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  1. whatever happens, whatever decision is made....the NCAA will screw it up - this is a certainty
  2. mdiu28

    BTT cancelled

    right thing to do, IMO Not sure how the NCAA tourney can continue at this point. Needs to at least be postponed.
  3. Yeah. If this is true like what du fuq were you thinking, Hoiberg? Let's just completely ignore what's going on in the world right now and go coach your 7-24 team of kids anyway in a packed arena. In all seriousness, I do hope he's ok. With his heart condition, if it is coronavirus, it could be very, very bad for him.
  4. The food poisoning rumors on Hoiberg would make sense. I mean is getting rushed to the hospital typical for this damn virus? Food poisoning can hit you out of nowhere. He seemed fine in his pre-game interview coming off the bus. No way he, and everyone at Nebraska, would be that stupid if he'd been feeling sick all day to let him anywhere near the team and an area full of people with what's going on. Especially someone who already has serious health issues like Hoiberg.
  5. https://twitter.com/RobDauster
  6. Sounds like Hoiberg isn't doing well at all. Yikes.
  7. mdiu28

    Negativity Thread

    you're not alone. consistent failure from the University, AD, and those who make decisions has gotten us to this point. time to be bold. time to actually go out and get a big name ala Billy Donovan or such. If they want assistants paid - freaking pay them and shut up. Wins and consistent elite 8/final four runs will solve everything. That isn't going to happen with Archie, another mid-major coach, or heaven forbid they do something completely stupid like hire Dane Fife as our next HC. I simply have no faith in our admin to make anything happen other than sit and watch Archie struggle for another year.
  8. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/19029689/ncaa-official-john-higgins-receiving-death-threats-kentucky-wildcats-fans-following-loss-north-carolina-tar-heels
  9. mdiu28

    Welcome Coach Miller

    That pic is so cool but I'm pretty sure he's been here. Was an assistant under Thad at OSU Clearly a much different feeling as the head coach at IU! Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
  10. mdiu28

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I'll support coach Miller but this confirms our place among "everyone else" in college basketball. Blue bloods don't make hires like this. Kentucky, duke, UNC would not take a chance on someone like this. I hope he succeeds and succeeds at a high level but this is a bit deflating Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  11. mdiu28

    Welcome Coach Miller

    yeah i think people really need to chill with FlightAware stuff.
  12. mdiu28

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I got it to load. Short article with zero proof. Basically just put his tweets into article form
  13. mdiu28

    Welcome Coach Miller

    maybe I missed it but can tell me how it is "confirmed" he was at practice. That quote could have been from another day, over the phone, etc. Is there a video of his post-practice interview somewhere? I don't think you're wrong as I don't believe BD is in Bloomington but I'm just wondering
  14. mdiu28

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Sorry but if he's in Bloomington, he's probably already said yes or incredibly close. I don't think he would travel to Bloomington, in the trail end of his NBA season, just to interview. My guess is he was wavering and Glass said, come on down and let me show you around - no better way to push him over the fence than by showing him cook hall, assembly and the banners
  15. mdiu28

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Said the private jet was SOMETHING Could be anything but I'm hoping for the best