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  1. kreigh8

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    Slight correction: DeKalb HS is in Auburn, IN. There is no Auburn HS.
  2. kreigh8

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    The "Crean players" have been the best players today. This could be a whole lot worse next season.
  3. kreigh8

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    I've been frustrated by this all season. With the way the game is played today with shooting and stopping the 3, the fact that we start 3 guys who aren't a threat at all from there and two of which need to be 5 ft from the basket frustrates me to no end. Smith being at the 3 just makes no sense.
  4. kreigh8

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    Just a downright embarrassing effort on defense today
  5. kreigh8

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    It's almost as if we expect to lose on the road so we just try and get it over with and get home as quick as we can. No effort from anyone. Not sure why people expect to be better without Green. He's not the reason we're getting smoked by 20 already.
  6. kreigh8

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    Not sure I'm seeing much of an adjustment on defense. Still getting whatever they want
  7. kreigh8

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    We can't play this hedge defense with the personnel we have. Brunk and Davis aren't quick enough to recover for it. TJD isn't much better. So many of their points are on the pick and roll or getting blown by with the drive. I just don't understand why we don't abandon that.
  8. Did my original reply get deleted? I didn't even swear or name call or anything. Can you please help me out, a DM would be fine, I'm not sure how I broke the rules if I did.
  9. Sounds like he's your friend and that's fine, but in defense of others I think the whole asking Mrs. Crean about Stevens weighs heavily in their opinion. I didn't see the post-game presser so I can't speak one way or another. I would also just add that plenty of times when people criticize the players the common defense is "they are just kids". If it was as confrontational as it's made to sound here, then I'm of the opinion the way it was asked to Green sort of falls into that camp (although to be honest I don't think the players are above criticism). Again I didn't see it or hear it so can't speak to it one way or the other. Slow day for me as some other team introduced a show stopping bug into the code base so more active than I intended to be here, but just thought I'd speak up as you were coming out a little hot this morning. Great win last night and hope the team can build off this and sustain any sort of momentum gained as they hit the home stretch of the regular season.
  10. Almost have 50! We usually don’t get there until there are 3 minutes left in the game. Where has this team been?
  11. Iowa’s poor defense just might be what this team needs to wake up and play hard. I’m sure their morale was pretty low after the last 4. Green going off for 30 again might help too
  12. A lot of talk about good and bad Devonte. There’s been more bad Rob this season, not sure I can remember a good Rob showing up this season
  13. First TV timeout which has typically meant Devonte in for Rob. Happens every game since Rob became a starter after his injury woes
  14. kreigh8

    Negativity Thread

    Would striking out like we seemingly have make whatever Donovan requested for his assistants more realistic? I still want Archie to succeed, I just don't see how it's possible. He might not be that IU guy like others want, but I'd think Donovan would be a guy who could unite the fanbase immediately. Somethings gotta change, be it Archie or whoever.
  15. kreigh8

    Negativity Thread

    I thought Crean and Izzo were both Heathcote guys and worked just a year together? And wasn’t Fife the youngest coach in D1 at the time of his only head coaching gig? Get a guy from Mars for all I care as long as they can get IU winning consistently, no reason to get agitated with me