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Jim IV22

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  1. Jim IV22

    2021 Transfer Portal

    If we are wanting to stretch the floor (instead of the two men on the block that we have all been used to seeing around here) then I think Mitchell comes in and could probably start. If not start, then be a huge contributor. Seems like a perfect fit in a system Woody described. I love Race, but Tre seems to be a better outside shooter.
  2. Jim IV22

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Tre Mitchell....yes please.
  3. Jim IV22

    Player decisions

    I didn't really see it at first, but I think I am in agreement with this more and more. Although, I do think his draft stock would have increased more here with Woody's system. I see XJ creating and kicking a lot to open shooters...we know AF can knock down those shots. Thought this would have taken some pressure off AF to create on his own. Just my .02
  4. Jim IV22

    Player decisions

    Heard the UVA rumor too which makes zero sense to me...his skill set would be better featured in Woodson's system IMO.
  5. Jim IV22

    This Started It All for Me

    My dad, like many of you, was a huge IU fan. I grew up with IU bball on Channel 4 and my dad yelling at the TV. It used to annoy me and I couldn't imagine getting that worked up. Well, here I am at 32 years old and I do the same thing. My wife cracks up (sometimes) at the things I say to the TV. There are times when I have to leave the bedroom during the late games and go back to my cave so I don't wake her. I do my best to watch every game - to the extent I was watching the IU v. SMU game this year on my phone while in Austin, TX at a buddies rehearsal dinner. The only time you won't see me yelling at the TV now is when I watch with my dad - I still sit quiet and let him rant/rave. I don't get nearly as annoyed - I have even caught myself smiling a few times.    I didn't take high school seriously enough to attend IU so I went north to Ball State. Although my degree says BSU, my heart will always say IU. I traveled there nearly every weekend to spend time on campus with friends and tailgate/attend games. I still root my for alma mater, but not with the same passion as my childhood team. I will forever bleed the cream and crimson - so will my boy, who is due in May. 
  6. Jim IV22

    Tom Crean to Alabama Rumor Thread

      So you're saying there's a chance! 
  7. Jim IV22

    Tom Crean to Alabama Rumor Thread

      I absolutely hate that "Indiana fans" are being lumped in with High School kids at his son's game...   Do they think the AH student section attended the game with signs and started the chant? It's ridiculous Indiana fans are even being mentioned...they are HIGH SCHOOL KIDS!!! There are no ties to IU's program IMO
  8.   I agree 100% about him earning it. What about starting him then going to that rotation later in the game when fatigue sets in? Again, not something I think will happen. I do think it would improve our team and the rotations. 
  9. New to this forum so hello...   Just curious if anyone is interested in seeing Yogi, JBJ, NZ with RJ coming in to relieve Yogi. RJ taking over ball handling duties while Yogi is resting seems far more effective than having our boy Stan attempt to run the offense. I am in agreement with CH and NZ getting more time. I also believe that Troy has improved in some areas, but continues to play selfish ball. No reason for him to start after this latest display.