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  1. Brass Cannon

    College Bball Thread

    Man dude is smart. Not other league even in college basketball would he do as well. Certainly not the NBA. Dude is built for Big Ten tackle basketball
  2. Brass Cannon

    College Bball Thread

    Yeah seems dirty
  3. Brass Cannon

    2023 Big Ten Baseball Tournament

    Relief pitching has cost us a lot of games. Hope we make a come back
  4. I stand by the fact that the greatest thing that could happen for IU basketball from a money perspective would be for Cuban to sell the mavs to buy an MLB or NFL team. I’m fairly confident is ability to give would be less limited
  5. Brass Cannon

    B10 Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Maybe people aren’t afraid of Indiana like they used to be but at least kids wanna come here
  6. Lol pretty sure that’s coach Ya
  7. We could have another undefeated season and that guy would still be acting like somebody pissed in his cornflakes
  8. I feel like Woodson will actually value his knowledge. This is a real win
  9. Pretty sure if he did both he and IU would get in some trouble
  10. Brass Cannon

    College Bball Thread

    Georgetown being interesting is a real step in the right direction for them
  11. Cuban can assist IU athletics quite a bit. But yeah can’t give anything to NIL now nothing prevents him from helping with other things to free other money up for NIL though
  12. Brass Cannon

    College Bball Thread

    I personally hope he stays there for a long time
  13. Brass Cannon

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Agreed. Midwest money spends just as well as east coast money
  14. Fair enough. I think fatherhood was a much better teacher of most of those though