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  1. HoosierDad14

    Two questions

    Oh man that's hard to read. Is it too late to go back?
  2. HoosierDad14

    Mike Woodson

    I’m not sure part 4 of this matters. Kids aren’t going to get on board if there’s no momentum like this. Personally I think it would give the next guy a chance at keeping the ‘25s home
  3. HoosierDad14

    Mike Woodson

    Outside of the big splash hires I’d go Ed Cooley, Dennis Gates, Micah Shrewsberry, Jerome Tang, TJ Otzelberger
  4. HoosierDad14

    Mike Woodson

    No I understand that. Just not sure Plan B should have been feelers and then settle on Woody. Doesn’t matter though. Just hope the approach is better by the next person in charge of hiring.
  5. HoosierDad14

    Mike Woodson

    Lazy approach. Thought firing Archie and his $10 mil meant they had a plan. Not shooting out feelers.
  6. HoosierDad14

    Mike Woodson

    Who all did we try to get that said no thanks?
  7. HoosierDad14

    Mike Woodson

    Not sure MSU, Zona, Texas are better jobs actually. Programs are in better places. Jobs though I’m not sure.
  8. HoosierDad14

    Mike Woodson

    I disagree. Outside of on court performance it has all the makings of a top 10 job.
  9. HoosierDad14

    Mike Woodson

    We hired Kelvin from a P5. Does not happen a lot, but when a top 10 job needs to, they have in the past. UNC, Duke keeping things in-house recently. Texas hired from a P5. It is not all about hiring a power conference coach but hiring someone that has won before. And I mean more than just a one-year tournament run.
  10. HoosierDad14

    Mike Woodson

    I refuse to believe this top 10 job can't hire someone that has at least won a little at the P5 level. Some lazy hires over the past 6 years. Fred prioritized youth, someone that could be at IU for a long time. Dolson (and former players/Quinn Buckner) prioritized someone with IU ties, that list is very short for qualified coaches. I'm sure we kicked the tires on Brad, but that's always been a pipe dream. There are P5 winners at lesser jobs.
  11. HoosierDad14


    I’d give Mick Cronin a blank check.
  12. HoosierDad14


    Not sure how we can expect them to win on the road tomorrow when they can’t even take a meme from an account everyone knows is a hack.
  13. HoosierDad14


    What are the issues exactly?
  14. HoosierDad14

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley

    Seems like a good place to put this
  15. HoosierDad14

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Fake VerbalCommits account - not in the portal as of right now.