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  1. 97 yards of total offense?!? If a OC or the offensive coaching staff isn't changed going into next season would I be wrong to conclude that LEO isn't at all about a winning culture. This offense is dreadful and can't be kept around if Allen and the Hoosiers are serious about winning
  2. Offensive line needs to improve. IU can’t win if they can’t run the ball. And asking Tuttle or whoever they have at QB to throw 50 times isn’t a recipe for success
  3. kreigh8

    Daily MLB Banter

    Astros are just a superior run organization. White Sox clearly are a step below the other playoff teams and need to supplement the roster in various ways. Need to find a solution in RF as that’s been a huge hole since Dye left. Need to decide what they are going to do at 2B, whether that’s Cesar, make a run at Semien which I doubt Jerry would pony up for, or some other outside solution. Then decide whether or not to deal with Boras and attempt to resign Rodon or return Kopech to the rotation and find a 5th starter as Keuchel is toast and will cost a guaranteed $18.5M if he reaches 160 innings. Without a complete overhaul of the roster construction the Sox will continue to be a swing and miss club with bad defense, but Astros this series put up tough at bat after tough at bat. Something I wish the Sox could emulate. Tucker is a monster. Sox need to get healthy next year and fill those holes and it should be a fun 2022 but man a disappointing finish to a fun 2021 season. Leury Garcia can’t be a starter in a playoff game for a World Series contender. Hahn has another interesting offseason ahead of him. This White Sox fan’s season is over and am now ready for IU bball season. Can’t wait to watch
  4. kreigh8

    Daily MLB Banter

    No! No! No! Baseball is 9 innings. The wildcard should most likely be a 3 game series, as I hated how Chipper's career ended on a awful infield fly call in the 1 game elimination, but the format of division winners guaranteed a playoff spot rewards the regular season. 162 game regular season is a marathon so it makes sense to reward teams for their success. I don't want baseball to move in the direction of the NBA and NFL where half the teams make the post season. Stepping off the soapbox now.
  5. Lol poor attempt at a joke but this is embarrassing. I don’t think we sniff a win the rest of the year. Purdue defense is strong and this offense currently is putrid
  6. 2022 schedule isn’t official yet
  7. Carr would be fine. The problem is there’s no holes to run through and the line can’t hold blocks to reach the outside. The few reverses they’ve run tonight and against Cincy have been brutal
  8. Love the culture established by Allen the last couple years but it’s go to eventually become continued success. I can only hope this season, which seems to be turning poorly in a hurry, doesn’t impact the momentum on the recruiting trail. And maybe this is just me, but I hate the optics of holding up the 4th quarter signs down 21-0 when you declined the attempt to score to close the half.
  9. I’m no Penix fan but if you thought Sheridan’s play calling sucked - it’s about to get a whole lot worse for the next 25 minutes of game time
  10. He certainly pops on the screen. Always in the backfield. A lot of that is the scheme that’s put him in blitzes but he’s shows out and it was noticeable difference to the defense when he was out for targeting. Colts or whoever - I’ll certainly be wishing him success. He’s been fun to watch
  11. McFadden is a warrior. Wish the team was having a better season as he’s giving so much effort out there but little team success. Didn’t have to come back and could have made a NFL team I’m sure. Just feel bad for him
  12. Hate to be so negative, but there's not much to be positive through 20 plus minutes of action but the offensive line has to improve drastically if IU ever wants to be a consistent threat in the Big10.
  13. kreigh8

    IUBB 2021 General Off-Season Thread

    I still want to ditch Adidas and go with Jordan brand for Jumpan merch but the uniforms with piping look nice. Consider me in the lukewarm camp
  14. Seems like a regular thing. Happened at Tennessee and Auburn last weekend and now IU. I can only assume that becomes routine as it gets shared on social media.
  15. Agree doesn’t seem to be part of his game but IU is able to move the pocket with him as they did on the TD to Carr. I’m not sure the play calling would be allowed to be as flexible with Tuttle. My post wasn’t necessarily about his lack of scrambling but more about his athleticism allowing IU to get by with inferior line play