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  1. jonz44

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    I had read on here from some that he wasn't allowed to remove players because the program was in a difficult situation academically. Hadn't heard anything about how he was allowed to talk to the team being constrained. Thanks.
  2. jonz44

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown

    30-3 in the 3rd quarter??? Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me!!!
  3. jonz44

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    Out of curiosity. What exactly is the administration doing to handicap Archie? Not saying it's not true. I no longer live in the state and I'm not around people who would.
  4. jonz44

    When Knight Took On The World

    Wow! What memories! My family moved to Terre Haute Indiana in 77 from Cincinnati Ohio. My older brothers had taught me how to play basketball but baseball was my passion. Larry Bird piqued my interest in basketball then IU made me love it. 81 with Isaiah, Wittman, Tolbert, Turner, and that group winning the NC solidified it. I was hooked. Graduated HS in 83. Same year as Alford. He and Simmons were my faves their freshman year. I remember reading the Indianapolis Star and Terre Haute Tribune to get any details of this trip that I could. Loved reading this article. Thanks for putting it on here!
  5. jonz44

    Justin Smith Declares

    If he didn't like that role at IU why would he like it elsewhere? I think he wants to find a program where he can play with the ball in his hands more so as to showcase what he feels are the attributes necessary to play at the next level.
  6. jonz44

    Book Thread

    Reading this right now. Really like it so far!
  7. jonz44

    Book Thread

    Just read this last week. Excellent book!
  8. jonz44

    Negativity Thread

    It's been stated by several people that transfers out were strongly discouraged. While I believe commitments should be honored and players should not be pushed out solely based on their inability to perform at a certain level, if the problem is one of attitude then after while that player should be encouraged to find another program whose culture more closely aligns with their approach.
  9. jonz44

    Negativity Thread

    I was cautiously optimistic when they hired Archie. There have been moments when I've been disheartened since then but if some of the comments I've read on here are factual concerning having his hands tied by the administration then it puts things in a different light. I believe he'll get at least another year and I feel he deserves it.
  10. jonz44

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I'm not sure I have any confidence that after waiting 3 years they'll do anything of substance. Wade basically told them to kiss off. Sean Miller seems to have done the same thing. I don't see that they really punished UNC for their fiasco a few years ago. Kansas? They're considered to be one of the top contenders for the NC this year... while Bill Self dishes out his usual bs. It's just biz as usual. It's not gonna change. I'm not saying I know the answer to the situation. I'm just saying the whole situation has given me fatigue and I don't follow it near as closely as I used to.
  11. jonz44

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I'm tired of waiting for next fall. Cheating pays.
  12. jonz44

    Woodworking Thread

    Thanks. Looked at the local box stores and didn't really see anything that peaked my interest.
  13. jonz44

    Woodworking Thread

    Where did you find the hardware for the doors? Thinking of doing a project in my basement and wanting to make a sliding door system like that.
  14. jonz44

    Negativity Thread

    I'm an Archie backer but I'm in agreement with you. You can't threaten and then not follow through or digress later. People sense that lack of will. I'd rather lose by 20 with players who give their all than lose by 10 with more talented players.