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  1. kreigh8

    Fire Tom Allen

    Deion is probably too much football for IU and it's athletic department but that type of candidate should be considered. Someone like Reggie Wayne or Ed Reed to get kids excited to consider Bloomington Indiana and it's football program or whoever that may be. The hot coordinator or MAC level HC likely just has another coaching search in 3 to 4 years
  2. Any MAC head coaches or coordinators out there that would interested in a BIG10 coaching opportunity in Bloomington, IN?
  3. That “zero tolerance” policy after the Nassar case is going to cost someone else important at MSU their job beyond just Tucker
  4. "demean a player or curse the hell out of them" - not at all, as fans we're all fed up by what are seemingly stupid mental errors, so just find it curious for the HC who sees those up close and personal. Know he doesn't "tolerate it" but are we correcting these through coaching? 1-1 so could be worse, just margin for error isn't that high, and will be even lower when not playing a FBS school
  5. I suppose it’s part of the culture and LEO philosophy, but it’s so weird to me to see Allen clapping and cheering on after some of these terrible penalties. Know he can’t be coaching that but just weird to see him clapping after that awful return penalty in the 2nd
  6. Two QBs trying to make plays to win the #1 job sort of leads to staying in the pocket, extending plays, etc. Part of the ride I suppose, but pick a QB
  7. Catching up a bit here, but is McNeeley the real domino here? Home and Texas looming large but Woodson has put the time in from what I’ve seen
  8. kreigh8

    College Bball Thread

    Makes sense to me, just don’t see any good for the players involved. In the wake of the NW news, this seems a more obvious end result but never seen a resignation reverse card before
  9. kreigh8

    College Bball Thread

    This Huggins thing, this just drawing out the process in hopes to walk away with some more money? It’s a terrible situation, but don’t understand how anyone that isn’t Huggins or the interim benefit by this drawing out?
  10. kreigh8

    College Football Thread

    Images of a white board with players’ names and “Shrek” would think becomes hard to defend
  11. kreigh8

    2023 NCAA Softball Tournament

    First IU softball game I’ve ever seen but that Copeland HR was absolutely smoked. Was surprised to hear where IU racks up in team HRs nationally
  12. kreigh8

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I’m all for player autonomy but I’d be curious if those figures give pause to any decision makers around college bball. Only a two freshman class for IU this year but it’s personally going to make it hard for me to get too excited about a freshman class again knowing they could transfer within a season or two if they don’t find their playing time to their liking Although with the chatter around The Movement maybe that’s a good thing for me not buy into any hype
  13. kreigh8

    IU Baseball Commits

    Appreciate the info. Really would like to be more knowledgable about IU baseball. My favorite sport and played some college baseball, just hadn't paid as much attention since the Tracy Smith/Schwarber seasons. Wiggins just looks massive relative to his summer teammates.
  14. kreigh8

    IU Baseball Commits

    Very interesting. I know Clark is a pro prospect and seriously doubt he ever sees a Vanderbilt campus, just thought Wiggins would see his name called come draft time. Watched several videos of Clark and Wiggins summer team and Wiggins often would be the one with the better day at the plate.
  15. kreigh8

    IU Baseball Commits

    Just out of curiosity, what percentage of these dudes do we expect to make it to campus? MLB teams certainly will have their eyes on some of these dudes to select in the prep draft. I know Wiggins is an IU commit, but I would suspect him to be selected in the early rounds and have a real choice to make at 18 years old based on the OOTP24 ratings I'm seeing