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  1. triple

    IU Football Off-Season

    Harbaugh has done less with his talent level (specific to his Michigan teams) than most of the guys on the list. In my mind he should be closer to the middle. Definitely below Chyrst.
  2. triple

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    If you are suggesting that we all believe every bad review we ever encounter, I fear for the restaurant industry. Covid will be nothing compared to the wrath of Yelp!
  3. I saw several of Lesmond's games last year when he played at Evanston, after moving here from France. He was the tallest player on a very good team that only lacked height, yet struggled to get playing time over more athletic guards and forwards (at least three of whom were also Sophs). So it wasn't surprising that he transferred to a smaller school. At the time he seemed to lack passion, consistency, and defensive instincts. That said, it's quite possible that being a starter this past year has boosted his confidence and helped him turn a significant corner.
  4. triple

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I don't need to be lectured. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
  5. triple

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Old Friend, I'm not interested in a purely political debate. I'm independent and believe strongly that our country is in desperate need of compromise, as we watch our political parties give us nothing but the opposite. I'm very disappointed in Trump's response to this crisis, and cherry picked facts/defenses won't change that. I'm also very disappointed in the Democrats, for what it's worth. You are correct that experts should have advised our leaders to act more quickly. I believe quite a few did, whether they were government employees or advising from afar via the press. Moving past that, we need more tests, ICU beds and medical supplies. We've collectively been painfully slow to secure those things, because we've failed to act with the decisiveness that we've seen work elsewhere (China, S. Korea, Germany). That's not a political statement. It's a fact. Our leaders have not used all of the powers available to them to secure those things. That is also a fact.
  6. triple

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Singapore and other countries in Asia made no secret that they were taking significant steps in January. China clearly tried to cover some of this up but scenes of the Wuhan lockdown, hazmat suits, bleach spraying in public places and overwhelmed hospitals were widely shown in the US press in February. I would argue that our national response should have started 2-4 weeks before it finally kicked in.
  7. They are a better team (better coaching leading to better chemistry and motivation), but they are not as talented as IU. There is a difference between team and talent.
  8. triple

    Negativity Thread

    I agree. If the tide does not turn soon there will be consequences (bottom 3-4 finish, missed dance, self-inflicted obstacles to future recruiting success, and yet more normalization of a program culture that leads to mediocracy). We have the talent to win every remaining game. And at this point if Archie told/allowed them to play street ball I suspect we'd improve. That's on him. He needs to unlock the mental obstacles that have infected the team and get back to playing basic basketball and, gulp, dare I say having fun.
  9. triple

    Negativity Thread

    I hate admitting this but I'd settle for being able to enjoy watching the games at this point. Our guys are in quick sand and watching it feels like a bad day at the office.
  10. triple

    Negativity Thread

    I'd say that's technically correct, but I'd add two qualifiers. Regarding our defense, when Rutgers scored they did so with relative ease. We played well for much of the shot clock in any given stance until we didn't, and then they feasted. Regarding our offense, there were too many possessions without any movement inside the three point line. As a result we rarely feasted. I'd give their coaching staff an A for that game, and ours an F. Which is all the more frustrating given that a win was within the reach of a few made threes.
  11. triple

    College Bball Thread

    I agree with him 100%. Basketball is at its best when it's based predominantly on basketball skills. And that includes the skill of playing defense without making contact. Which is much harder to perfect than the constant contact defense they allow some teams (underscore some) to play today.
  12. triple

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Agree here. If you write off four year players based on their freshman and sophomore contributions you miss the point of having four year players. Looking forward to the payoff with Justin.
  13. triple

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    I'm not a big fan of bashing Hoosiers.
  14. triple

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    I hope IU does not let him slip away. He may or may not translate at the next level, but in a program where scholarship spots are expected to go unfilled at times, there is no reason to take a pass on somebody with so much talent right in the backyard. This feels like Nic Moore round two to me.
  15. triple

    (2020) PG Ethan Morton to Purdue

    As a casual reader of this and several other IU sites it is fair to say that updates about Morton have been few and far between for several months. And they never reached the frequency of TJD, Watford or Brooks. Nor Quinones for that matter So while I agree that there is often revisionist history on message boards, it's not crazy to wonder why the chatter about Morton was so low relative to other guys IU has been recruiting.
  16. triple

    Fred Glass Retiring

    No. And there is at least a 50% chance that Dakich made his story up on the fly.
  17. I'm a big fan of freedom of speech , so your implied argument that it should be punished sways me towards Nike. That said, I don't like the never ending flow of pajama like crazy schemes they, and also Adidas, are rolling out for various teams. So I'd go with Under Armour.
  18. I'll take the win. Hats off to Juwan. Love seeing Rob hit that shot and the team spilling out with emotion. And I trust Archie to continue to the path towards great basketball. But I would really, really love to see our guys play with the heart that Butler does for an entire game....and every game. It's weird to me that we clearly can, but rarely do until crunch time. More than anything I hope CM is drilling it into these guys that 50/50 balls and calls go to the guys who want them the most. We're so close to being a conference contender, and yet so far if we don't start taking care of business in the first 10 minutes of every half.
  19. triple

    College Bball Thread

    Let's not forget that the violations were just part of the problem. It didn't take long after his departure to learn that several of his players were failing their classes and there were many reports of drug usage. He could coach to be sure, but the culture he enabled was not a good fit for the IU program.
  20. And what also annoys me is that so many write it off as a generation thing...but whenever I see our rivals' games on TV their student sections are at full strength at tip-off. Hopefully somebody, whether students or Glass, can come up with ideas to break the cycle.
  21. triple

    Summer of 2018

    Every picture I see indicates that Jake is taller than the 6-8 or 6-9 listed on the recruiting sites.
  22. No offense intended but I think the logic is a bit off. That same FW team went 18-15 (7-7) and lost in the first round of the CIT. The fact that some of their stars were IN kids who played two games with attitude two years in a row is important. But we need to compete on a much larger stage. Yes, let's take the top IN kids when we can, but we need to also recruit the top 'anywhere' kids when we can.
  23. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/recruiting-roundup-trey-porter-jahmius-ramsey-and-more/
  24. triple

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    Voted. And watched a clip Sincere Carry who has the most votes thus far...reminds me a little bit of Nic Moore.
  25. triple

    IU vs O$U Game thread 1/30 7 pm

    Good summary. It's very disappointing that our seniors are failing to provide leadership...each had a chance this year to break out of the role-player mold. I strongly believe that next year we'll turn a sharp corner in terms of attitude and we'll see several more wins as a result. But short of Romeo coming I think we're two years away from Archie having his guys, with enough experience, to compete at the level of our expectations.