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  1. hoosierpap

    College Bball Thread

    I'm rooting for them for betting purposes but still would take them over UM regardless. That UCLA slime was before my time but I've heard/read plenty about it. Plus, I love how JH has them playing ball. A blast to watch.
  2. Hunter first could help with Lewis...they've worked together @ Nebraska under Tim Miles
  3. CMW feels weird. I'm stickin w Woody
  4. hoosierpap

    Candidate Thread: Mike Woodson

    Yeah, I mean it's too early to really tell. I do think once he gets his players- could be sooner than later w the portal- you'll see a shift to what I alluded to. But, like I said, that's kinda lazy.
  5. hoosierpap

    Candidate Thread: Mike Woodson

    For an admittedly lazy, broad, comparison....you can watch the rest of this UM game, BAMA next and Ark (tomorrow) to see some similar philosophies on offense Woodson will likely bring
  6. SMDH. That's all I'll say before I try to find reasons to support the coach. Key now is hiring a staff with college bb experience. I see Lewis as a near must now.
  7. hoosierpap


    Yeah, nothing too pretty. I actually felt pretty good about Zags @ -13.5... took that, Mich -2, Bama ML, Oregon ML
  8. hoosierpap

    General New Coach News

    Agreed. I've really enjoyed the defense in all but the Ark/Oral Roberts- but that was great for diff reasons
  9. hoosierpap

    General New Coach News

    Relaaxxx, Bravo. Not a big Moser fan, we get it. No need for any of the above
  10. hoosierpap


    Oh you're golden
  11. hoosierpap


    What'd you get it at? I forget what it was when I was thinking about it
  12. hoosierpap


    Good to hear. I got Baylor -1.5 at halftime which was great. Thought about the under for this Cuse game but passed. I've definitely lost money on Houston no matter which way I bet this year so I stayed away altogether for this one.
  13. hoosierpap


    lookin like a brutal beat here on that spread yiikkess