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  1. Hoosier Roots

    Scott Dolson

    In addition I feel like we are a fan base that leans into and feeds off of negativity much more than others. I know every fan base has this but there seems to be a large contingent of IU basketball fans that absolutely thrive off it. I get the impression that a lot of it comes from Knight’s coaching style and attitudes reinforcing this kind of behavior (I was born in 98, maybe I’m off there) but it’s incredibly annoying and unhelpful to the program. I’ve suspected that our annual mid season slumps are related to this and part of the reason why we have such a hard time breaking out of them. It seems like the venn diagram of our fans with with moral superiority complexes, that are completely out of touch with the program and CBB, and that are ridiculously negative and down beat towards the program is pretty close to a circle and they absolutely hurt the program. It’s how we end up with “Fans” writing Trayce to tell him that he’s horrible and doesn’t compare some star player from the 80s.
  2. Hoosier Roots

    College Bball Thread

    Is anyone else aggravated about how there are no big time matchups for the entire first week of the CBB season? It just does nothing to generate excitement for the sport compared to the hype that the first week of CFB gets with all the great games. The season should start off with some huge event with marquee teams like the old great Alaskan shootout or NIT Tournament, not all these diabetes inducing cupcake matchups. Seriously is there a reason for such a wimpy start?
  3. Hoosier Roots

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Pittman is a really tough hard nosed guy for a WR imo, the kind that can get you an extra yard or three after contact. During the jags game they mentioned that his dad was an RB and he always wanted to do that but grew up tall and lanky instead. I think that explains a lot about his game.
  4. Hoosier Roots

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    I don’t think the NCAA is going to be reining anything in and we shouldn’t sit around assuming that the rules are going to be brought back to our conservative comfort levels, that genie is fully out of the bottle now. We’ve spent over a decade waiting and speculating on when the NCAA will bring the hammer down on UK, KU, UL, etc. for cheating much more egregious than NIL violations. It’s not going to happen. We need to adapt and start paying players competitively to come here. It’s pretty much now or never.
  5. Hoosier Roots

    NBA Thread

    Since football season is already depressing, it seems like a good time to remember basketball is right around the corner lol. Pacers rebuild seems to be picking up hype as two of their young players are picked to potentially make Ja Morant like leaps this year. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/34697196/nba-preview-2022-23-10-breakout-candidates-including-former-no-1-pick-eurobasket-phenom
  6. Hoosier Roots

    Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022

    He’s popular nation wide but definitely an artist listened to by serious-ish rap fans as opposed to a more pop superstar like Drake. Our players and recruits definitely know him, plus he is releasing a new album the day of HH which should build some hype.
  7. Hoosier Roots

    (2025)-PF Bryson Tiller

    This sounds like the pitch my Army recruiter used to get me to enlist, except he at least included a 25k signing bonus and a salary too hahaha.
  8. Hoosier Roots

    (2023) - C Xavier Booker to Michigan State

    Safe to say this might not turn out well. We have fan pages arguing with Xavier's family members smh.
  9. Hoosier Roots

    TJD is BACK

  10. Hoosier Roots

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    This place got pretty toxic towards the end of the Crean era tbh
  11. Hoosier Roots

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    I know one of the biggest knocks on Woodson last year was his tendency to do a whole platoon swap and bench all of our starters during the game. I doubt that disappears, however we might be heading toward the point where we have enough depth and talent on the team to actually make that work with additions like Malik.
  12. Troy didn’t have NIL money to factor in though. The ability to earn 6 figured in college changes the draft calculus a bit.
  13. Hoosier Roots

    (2023) - PG Gabe Cupps to INDIANA

    Full 10 minute breakdown on Cupps, what he can do and needs to do from about 5 months ago. This guy also has breakdowns on Kwane Evans and the whole Monteverde team for anyone who is interested.
  14. From the small amount of tape I’ve seen, he seems like he definitely has the ability to rebound and block shots. 8.5 rpg is more than what Trayce did his freshman year and his scoring output rose throughout the season to over 16 ppg during MAC play, pointing to a player who was improving during the season. Also he was a 70% FT shooter which would be an improvement over what Race and Trayce put up last season. I don’t think he would come in and be the star of the team as a sophomore but I think it’s worth seeing what he can do over 3 years.
  15. I feel like people on here are getting way too caught up on this kid’s 3pt shooting. Yeah our shooting sucks as a team but it’s pretty unlikely we’re going to change that through the 5. Unfortunately KAT and Dirk aren’t coming to IU anytime soon so we might have to temper our expectations there.