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  1. triple

    Player decisions

    Ideally they'll get plenty of time late in games, with a focus on maintaining leads.
  2. triple

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Interesting (and concerning) Former UA basketball coach named in federal trial - News - Tuscaloosa News - Tuscaloosa, AL
  3. triple

    Player decisions

    Indeed. I wish Miller well but he was stuck in quicksand and pulled the team in with him. To the point that the guys would have had more success without any coaching at all...if they had just played streetball.
  4. triple

    Assistant Coach Thread

    If I were in Lewis's shoes I'd look at this as a golden opportunity to be next in line at IU, while working for a 63 year old HC.
  5. triple

    Player decisions

    I think that's true but it's also true that most other coaches have been using that same approach to hone in on guys in the transfer portal for a couple of weeks now. Hunter and Roberts kept us afloat and I'm hoping for the best, but it's most likely the case that IU (though no fault of any of the coaches) has a lot of ground to make up.
  6. triple

    Player decisions

    I sometimes think it's crazy how long Joey Brunk and Ali Patberg will be in college hoops, and then I think of Wisky where six years is par for the course.
  7. triple

    General New Coach News

    Dizz, this is not aimed at you specifically but in general at the discussion regarding Moser. He was a slow starter in his career but he's figured out how to win...he grasps his own strengths and weaknesses and continues to make adjustments over time. Anyone citing his earlier years or his full career record is missing the point with this guy. He's a very good coach today and has been for four years now. Four years is not a fluke. If he'd had the same level of talent for those two years in between his final four and today, he'd have made runs then too. His pace is slow but the offense is much smoother than Miller's, even Bennet's. My wife, who half-heartedly watches hoops on occasion, has used the word "beautiful" at times to describe some of his plays and she's not wrong. Is Moser the right fit for IU? I dunno...his style does not fit what Dolson described. But some of the critics I've seen on this board are flat out wrong. He's going to get a power five job and I believe he'll be very successful.
  8. Indeed. I love the enthusiasm but flight tracking is about as useful as penny stock advice from a stoned surfer in Bali.
  9. Agreed. The odds of her being a home run would be much higher than most of the names being floated.
  10. triple

    General New Coach News

    And even Moser has to look at our fanbase and recognize it's a risky move. Not slamming us...just pointing out the reality of the situation.
  11. triple

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    It's definitely not an apples to apples comparison. Matta got his first break in a Butler program that was rolling (Collier having built them up) and leveraged it to Xavier and OSU. He was most successful midway through the 17 year stretch you cite, with significant 5-star talent. From there it was several years of gradual decline. Moser, in my opinion, has grown significantly as a coach throughout his career, to the point that for the second time in four years and with mostly 3 star talent he is making a run. Matta was a very good coach in his prime But Moser is doing something right, right now. That said, it's always a gamble when mid-major guys move up to power programs.
  12. triple

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    With all do respect I think that's a bit of revisionist history. When IU hired Sampson there were many inside/outside the fanbase who were surprised and disappointed. He was already viewed as dirty, by many coaches, analysts and fans. Then he committed those violations at IU. The story was not that they were secondary violations. The story was that he did it intentionally and repeatedly. He knew he was getting caught and kept doing it. It's true that he knows how to coach. It's true that IU messed up by being to honest with the NCAA (obviously we've seen so may other programs get away with much worse by denying the charges). But IU was not wrong to part ways with him.
  13. A.J. Guyton (@ajguyton) / Twitter
  14. OMF - Trubisky To The Bills; Celtics Play Down To Inferior Cavs; Brad Stevens To Indiana University? 3-18-21 (radio.com) Starts about the 25 minute mark. From around the 32:09 these guys basically say, "yes" he should go to IU. It's not insider stuff but it makes me smile.