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  1. kreigh8

    College Bball Thread

    Not sure how sad it is, but doxxing is very real and quite dangerous in today's social media world.
  2. kreigh8

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    That's fair, free agency could affect quite a bit, but I've heard Henry and Brooks named a lot here and I'm not entirely sure why they'd leave their current situations to join what has been a floundering IU squad. Time will tell, but transfers are typically looking for greener pastures which I'm not sure IU is at the moment. In the case of Henry in particular, he's being coached by a HoFer and gets plenty of playing time already, and the one benefit I can pinpoint is he'd be closer to home.
  3. kreigh8

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Knowing how much college bball you watch, I find this line extremely sad. I can't for the life of me fathom he bring brought back with my expectations of how this season will end. Next year would be worse if we indeed lose TJD and if fans are allowed in the building, the boos would be deafening.
  4. kreigh8

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    And Jay Wright won his 2 National Titles after it dissolved. My point is that it's college basketball and successful coaches can be found anywhere and coach anywhere. Mark Few coaches in the WAC and plenty would be thrilled to have him.
  5. Couldn’t agree more. Know the NBA is changing where guys who can move and shoot are more valued, but when I look at Garza and Dickinson and how they fared against TJD I’d take Dickinson in a heartbeat
  6. kreigh8

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Heard it a lot, but I'd just point out that the Big East is not a Power 5 conference. Jay Wright would beg to differ with the notion that a successful IU coaching hire has to have a P5 track record, but carry on all.
  7. No argument from me there about guarding those guys you listed so I'll take your word for it, as I don't really care nor pay attention to the NBA. But just in terms of guarding TJD, Dickinson has shown to be light years ahead of what Garza showed.
  8. Dickinson isn't an NBA big man? He's impressed me more than Garza has. Asked to do far less but has some movement to him that I just didn't see from Garza. TJD was able to run circles around Garza in the first matchup and Dickinson is owning TJD today.
  9. How many IU players from this squad would even find playing time for Michigan? Watching this puts things in perspective for me just how much work there is to be done. And knowing the recruiting class entering and a likely TJD departure...it's depressing to think about
  10. Allow me some leeway since the game is over, but I'm looking at Juwan Howard's sweatshirt and I want an IU version with that Jumpman logo. Looks so clean. Now back to the game
  11. IUs been resilient for most of the season, but the tank is empty having to claw back in EVERY SINGLE GAME. The players, like the fans, are ready for this season to be over from what I'm seeing.
  12. That's ridiculous to not call a push on Trey driving there. Seen less contact on some of the shooting fouls called on IU against Michigan down low
  13. We have the momentum now! Adjustments at half and maybe we can overcome this 9 point deficit. Just don't make the adjustments we made against Rutgers as those didn't work
  14. Don't hate me, but I wish we had a couple guys with his attitude on the team. He was getting after his teammates after Rob hit that 3 a bit ago