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  1. Redleader


    He nailed Buffalouie’s. 6 out of 10 is about right for them these days.
  2. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    Another possible factor could be that his dad did not have him play AAU ball. Woody doesn’t seem to care for that and just generally anything recruiting related. Maybe that philosophy/attitude was common ground that turned into compatibility.
  3. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    The Gamer
  4. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    Ghost of Chuck Marlowe
  5. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    I think Huber would be on that list too
  6. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    @RaceToTheTop answered earlier that SOS is taken into account. I’m not an advanced stats guy so I’ll take the L on that point. I would hope we could provide May a bit more resources than FAU to combat the step up to the B1G. The program has never lacked support or resources. We all know the right dude can turn this thing back into a monster. I’m not sure that’s him, it’s seems risky. I’d like to see us just one time swing for the fences. Throw out a really stupid big number at someone who is an established winner. The upfront investment would pay off in the long run.
  7. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    Could FAU’s schedule being more difficult this year than last have anything to do with the dip in defensive efficiency numbers?
  8. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    I don’t think it is the same Dusty May. The Dispatch has him hailing from Peoria, Illinois. Good journalism.
  9. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    That is some deep knowledge there. Bravo
  10. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    Knight never missed being in the AP top 25, at least once, during any season he coached here. Including this year, we have not touched the AP top 25, at least once, 10 out of 24 years since. Fans have every right to be impatient and pissed when they seem the same mediocre to bad management of the program year after year. We were spoiled with a legend, but we should be demanding better than failure, 42% of the time. At least make the top 25 once every year, that’s not too much to ask. Woody failed that in year 3.
  11. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    When that Neil Reid team was 16 year olds they were runner-up at nationals in Tennessee to Ron Mercer’s team.
  12. Redleader

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    That website also claims that Malik Reneau is not in our best 2, 3, 4, or 5 man lineup. That’s some clown show analysis.
  13. Redleader

    POTFB 2/10 8 pm on Fox

    Galloway in the pick and roll with Ware. Or Reneau… whoever Edey is guarding. Make him defend the ball screen every possession. Wear him down. Worked with X to TJD and JHS to TJD in years past. Galloway has been really good at turning the corner off ball screens in the last few games. Mbako on the 3 point line on the right side waiting for a kick out if they help down on the Galloway penetration.
  14. Redleader

    IUBB vs Iowa - Tuesday, 01.30.24 @ 7:00 on BTN

    Who has mentally moved on?