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  1. MartintheMopMan

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    This Romeo Langford fellow sounds like a real catch.
  2. I can't believe I haven't mentioned it yet! I love Griffen Oakes.
  3. I work with a ton of Oregon State fans. It's nice to always know there's somebody sadder than you.
  4. MartintheMopMan

    UNC NCAA Infractions Report

    If only there had been a slap on the wrists...
  5. MartintheMopMan

    College Bball Thread

    Wasn't part of the theme of that episode that just because adults don't like it, doesn't mean it isn't music? What top rappers and producers do with mixing tracks and creating beats and lyrically is incredible. Just like all rock music isn't Bon Jovi, all rap isn't Chris Brown. If you get to know the music instead of rejecting it outright, there is plenty to love.
  6. MartintheMopMan

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I haven't seen the contract, but that rings true. Very few employment contracts let you participate in a scheme of fraud and malfeasance without consequences. Expert.
  7. MartintheMopMan

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    People overestimate how much evidence is needed to convince a jury in any given case. It's a tree. The article Stu posted on like page 45 shows how the trunk grew around Blazer and then reached out into these first branches. Now these branches start producing branches of their own so instead of being pruned, they're nurtured. And on and on. There are witnesses in the charged group who will be able to provide evidence on associates who will be able to provide evidence on associates. Two people have every message. A lot can be deleted, but phone records or tower records can't; bank statements correlated with income taxes, etc. White collar crime doesn't pay because it leaves massive trails but hides them under millions of similar trails, but as soon as you know what you're looking for, you see it everywhere. i can't tell you how many times I've gone back over documents that were set aside as not relevant after learning a key fact and suddenly everything had new meaning. And these guys never expected this. They thought they were breaking some NCAA rules and in the worst case face a show-cause for a couple years. They didn't expect to be staring down the barrel at 121 years; they'll do what they have to. The general offer from the FBI was a good one. If you know something, come forward now and cooperate because the more information they have, the less they need yours and it's not the mob, there won't be reprisals for snitches, just shame and relative freedom.
  8. MartintheMopMan

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I don't necessarily disagree, but it's a tough line to take while there is still that "if". At least we may know quickly, since Kenny is already involved. I expect everyone to talk, so if they can talk about you, they will.
  9. MartintheMopMan

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I reread the affidavits and complaints with looking for liability for players in mind. I revise my answer, the players' families are toast, if desired. Conspiracy to wire fraud, possible wire fraud, conspiracy to launder money, possible laundering, and travel act conspiracy could all be on the table just from the existing affidavit. Most demonstrated clear foreknowledge of the illegality of the transactions, encouraged them, and participated in them. Hold onto your butts, things are going to get bumpy. At least, Crean's recruiting helps us now. No one was paying for Tim Priller
  10. MartintheMopMan

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I could see possible coconspirator charges for wire fraud or travel act as well, with the caveat that I do not do federal criminal work. That's wicked fact-dependent. Whether or not they'd stick is a tougher question but ultimately irrelevant. They will not charge the athletes formally, they'll threaten charges to secure cooperation, it's not worth the headache. On the facts, it's all speculation at this point. The complaints did not have enough specific information to judge culpability of additional parties. That will all filter out moving forward. The athletes have some insulation in that they aren't public employees. While there would be other issues, it's arguably legal for private schools to funnel money to students as far as I know, the problems arise because the coaches work for the government and are held to a higher standard. Culpability will rest on what anyone knew, when they knew it, and what they said about the same, as always. Though mostly, I just want reassurance that we aren't going to be pulled into this. Forking Adidas.
  11. MartintheMopMan

    2018 Recruiting Class

    And the college experience goes off campus. There are more people of color driving around and desensitizing police so maybe you aren't the one pulled over today. When you want to go to a bar with people like you and playing the music you listen to without being a novelty, you have options. You could spot Yogi in almost any bar in Bloomington effortlessly. He has no similar faces to blend with. Just like someone who knew Hoosierhoops probably noticed him easier. Some players value at least a degree of anonymity. And a hundred other things that I don't even have the cultural context to notice. Folks, please please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying anything about you, IU, or whatever that it's something to feel guilty about or intentional or racist or anything like that. It's recognizing a different experience on a broader scale than we're used to. The differences do exist, however you feel about it. When people talk about "white privilege," that's all they're talking about. Getting to go on a lily white campus and find it diverse, getting to blend into a crowd, getting to not think about any of this stuff, is gain. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, it just is. I'm glad I have it (and you should be too), I just want others to have it too. It sounds tacky and so 2017, but watch some YouTube reactions to the Black Panther trailer for a slice of the different cultural experience. Grown men crying because a major movie studio is making a major movie with heroes that look like them and their kids. You can't ignore the role campus and city diversity plays in recruiting. IU does a great job considering, they give a lot of opportunities for blackness and being proud in it, but I dated a light skinned black girl for a year in undergrad, and even the second-hand muffled experience was startling. Whether positive or negative, people notice you. For some guys that will be a positive, they want to make an entrance everywhere, for others it will be a negative. Just like everything else in the world.
  12. MartintheMopMan

    2018 Recruiting Class

    Are you white?
  13. MartintheMopMan

    2018 Recruiting Class

    What would be the point of mentioning that people make decisions based on what they think? It only makes sense in a "everyone is different" kind of way. Of course people make their own decisions; it doesn't need to be said. You aren't the only one who doesn't like sushi and if you're deciding not to go to a restaurant because they serve mostly sushi, so are others. Also, yeah, going to a predominately black bar demonstrates what I'm talking about. Did you have a wide selection of choices where to go if you wanted to go to a bar that was predominantly black?
  14. Yeah, I made sure to quote the part with the actual accusations rather than leaving it in the middle of the article, because they lend a lot of credibility, in my opinion. The complaints are, unfortunately, a pretty standard result of "old-fashioned" values clashing with the current climate. There was a time when women wouldn't report having their butt grabbed by a public figure at their work, but we're more sensitive to what actually makes people uncomfortable instead of what both genders agree should constitute harassment. It's not a surprise that federal charges weren't pursued, but it's also not a surprise that CBK was accused of this kind of thing. I doubt it's the first time he behaved this way or the last time he will. I posted it mostly because I happened to see it and thought it was another interesting datapoint in CBK's decline. And it adds another wrinkle to my other posts regarding culture in Indiana and at IU. Helluva coach though.
  15. I can't access the off-topic forum on my phone, but this may fit better there? I can't recall where we put weird CBK stories. "On the morning of July 10, 2015, Knight arrived in Washington by train at Union Station. Accompanying him was Richard Cardillo, his old friend from West Point, since retired from the Army as a brigadier general. The two men were picked up by a female NGA employee who said she was assigned to drive them south to the NGA’s main complex in Springfield, Va. Knight and Richard Cardillo climbed in the back seat of the vehicle, the woman recalled in an interview. She spoke on the condition of anonymity because she said she wanted to protect her privacy. Knight made a comment about how “he could tell I was an athlete from my legs. Then he touched my shoulder, which you really don’t do to a female, you know,” she recalled. The woman said the encounter made her uncomfortable, but she chalked up his behavior to age. “I don’t think he did anything malicious at all,” she said. “I wasn’t really offended by him. These were things that if a 30-year-old man did it in the workplace today, he’d get in trouble.” She said she was interviewed by the FBI but did not press a complaint. She and the other three women who accused Knight of touching them are named in documents from the discrimination complaint filed by one of the alleged victims. The Post generally does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault or harassment. The second alleged incident occurred as Knight arrived at NGA headquarters. Inside the main entrance, he greeted another female employee by putting his hands on the sides of her chest and lifting her off the ground, according to an NGA official who said she witnessed the encounter and spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of reprisal. The woman who was allegedly hoisted by the chest declined to comment. Later in the day, NGA officials were preparing to introduce Knight for his speech in the William Allder Auditorium. Knight was waiting backstage with the NGA official who had witnessed the incident at the entrance, documents show. Moments before he walked into the auditorium, Knight suddenly put his arm around her shoulders and groped her on the buttocks, the woman told The Post in an interview. She said she was so startled that she could barely maintain her composure. “You can shake my hand. You can give me a hug. But you don’t get to feel me up on my body,” she said. A male NGA employee, Marc Byers, reported to a supervisor that he witnessed the incident. In a signed statement provided to investigators as part of the discrimination complaint, he said he was standing directly behind the woman when he saw Knight grab her on the buttocks multiple times. As soon as Knight took the stage, Byers said he exclaimed to the woman, “Bobby Knight hit you on your @$$! He is a dirty old man!” or words to that effect, according to his statement. He did not respond to requests for further comment. Knight delivered his speech, which was recorded by the NGA. The agency, however, denied requests to release a copy, saying that the video or audio could expose the identities of intelligence officials present in the audience. Instead, the agency provided a transcript. According to the transcript, Knight lived up to his reputation as an entertaining, if rambling, speaker by sharing old locker-room stories and a few profane outbursts. The audience cheered as Knight recalled how he used to babysit the NGA chief and his brother. “There wasn’t a day that I took care of them,” he said, “that I didn’t at some point say, ‘Goddammit, Robert, sit down and be quiet.’ ” After Knight’s speech, NGA employees lined up to seek autographs. A fourth woman told NGA officials that once she reached the front of the line, the coach greeted her with a smack on the buttocks. In an interview with The Post, the woman was reluctant to discuss the incident. “It happened very quickly,” she said. “It was weird. It was surprising, but it wasn’t surprising,” she added, noting Knight’s age. She likened his behavior to that of “a drunk uncle.” The woman said she was interviewed by the FBI and other investigators but declined to file a formal complaint. “I just let it go,” she said. “Honestly, my job was just more important than what was going on in that situation.”" https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/investigations/fbi-investigated-complaints-that-bobby-knight-groped-women-at-us-spy-agency/2017/07/07/ee1fc318-618f-11e7-8adc-fea80e32bf47_story.html