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  1. IUfan_Charlie

    Liam decomitting

    Woodson is toast man. IU is going to be abysmal next season.
  2. IUfan_Charlie

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley to UConn

    https://x.com/tiptonedits/status/1765891681205866526?s=46&t=QufulNT0xaSOBsXGOgt0JQ IU is going to be unbelievably awful next year. I don’t see anyway Mgbako and Reneau come back either.
  3. IUfan_Charlie

    General Coach Candidate News

    Woodson will be back next year. IU is going to suck, again. Woodson will “retire” at the end of the season.
  4. IUfan_Charlie


    This program is just an absolute dumpster fire at this point, and I truly don’t know if it can be ever be saved. Haven’t watched a game in weeks because honestly, what’s even the point? I watched the first half of the Purdue game and that was enough for me. It’s so obvious how this will play out too. Woodson will get one more year, we are going to be even worse next year, and then he’s going to “retire”. It’s just pathetic.
  5. IUfan_Charlie

    NBA Thread

    I just don’t think these first round picks are all that valuable to us right now. We already have good young role players. We need a star and the odds of getting a star in the mid to late first are just not there. Siakam has his flaws, but he would help us for sure. And the Pacers have the shooting to spread the floor for him. There just isn’t going to be a better player available for us.
  6. IUfan_Charlie

    IUBB vs Purdue - Tuesday, 01.16.24 @ 7:00

    He just doesn’t have it man. No self-reflection, no personal accountability. Won’t stick up for his guys. Always we, we, we… The game has passed him by. The recruiting is going to be nonexistent after this year.
  7. IUfan_Charlie


    Only way Woodson survives is if Reneau and Mgbako come back, Mgbako makes a jump and he lands two high impact guards on the portal. I don’t see it.
  8. IUfan_Charlie


    Won’t do anything. Our best guard is Mr Inconsistent Trey Galloway lmao. This team is lead by an extremely stubborn out of touch coach and a 6th year PG with attitude problems. This isn’t going to get better.
  9. IUfan_Charlie


    Woodson is cooked. He assembled the worst group of guards in all of power 5. He has zero guards coming in and I sincerely doubt he will have much success in the portal. The only way Woodson was going to work was by having elite recruiting and he whiffed too many times.
  10. IUfan_Charlie

    OG Anunoby - New York Knicks

    Gonna be tough to move Robinson when he’s out for the year. I don’t think this is bad for the knicks honestly. RJ is on a pretty bad contract and NY maybe didn’t want to have to match Quickleys FA offer sheets. It would be crazy if OG didn’t re-sign though lol.
  11. IUfan_Charlie

    NBA Thread

    Last time was Chris Paul in 2016. Only other two times in history were like 40 years ago.
  12. IUfan_Charlie

    NBA Thread

    Jaquez and Herro have both been huge for them but I think Boston easily has the best roster. That starting lineup is nasty.
  13. IUfan_Charlie

    College Bball Thread

    This may have been talked about already, but I was just perusing the NCAA stats pages on ESPN and saw that Jalen Blackmon is 4th in division one in scoring for Stetson. What the hell.
  14. IUfan_Charlie

    IUBB vs North Alabama - Thursday, 12.21.23 @ 8:30 on BTN

    NBA wings just don’t have the complete lack of lift Mgbako has. His first step is decent, but he gets blocked so much for someone his size.
  15. IUfan_Charlie

    IUBB vs Morehead State - Tuesday, 12.19.23 @ 6:30 on BTN

    Good finish lol