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  1. Got it. Thought you might know since Cuban's lack of involvement is public knowledge.
  2. Fair enough. So what individual(s) do give money or were involved in the recruitment.
  3. I too would like some evidence of the cancer talk. He definitely shoots a lot, but the upside is there. Just needs to reign it in.
  4. This is so dumb, it makes my head spin.
  5. He's projected 13th pick in 2024 nba mock draft
  6. It will change. But for now, it is what it is. But they will need to reign it in. CBB and especially the NCAA will not last unless they do.
  7. His son was my buddy's bookie at IU. If he's on here, that was a while ago :) . Also, The Cuban follow probably was a bigger deal than I wanted to believe (because we've been burned with the following talk before). But a family friend went to a big donor event at U of I and per the IL staff, IU gets most its NIL money from Cuban.
  8. He's a big time IU donor (lawyer) etc. And an old guy. Not your typical social media follower type.
  9. So it's online, but the account owner doesn't want people to see it? Come on man. That's pretty lame(o). If someone is posting online, they are aware people might see it.
  10. What did you see? Might as well just say it at this point. Who cares if you are wrong?
  11. Didn't someone say this exact same thing on Twitter? And what was HD's cryptic tweet?
  12. OGIUAndy

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Don't love Recker, but he was in a pretty bad car wreck and left Arizona to be closer to his GF and dad: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luke_Recker
  13. OGIUAndy

    Big Ten Expansion

    It's brand identity, it's not important if the name is literal. If you change it to Big 16 would that be a good name? Would people know what it was? A lot teams and leagues have names that don't make sense. I suppose the Lakers should change their name because there are no lakes in LA. ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) has ND and Louisville. So you think all these leagues should change their name every time they add teams because it "makes no sense"?