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  1. This pretty much captures OSU football fans when they come to town.
  2. This is first half prediction thread, right…?
  3. We could lose out and getting rid of CTA wouldnt even be a fleeting thought in the AD’s office. Changes need to be made, but it starts with the OC and O-line coaches, not HC.
  4. How much do parking passes usually go for? Tickets in that section are selling for $75 a piece on stubhub.
  5. Magnanimous

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    I thought that may have been at the end of the season, but good to know you’re updating it each week. Must be a lot of work but thanks for doing this!
  6. Magnanimous

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    I think you didn’t count one of the weeks. Looks like the week 1 scores weren’t carried over to week 2.
  7. We would’ve beaten Cincinnati with QB play like this. Tuttle looking great and solid play calling too.
  8. Magnanimous

    College Football Thread

    Penix out indefinitely with separated throwing shoulder.
  9. As does any coach’s. It was a baseless comment.
  10. You never pass on points off a turnover, let alone in the first half…
  11. He stunk without James Hardy, that’s why. When he no longer had Hardy to run 40 yards downfield double-covered so he could scramble, he was SOL. Plus his off the field problems sealed the deal….