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  1. I think we're saying similar things but to me the fact that Archie is so passive on the sidelines really sets a tone. It implies that leadership is something he's just hoping to see, rather than something he is nurturing...and expecting! I want him to succeed but I just don't see it happening until/unless he starts leading by example.
  2. triple

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    The calls/texts were not that big of a deal. But he intentionally broke the rules and also the reports of rampant drug use and players skipping classes did not sit with me. Since then IU has been too squeaky clean for its own good and has failed to land 'the guy', but despite his coaching ability I for one am glad Sampson is in our rear view mirror.
  3. triple

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    I was too patient with Davis, and fairly patient with Crean. Perhaps because of that I'm not patient enough with Archie, but to me the writing is wall. We have individual players who display passion, but a team and indeed a program that fails to convey a sense of urgency.
  4. triple

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    I'm really torn on Miller. The progress is there even though it's very gradual in the making. And this could end up being a surprisingly good season. But the difference I see between us and the teams you mention here is that we are a single injury (knock wood that won't happen with TJD) away from ending the year near the bottom of our conference. And the comment above about weight lifting...that's my biggest gripe. Much more time shooting over the summer, less lifting. We'd be so much better!
  5. triple

    Big Ten football schedule

    Big Lie, Big Staged, Big Ten
  6. triple

    (2021) - PF Mustapha Amzil to Dayton

  7. triple

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown

    Ideally both, but Mohammed strikes me as offering a high level of "refuse-to-lose" stuff (attitude, motor, skills). He's been #1 on my list for a loooong time. I do feel like our current freshmen are going to bring an attitude upgrade, but Mohammed stands out to me as being elite in that regard.
  8. triple

    2020-2021 NBA Thread

    As a middle age white guy I fully support them. We are in a forever-loop of allowing petty politics and instigators to distract us from those issues. If there had been an ongoing theme of non-white police officers fatally shooting white civilians this would have been addressed long ago.
  9. Another Ragland article: https://www.hjnews.com/sports/usu/pair-of-aggie-assistant-coaches-make-list/article_6b5b0e04-22e2-59f3-b44a-c8f6e74257a7.html
  10. triple

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    Yes. Simply that. Since the Crean years I've always felt the program pushes too much too fast on physical transformation (whereas under Crean anyway, we seemingly had little focus on developing mental toughness which I believe is far more important at the college level).
  11. triple

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    I know there are different schools of thought on this, but when I see these annual pics from IU players my first reaction is always concern that the injury bug is right around the corner.
  12. triple

    IU Football Off-Season

    Harbaugh has done less with his talent level (specific to his Michigan teams) than most of the guys on the list. In my mind he should be closer to the middle. Definitely below Chyrst.
  13. triple

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    If you are suggesting that we all believe every bad review we ever encounter, I fear for the restaurant industry. Covid will be nothing compared to the wrath of Yelp!
  14. I saw several of Lesmond's games last year when he played at Evanston, after moving here from France. He was the tallest player on a very good team that only lacked height, yet struggled to get playing time over more athletic guards and forwards (at least three of whom were also Sophs). So it wasn't surprising that he transferred to a smaller school. At the time he seemed to lack passion, consistency, and defensive instincts. That said, it's quite possible that being a starter this past year has boosted his confidence and helped him turn a significant corner.