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  1. bigrod

    Serious Question

    I started thinking about the Black Sox. It was so bad, At times you had to wonder if they were trying to throw the game.
  2. bigrod

    Serious Question

    I think most of us know where we are. This team has the potential to be pretty good, but it has a lot of holes. When we play well we are thinking, hey, maybe we've figured something out. But then a loss reminds us we are still the same team we knew we were. Sometimes it's frustrating. All in all, I think most of us are looking for improvement over the course of the season. It's also much tougher when they play a really good half and then crap all over the court the next half. Personally, I slept pretty well last night, but I remember the days when I would replay the whole game in my head and lose hours of sleep. I think what has transpired over the last couple years has really made me think about my sports consumption. I definitely don't plan my weekends around sports like I used to. It's been good for me, but everyone has their own path. I got off of twitter and the others a couple years ago. This is where I go for my social media fix.
  3. bigrod

    Coffee Geek-ery

    I don't have one of those fancy Stu machines either. My wife has a strict rule about what I'm allowed to add to the kitchen counter. There's a whole authorization procedure that has to be pre-approved and then can be immediately revoked if I add something in the garage. It's pretty oppressive at our place. I have a French press and aeropress mostly because my wife and I have much different taste in coffee. If I try to make it so that it is on the bottom end of my strength threshold, it has exceeded the top end of hers. I love a good cup of strong black coffee, as long as it has good flavor. I've honestly never really tried expresso.
  4. bigrod

    QB Bazelak picks IU

    Does he have 1 or 2 years left?
  5. bigrod

    Coffee Geek-ery

    Do you store it in the fridge/freezer?
  6. bigrod

    Coffee Geek-ery

    Stu, what is your favorite blend from La Vela? I'm going to try it.
  7. bigrod

    Coffee Geek-ery

    I used to think I was a bit of a coffee snob, but I feel downright pedestrian after reading this thread!
  8. bigrod

    PC Stellar IU/Ohio State sims

    I know - just wishful thinking.
  9. bigrod

    PC Stellar IU/Ohio State sims

    So... Galloway will be the difference?
  10. bigrod

    Lineup Changes?

    Totally agree with this. These guys are both limited in what they can do, so the only way to accentuate their strengths is to run plays to set those up.
  11. bigrod

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    I haven’t been impressed with Reich all year. He is so uneven. I’m not a Wentz fan either, but I will say the line wasn’t giving him much time to throw. The pass protection was horrendous. Having said that, Reich doesn’t seem to ever want to step on the throat when he gets a lead and always goes super conservative. I agree that he has cost this team 2-3 wins this year.
  12. bigrod

    College Bball Thread

    I like the way you think. I'm sure there's a job in the government somewhere for you... Only took you seven steps to get there too!
  13. bigrod

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    I think he CAN be that guy eventually. I thought he looked like a freshman last night. Having said that, he is our most versatile guard. He just needs some more experience.
  14. bigrod

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    I admittedly haven't read through all of the comments. The first half was truly unbelievable, but Wisconsin seemed totally out of it for whatever reason. I was talking to friends at half-time and told them that I was worried we would collapse in the second half. So it wasn't totally unexpected, but still hard to watch. After sleeping on it, even though I still think it was a terrible way to lose, I think this team could be pretty decent by the end of the year. We have seen segments where they look pretty darn good. They need to bring consistency and learn how to make winning plays. They can get there by February and March. Some of the better players just need more experience. Hopefully, both players and coaches will learn the lessons games like this teach them and be better for it in the end. This is a year we need to take the steps to start building the program back up. It won't always be pretty, so we have to look at just getting better. This team is totally capable of making the tournament. They just need to be playing their best if/when that happens.