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  1. Magnanimous

    BBall Non-Coaching Program Improvements

    The script should be our uniforms, at least at home.
  2. Magnanimous

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Vince Carter just retired! “Not a name I’m hearing much from folks.”
  3. TJD playing himself out of the G-League with this performance.
  4. Magnanimous

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    It’s a shame it’s come to this but it’s time. I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong on this one. I didn’t see him as a slam dunk hire, but he was a notable up and comer, and if we didn’t get him another big program would’ve taken a chance on him within a year or two. We weren’t stupid for hiring him, but we sure as hell will be if we keep him while the program swirls the drain. It’s a shame too, because I really wanted this to work and liked what I saw the first year under him. That 2017 Duke game showed what I thought was a glimpse of things to come. Not just in playing style but in energy and discipline. But after four years with literally no progress, we need to make a change. This team has been ranked a total of five weeks in four seasons. We know what we have at this point. Thinking back to what we were looking for post-Crean, Archie did check a lot of those boxes, at least initially. Keep talent at home, emphasize defense, limit turnovers, move the ball in the half court, know how to break a zone. We were doing all of those things in year one, but they’re nowhere to be seen in year four. Going back to the Duke game again, his offense was creating a lot of good looks, and I kept telling myself watching bad shooters miss good shots “just wait until he gets some shooters on the team.” It never came. The offense is pitiful and the lack of shooting and offensive cohesion is comically bad. The good looks his offense got in year one are now nonexistent. In perspective, I don’t really know how well Archie ever adjusted to IU being his home and Bloomington being his community, and to a lesser extent Indiana being his state. This never felt like we were watching “Archie Miller’s Hoosiers” but more so Archie Miller is coaching Indiana tonight. His family is absent from the sidelines, and he isn’t a vocal member of the community the way Knight, Crean or Hep were, or how Tom Allen is now. If you’re not going to dive head first into a job like this then it’s not a surprise your tenure plateaus this early. I really don’t know where this program goes from here. I mean, you keep trying until you find a coach that works, but we’re entering a leveling-off phase for this program that is getting tougher and tougher to reverse course from. When Crean took over in 2008, which still doesn’t feel that long ago for some reason, we were six years removed from a championship game appearance. That’s now almost 20 years ago. There is very little that is enticing about this program right now. It isn’t cool, it really isn’t a national brand anymore, and we have to rely on plastering five stars on our players’ ***** to remind everyone what once was. Kids aren’t growing up dreaming of playing for Indiana, and I’m not even sure how much our student body cares either (including in-staters). Having no fans this season was very revealing in being able to honestly assess what this program now is. Like many here, I’ve found myself indifferent to when our next game is or who we’re playing. It’s honestly a waste of time to make any real investment to this team. I don’t know who the right replacement would be, but we need to get this right....for once...
  5. Magnanimous

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Let’s just save us the next 20 years and hire Will Sheehy now.
  6. Magnanimous

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    We have two players who have made more than two shots tonight.
  7. Magnanimous

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    If this season ends the way it’s shaking up, the taste in the fanbase’s mouth may be so bad that this may be it...
  8. Magnanimous

    College Bball Thread

    At this point is it more likely than not we get an undefeated champion?
  9. Magnanimous

    IU vs Michigan St Game Thread - 12:00PM ET on ESPN

    I’ve never seen an MSU team this sloppy. Seven turnovers in seven minutes and can’t rebound. Wow!
  10. Magnanimous

    BBall Non-Coaching Program Improvements

    I’ve said this before, but when they upgraded AH, I wish they would’ve tore down the balconies and made the non- banner end a large and steep student section. Maryland did this and it’s awesome. So our arena would’ve had the short end with the banners and luxury seats, and the rest would’ve been a steep horseshoe with 7,000+ students at one end. I don’t like the recent jerseys. Scrap the stars and get the trim back on the top. I don’t want names on them, but our script Indiana looks great and I wish it was utilized more. Maybe something like the cream NBA Christmas jerseys from five years ago as an alternative? I’d prefer we go true cream instead of white. Maybe not for other IU sports, but for basketball it would create a nice vintage touch. The only change to the court I would make is to move the scorer’s table back a foot so substituting players don’t have to squeeze while waiting to check in.
  11. 4th straight year we don’t finish over .500 in conference?
  12. OSU being ranked 4th is further confirmation how bad this college basketball season.
  13. He can’t do anything with his right hand, so he takes a lot of awkward shots with his left that would otherwise be gimmes. He’s not an NBA player. Vonleh was 10x the prospect TJD is.
  14. Magnanimous

    Game Thread: 2/10 IU @ NW 5:30 pm BTN

    Not remotely enjoyable to watch.
  15. Magnanimous

    Game Thread: Iowa at IU 2/7/21 Noon FOX

    That was bad coaching. No timeout used, took too long to get the play going, which should’ve been to the basket, and he shot when double teamed. Go figure. Go Hoosiers!