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  1. NatHillIV

    Fire Steve Aird

    I appreciate very much Scott Dolson's thorough reply and mamasa's posting it here. It's hard to find fault with Scott given his willingness to publicly defend the Athletic Department's actions and the reasoning behind them. I will be very anxious to see how the volleyball team performs and how many more girls enter the transfer portal. And, how many girls will be willing to come to IU in the future to play volleyball for the current coach. One thing is certain. This coach is on a VERY short leash, as I think he should be.
  2. NatHillIV

    Fire Steve Aird

    Great video! I wonder if Sheila Kelley is Steve Aird's sister? The European tour is apparently still on for the ladies. But that dude has got to go it seems to me.
  3. NatHillIV

    (2018) G Chanel Wilson to Bethune Cookman

    Proud of Chanel and the IU-Student Athlete's Bill of Rights. Chanel was able to graduate at IU, I suspect due to the Bill of Rights. Good for her, and for IU!