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Brass Cannon

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  1. Brass Cannon

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Typo. Archie is loser coach
  2. Well when PT is determined by something other than performance it’s bound to happen. Geronimo played great and was rewarded with the bench.
  3. Brass Cannon

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Plus having to pay a loser coach about her 3.3 million.
  4. Brass Cannon

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn

    So question on this kid. Does he show up to play every game? Regardless of effectiveness does he have that little voice that makes him embarrassed to lose?
  5. Brass Cannon

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Not a guaranteed home run they could decide they liked the NBA and bolt after a few seasons. There are no guarantees
  6. Brass Cannon

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    You literally can’t know if a hire is a home run hire or not. But if a guy clearly can’t even get on base you gotta try again
  7. The sun will rise but not this program
  8. Brass Cannon

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I’m on the tank train. Have between 9 or 11 games left. I hope we lose all of them
  9. I’ve officially booked tickets on the tank train.
  10. In about 2 weeks we are going to have a 4 game losing streak at home.
  11. We either fire Archie or admit we aren’t committed to being elite. He’s had 4 years to fix these issues. He either can’t or won’t.
  12. Most games we don’t start to care until we are down double digits. Newsflash. That’s too late
  13. Well when you don’t play defense, don’t value the ball and generally don’t care that’s gonna happen
  14. The same thing we’ve done for 4 years
  15. If opposing teams don’t do what Archie expects we are completely unable to adapt
  16. And of course we can’t stop turning it over
  17. Amazing what happens when you bench guys that don’t give a ****
  18. We are getting ran out of our own gym again. God I hate Archie so much. He’s a terrible leader and has no ***** pride.
  19. Even if we win this game. It still goes in the “Reasons Archie should be fired” column.
  20. Any teams that actually tries has a 60% chance of beating us because we don’t
  21. He played well so he’s gotta ride the bench till he’s committed to playing like crap like the rest of the team. **** Archie
  22. There’s literally no reason that players should keep playing when they clearly don’t want too
  23. The court is already named after somebody