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  1. JerryYeagley23

    2023 NCAA Men’s Soccer Tournament Thread

    I know some on here played at some level as well… but speaking from a former player’s perspective, that sounds great for fans but at that level of play after 120 minutes, your legs are toast. It’s gotta end somehow because people will start getting hurt or cramping up and struggling. PK’s are what they are. You love winning that way, but it kills losing that way.
  2. JerryYeagley23

    2023 NCAA Men’s Soccer Tournament Thread

    Tough way to lose. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t. Good run. Good season.
  3. JerryYeagley23

    2023 NCAA Men’s Soccer Tournament Thread

    Great win on the road against a good Wake team. On to the next boys!
  4. JerryYeagley23

    2023 NCAA Men’s Soccer Tournament Thread

    I’ll tell you who REALLY doesn’t like IU’s seed… Wake. Imagine being a top ten team and you get a first game against 8-time national champs winners of 9 of their last 10. Not how you draw it up.
  5. JerryYeagley23

    IUBB vs Army - Sunday, 11.12.23 @ 7:00 on BTN

    I personally feel the same way, but respectfully have to disagree. Duke, UK, Kansas have 5 * guys on their bench because you only get five starting spots and they’ve got 7-8 five star guys on the squad every year. And winning does matter - to the fan bases. To these 16-18 year old top 10-20 recruits, if you want the truth, it isn’t in the top five of their priorities. NIL, exposure/system to get drafted, relationship with the coaching staff and players so they’re treated well and are comfortable, facilities… I could go on. Yes, they’re likely competitive to have gotten this good at their craft. But winning isn’t what you point to these days to recruit. It’s a nice to have. I don’t like it, you don’t like it, but it’s how the world works these days. You have to play the game. And that game requires starting a Mackenzie Mbagko if you get him.
  6. JerryYeagley23

    IUBB vs Army - Sunday, 11.12.23 @ 7:00 on BTN

    Don’t disagree with most of this, definitely frustrated through two games like most. Two quick-hitters though: - Woody has proven through three seasons to have a steadfast commitment to his beginning of season starters. (Parker Stewart and Miller Kopp anyone?) - As long as you’re going to continue to recruit five stars, you just cannot bench a kid who decommitted from Duke and chose your program over Kansas. Slow start, you betcha, but MM has to be in the squad if for nothing else for esthetics. I personally think he finds his role and voice on the team by the turn of the year and shows out as our best scoring option by big ten play.
  7. JerryYeagley23

    2023 B1G Men's Soccer Tournament

    Proud of the guys. Doing more with less this year. Our “rebuilding” years don’t feel much like it. Go get #9.
  8. JerryYeagley23

    #9 IUWBB @ #15/13 Stanford - Sunday, 11.12.23 @ 5:00 ET

    Obviously not playing well. But needs to be recognized this is a bad matchup for us. We don’t play two bigs. Most women’s programs don’t, especially that are athletic with the size. Tough early season road game. We’ve only played a couple exhibition games. Good early teaching moment to get punched in the mouth. We still have great 1-5 talent. We’ll rebound after some tough film sessions and practices. We won’t miss this many threes again this season.
  9. JerryYeagley23

    IU Volleyball

    Starting off the third set with more ghost reverse calls. No possible view they had to show a net touch there. Should have been 1-1 and totally different start.
  10. JerryYeagley23

    IU Volleyball

    Those two challenge overturns lost us that set. It should have to be clear and obvious to overturn, otherwise call on the court stands.
  11. JerryYeagley23

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    We should hit a few more guys with pitches. Seems like a solid strategy so far.
  12. JerryYeagley23

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Some BIG TIME upsets brewing. #6 Vandy down to its last three outs against Xavier. #8 Stanford down a run to Fullerton in an elimination game. #3 Arkansas getting throttled 14-1 by TCU. And #2 Florida gonna have to win two games against TTU to stay alive. A lot of seeded teams on the ropes.
  13. JerryYeagley23

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Boom! 4-3 Hoosiers!! Big shot to right on a full count!!
  14. JerryYeagley23

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Some really great pitching on both sides in this game. It only takes one. Kentucky’s stater began to look vulnerable last inning. Get on him Hoosiers.