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  1. DylanBeach33

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I really think a good scenario would be getting Locke/Miller and then saving the other scholarship or use it on a grad transfer with one year of eligibility
  2. DylanBeach33

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    Musselman needs to be the second option
  3. Well when another coach gains traction to Iu I will come back, until then I’m going away. Thanks to all the nice people on here.
  4. If fife really wanted to be at Indiana I’m sure there would’ve been an assistant spot open for him over the years
  5. If we fired Archie for that it could somehow be a downgrade
  6. I get everyone is upset but idk what you guys thought he would say. I doubt brad would have come out and say yes to Goodman’s question right before coaching a game for the Celtics.
  7. Trust everyone when they say this, he is a clown. He has gone from zero interest to reporters talking all about it and still saying it won’t happen
  8. I can’t wait for us to not have to deal with that guy after this
  9. They did the same thing with wentz to the colts right before
  10. I really doubt team officials can truly say if brad is leaving so I’m putting on my earmuffs when it comes to the big media guys atm
  11. Back from taking an exam for the last 2 hours what did I miss
  12. I wish Sam would come back to Twitter again. Wish the trolls would stay away from him
  13. I’m sure Aj if he knows something wouldn’t be able to leak stuff without getting in trouble with the University. He like all the former players have been tweeting out candidates all week
  14. He is a scorer and Indiana has desperately needed a scorer. The only guy in the Archie era who could make his shot off the dribble was Devonte