoosier!
  5. hoosha61


    Really? To me Davis is way better than Holt. It's not close.
  6. hoosha61

    IU vs Michigan Game Thread - Sunday 2/12 @ 1:00 ET

    NU was mentioned, they have a pretty good coach who has stated his respect for Indiana's love of basketball. #justsayin
  7. hoosha61

    IU vs Michigan Game Thread - Sunday 2/12 @ 1:00 ET

    Just an awful performance. With everything on the line we were beyond flat. It seems like rojo and JBJ have checked out. I've tried to be supportive of CTC, but I'm done. This is not and has not been iubb. I hope the frosh don't xfer when they can him. My lineup next time out would be DD, DG, JK, JM and TB.
  8. hoosha61


    Hi, my names Chris and I used to support CTC. I'm done
  9. hoosha61


    Rojo has lost all confidence and it shows. Our frosh guards were awful. We get Biggie to 4 fouls then stop attacking him? The refs were terrible. McRoberts and McSwain played hard. Turned them over, but could never capitalize. Unless we make a miracle run in the B1G tourney, we are NIT bound...and deservingly so. #bummed Go Hoosiers!
  10. hoosha61

    Josh Newkirk

    His O has improved greatly, but that bad/lazy pass attempt to Deron that led to the Happ dunk killed us. That was really bad.
  11. Sorry if this has been addressed, where's Priller?
  12. hoosha61

    IU @ Maryland Official Game Thread 9PM ET on ESPN

    As mentioned earlier, all the momentum that TB and OG finished with last year has disappeared. Granted OG has been hurt, but he looks like a different player. Timid and TO prone. TB is soft, other BIgs eat his lunch. DD is far better down low. TURNOVERS..... somehow someway we must fix this. Guys get to the rim on us to easy, the play to end the first half was just awful. So bummed right now.
  13. hoosha61

    IUMBB vs Wisconsin - Game Thread - 1/3/17

    Awful start, decent middle, awful finish. I can't even with these TOs, they are killing us. While watching our "offense" I was like coach knows WE'RE down 7 right? I've given JN the benefit of doubt, no more. He is not ready for prime time. Freddie try's hard, but no thank you. McRoberts defends well but no O. DD is a better player than TB, period, he must start. OG has clearly lost the momentum he had last year, passive, turnover machine. To say rojo is in a slump would be an understatement, I don't know that I've seen a worse interior passer. TB act is wearing thin, Happ destroyed him. Why JBJ was on the bench when we needed him most was ridiculous. CTC was terrible tonight, it was really obvious. More cujo, and green, less JN, FM, and JMc. Hoping for better results against Illinois. Go Hoosiers!
  14. hoosha61

    First game at The Hall....Suggestions?

    Nicks English Hut is a must. Cook Hall is awesome. Enjoy your first game in AH!
  15. hoosha61

    Indiana vs Louisville Game Thread

    I to have noticed James improved effort on defense. He is moving his feet much better, in particular there was a late play against the Huskers in front of their bench where he had his hands up and feet moving and got called for s bogus foul. There is NO WAY we are a better team without him. We need to run more sets and screens for him to get his shot off. Someone earlier made a Eric Gordon comparison, not close EJ way bigger and stronger, overall much better player.