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  1. Bad guard play is one thing, but this is some of the worst rebounding I’ve ever seen
  2. kreigh8

    Fire Coach Woodson

    No Queen, did Woodson start calling him Darryl?
  3. kreigh8

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Per Wikipedia they did. Looked at that page when I forgot Beard went to Ole Miss after their hot their hot start this season
  4. kreigh8

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Ole Miss?
  5. Some adjustments to avoid another 15+ beat down at home. Almost won it too
  6. Flagrant rules are some of the most confusing in all of basketball. Charges used to be the hardest the decipher, but these flagrant rules are all over the place
  7. Velcro strips where the numbers can be stripped on and off
  8. Are you and Quinn Buckner sure about that?
  9. Amen, I'm just being a sarcastic @$$. He's 66 years old talking about winning conference and national championships. He needs to wake up, imo
  10. Hope we can come out and make some adjustments and win this one before this season starts to get embarrassing
  11. It just me, but the uniforms not only ugly, but look to be a very cheap material in addition? Look like some practice material
  12. At least the jerseys will be distracting enough to take the focus off the play. Win win to me
  13. kreigh8

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Buckner, Whittner and Dolson oh my; who's calling the shots regarding IUBB? Maybe we need more minds
  14. kreigh8

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Wittman or Alford will always be available in 2025
  15. kreigh8

    Hypothetically you're the AD

    Bruiser would at least stay awake during the game