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  1. Magnanimous

    They Fired Tom Allen!

    Despite the team showing flashes of competency after Bell was let go, I think this was the right move. There had been too many boneheaded decisions the last few years and the momentum around the program completely bottomed out. I’ll say this though, Tom Allen in my opinion was the best IUFB coach in 40 years. Kevin Wilson made us look like an actual football team, but Allen took that foundation and started winning. In 2009 our secondary was our baseball team, and for a bit, Allen made us competent defensively for the first time in forever. Give Allen’s credit to the DeBoer and Womack all you want, he was the one hiring and winning with them. He also loved the program in a way we hadn’t seen since Hep was here. My collegiate tenure at IU was all four years of Bill Lynch and (near) concluded with losing to Wisconsin 83-20. Coach Allen beat Wisconsin twice. Indiana has beaten Michigan twice since 1968. Coach Allen owns one of those victories. Nebraska may not be what they used to, but Coach Allen went into Lincoln in front of 90,000 fans and won. And Covid excuses be damned, there was one week in my life where I checked the AP poll and saw IU in the top 10. If there was an expanded playoff that year we would have made it. I get that Coach Allen wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and the LEO schtick got old. With the transfer portal now available his Tampa recruiting pipeline also didn’t carry the weight it used to. I agree it’s time for a change and this program is at a crossroads. But Tom Allen gave us a few years of very competitive and exciting football, and that should not be lost in all of the “thank the Lord he’s gone” posts that are about to fill this thread for the next 24 hours.
  2. Magnanimous

    POTFB | Noon on BTN

    Will “there’s no way IU should lose this game” end in “there was no way IU should have lost that game”?
  3. Magnanimous

    IUBB vs Wright State - Thursday, 11.16.23 @ 7:00 on BTN

    Remember folks, not only does it take four years to learn the packline defense, but it also takes four years to unlearn it.
  4. Magnanimous

    College Football Thread

    IU football is going to produce its first Heisman winner this year! Penix will be enshrined on the Notable Alumni section of Indiana University’s Wikipedia page.
  5. Magnanimous

    Game Thread: IUFB @Illinois | Noon on BTN

    This team would have six titles if Sorsby started all year.
  6. Magnanimous

    Game Thread: IUFB vs Wisconsin Noon BTN

    I ended my senior year @IU with us losing 83-20 to Wisconsin. Even when they’re down it’s great to see us beat them.
  7. Magnanimous

    Game Thread: IUFB vs Wisconsin Noon BTN

    Why did the clock stop after that sack?
  8. Magnanimous

    RIP Coach Knight

    RIP to the The General. Thanks for helping make IU the university it is today.
  9. “And on the 8th day God made Indiana football. Then he said I’m good with 7.”
  10. How hard is it to throw some crossing routes over the middle of the field?
  11. Would love for CTA to step down as HC and then stay as DC
  12. Magnanimous

    Tony Petitti named new Big 10 Commissioner

    Disney is a mess and may be looking to sell ABC, change how it delivers ESPN packages to consumers, etc. as part of overhauling its entire business model (as well as possibly selling to Apple?). Further reinforces how important it was for the Big Ten to partner with other networks for its CFB slate.