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  1. bigrod

    Indiana Players Now In The Portal

    I don’t think there’s been anything official yet.
  2. bigrod

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Well, Miller was here...
  3. One of my friends said he was hearing he was staying too. Again, doesn't necessarily mean anything.
  4. bigrod

    Coaching Changes Nationally

    It's amazing. We never have any (supposed) candidates when we truly need them!
  5. bigrod

    Coaching Changes Nationally

    I hope not too! I don't think FAU will ever be a powerhouse, but now that they have some notoriety, he could legitimately stay there for a few years and have a nice program, until his dream job came calling.
  6. bigrod

    Coaching Changes Nationally

    That had crossed my mind too.
  7. bigrod

    Coaching Changes Nationally

    Where will May be coaching next year?
  8. bigrod

    I'll Be The Optimist For Once

    Not suggesting he knows everything, but I have a friend who spoke to one of the national recruiting analysts. He asked him to compare Smith and Cupps. Long story short, he said Cupps was better.
  9. Whenever I watched her, I was just always impressed by her toughness, both mentally and physically. She's the kind of player that can will her team to victory. Quite honestly, she's one of the players that made me start paying attention to women's basketball. I'll miss watching her play for IU.
  10. bigrod

    Style of Play

    I think that kind of gives it away. I get it, but you have to produce if you want to get paid. Well, I mean that's how it used to work ;)
  11. bigrod

    Style of Play

    I find this super interesting considering what we thought the bench was going to be and what it ended up being.
  12. bigrod

    Style of Play

    I'm not sure what this means. Are you saying current IU players or portal players or neither?
  13. bigrod

    College Bball Thread

    Given slick Rick's past, am I the only one who finds it interesting that he has gone on to two religion oriented universities?
  14. I agree, but also think he could look at this season and say that his stock will never be higher. Unless he is able to add long distance shooting, the chances of everything going as well as it did this year are not good. At his size, you always have to be concerned about what an injury will do to your future.
  15. I think another year in college would really benefit him, but I can't blame him for leaving if he knows he is getting paid. I don't see him being an immediate success in the NBA, but he definitely has the talent. Either way, I'm glad he came to IU. I don't think people realize how screwed this team would have been without him after X went down. For a freshman to show the poise he did was pretty amazing.