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  1. bigrod

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I guess maybe they're worried about cap space ;)
  2. bigrod

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I would hope so. Could have really helped last year.
  3. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I hope you're right.
  4. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I'm having a hard time with even the "on paper" part. I'm not saying the roster isn't vastly improved, it definitely is, but there are just so many new pieces. Having all of them fit together with the current pieces and having minimal issues is a big ask. We had less new pieces last season and sometimes they didn't seem to fit together well into the season. Lots of new personalities and styles to expect a smooth transition in my opinion.
  5. bigrod

    NBA Draft

    Is Ware a center in the NBA?
  6. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Why are you so angry? Like, all the time. Lighten up dude. Most of us are just here talking about sports. No one dies at the end of the day if they don't "win" the argument.
  7. bigrod

    President Whitten - 2024 Faculty No Vote

    Be the change you want to see in the world. How can you be the change if you really don't even know or have empathy for that change? You're right. Take the time and effort to get organized and make real change. Just picking up a sign and joining a protest? How many people have you ever seen change sides on a protest? Its usually just for show and benefits the very people you are protesting against.
  8. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Stu was making a valid point the other day that there are people on here that want Woodson to crash and burn just so they can say they were right. But it seems there are just as many people on the other extreme that want to say anyone with any expectations of him is being unreasonable.
  9. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    In my opinion, it's hard to accept any comparison of Woodson and RMK. They are totally different in approach and results. Knight could be condescending, but I rarely felt it was directed at the fans. And, it was after tons of success. I also don't think the comments directed at the fans have been overblown. It's part of his MO. Instead of owning up to the disappointing season, his best course of action was to blame the fans for having expectations. By his own stated expectations of hanging another banner and winning conference championships, his team vastly underachieved. He took no responsibility (recurring theme). I think that is many fans' issue with Woodson. When things are going well, he takes full credit. But when the going gets tough, he starts pointing fingers (or gets himself an early exit). He could have gotten much more grace with many fans by just saying the season didn't meet his expectations and he was going to make sure it didn't happen again. Instead, he announced that he was doing his job and anyone who thought differently was wrong.
  10. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I will say that I have definitely seen more purpose in the roster construction this year. But that failure last year is still on him. He took zero accountability for it. Now, my fear is he is going to sit back and revel in his "work" and think he is done. This "I don't take the shots" and "it's not my job to get 'player X' shots" attitude is his downfall. It IS his job. If he doesn't understand that, he will underachieve no matter how much talent he has. IU is not just here to get players into the league. Other schools can win AND get players in the league. That is where he and his staff come in.
  11. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I'm not sure who you're referring to, but I'll give my two cents. I've said numerous times that I hope the staff prove me wrong, but we have 3 years of data to go on. The continual drop in numbers speak for themselves. Woody has given no indication at all that he sees any reason to adjust. In fact, quite the opposite. If that is the case, I don't see a ton of success when it comes to evenly matched, well-coached teams. I'd feel much better if, after the disappointing season, he had said something like, "We all need to be better," but what we got instead is, I'm doing my job and the fans are the problem. So, I hope like hell that he can produce a level of basketball commensurate to the talent, but I will believe it when I see it.
  12. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Yep. I didn't want to put this in the expectation thread, because I've seen others get scolded for being honest in other threads, but my expectation is that we will underachieve yet again. I sincerely hope the coaching staff proves me wrong, but unless something changes, that is my expectation.
  13. bigrod

    Kanaan Carlyle to INDIANA

    I was totally sucked in until you said Armond Hill was wide awake. Just too unbelievable, Stu :D
  14. bigrod

    Kanaan Carlyle to INDIANA

    Quality depth...
  15. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Woody, just needs to win. That's it. He needs to stop taking credit for minor victory (like winning the off season), and then stop acting like every failure has nothing to do with him. HE needs to put in the work instead of telling everyone else to work harder. Just win and make believers out of all of us faux fans.