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  1. There’s nothing appealing about IU right now. Not surprised that instate prospects are looking elsewhere.
  2. Iugradman

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    Looks like there is already a built-in excuse if they lose tonight.
  3. Iugradman

    Negativity Thread

    Uhhh...he recruited almost all of the players who shot 4/36 outside of the paint.
  4. Iugradman

    Negativity Thread

    I am from Bloomington and started going to IU games when I was eight years old. IU basketball means a lot to me and its lack of success hurts so I do get angry at the many people responsible for its demise.
  5. Iugradman

    Negativity Thread

    How dare I be negative in the Unbridled Negativity Thread.
  6. Iugradman

    Negativity Thread

    And the idiot who hired him won’t be around to take the blame and face accountability.
  7. Crean deserved to be fired but IU went out and hired a coach with fewer accomplishments in a weaker conference than Crean when he was hired.
  8. Iugradman

    Negativity Thread

    Thankfully there is enough left of the dwindling fanbase that doesn’t accept this **** to make some noise and apply some heat to the pencil pushers in the athletics department. But I know their ultimate goal is to have an apathetic fanbase that accepts mediocrity so everyone keeps their job with no accountability.
  9. Iugradman

    Negativity Thread

    Steve Pikell at effing Rutgers has built a better basketball program than IU. That is where things are right now. It took a massive institutional failure to bring about the current state of affairs.
  10. As well as Fat Aussie, Shoulders, and the entire compliance department.
  11. Iugradman

    Negativity Thread

    So yeah, things are still rotten in this program.
  12. Iugradman

    If IU loses to Rutgers...

    This doesn’t make any sense. Why should Penn State and Rutgers have to be bad forever? Should they not try to be competitive? Should IU football stink eternally so Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State can have a guaranteed win? The rich shouldn’t be assured of staying rich just because they have been rich in the past.
  13. Iugradman

    College Football Thread

    That was not OPI.
  14. Iugradman

    Negativity Thread

    Let’s see how these next two games go. Both are winnable, especially Nebraska.
  15. Iugradman

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Still a clown. No change.