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  1. His commitment happening today?
  2. Take as many OL that are willing to come in my opinion
  3. Loving this recruiting momentum. Don't stop now
  4. Couldn't agree more. It's not the only thing that would be needed, but in my view having the OL be a strength is one of the most important variables required to ending the drought against OSU.
  5. Baked! Cookies in Bloomington were amazing the one time I had them. Not to sidetrack the conversation from Lander but cookies are as good reason as any to get sidetracked
  6. Am I wrong in thinking this could be one of, if not the best, recruiting class in IU FB history? Really hope they can continue this momentum and land some big fish on the offensive line.
  7. Lots of WVU retweets from him on his Twitter feed. Surprised to see his crystal ball is 100% IU. I'd probably feel confident if I were an WVU fan. With that said, hope we can land him.
  8. kreigh8

    College Bball Thread

    My man - we're all watching the game at the same time as you are lol
  9. kreigh8

    College Bball Thread

    I'd love some of their guard play that's for sure. Drilling shots all over the place
  10. kreigh8

    College Bball Thread

    Baylor and Drew's run the clock out offense is much better than Crean's run the clock out offense ever was. I used to hate when Crean would start that when IU was on the verge of running a team out of the building then let them back in it with stupid turnovers and poor shots. This Baylor team is so well coached
  11. kreigh8

    College Bball Thread

    I just did my own - I got Baylor 101 IU 100. I laughed to myself at that one. Would love to inspect the code underneath the hood. I'm a software developer by trade, so the algorithm has peaked my interest
  12. kreigh8

    College Bball Thread

    7/19 from 3pt land is super generous lol. Didn't know this even existed. I could get lost on this
  13. kreigh8

    College Bball Thread

    Adam Morrison going full depression mode would be semi-entertaining
  14. kreigh8

    College Bball Thread

    What would the score be between the 2021 Baylor Bears and the 2021 Indiana Hoosiers? Watching these guards from Baylor would have me turning that game off by the first TV timeout I'm thinking
  15. kreigh8

    Player decisions

    I’d rather have Keion