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  1. bigrod

    Fire Tom Allen

    Hey, we're just a bunch of irrational fans who don't know anything about coaching.
  2. bigrod

    Fire Tom Allen

    Did you happen to see his interview at half-time? Honestly, I thought it was kind of embarrassing. The guys in the studio were basically laughing at the way he was speaking. Someone else on here described him as manic, and I think its fitting.
  3. bigrod

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    A question that really has no significance, but I missed it if they gave a reason: Why did Xavier wear their road uniforms for the game?
  4. bigrod

    Fire Tom Allen

    I watched the very entertaining Washington/Oregon game and fondly remembered what it was like when we had a coach or two that actually developed a game plan that put players in the best position to win. We don't to have that anymore. How again did NIL take that away?
  5. bigrod

    OG Anunoby - Toronto Raptors

    I'm not a huge NBA fan, but I still get upset when I remember the Pacers passed him over for T.J. Leaf. Besides being a way better player, he's just an awesome human being.
  6. Same here - I was telling my wife about how made-up the women on the Tennessee team were. Her response: To play basketball?? It looked so strange to me. Why have something to distract from the task at hand. No way those can help your court vision.
  7. The SINO's. (Second In Name Only). Best I can come up with on a brain-dead Friday.
  8. bigrod

    NBA Thread

    How do people make decisions like this? Who, in their right mind, could look at these and say, "Yes, that's the one!" Inspired by their arena? WTAF??? They look like they were inspired by the street in front of the arena.
  9. bigrod

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Firing the OC really made a big difference, huh? I see Frank is taking full responsibility. I guess he decided there's no one left to scapegoat at this point. I'm really tired of him saying I need to do better or we need to do better. No kidding, Mr. Obvious. Now do it!
  10. bigrod

    College Bball Thread

    Seems like they are only effective when a school is willing to needlessly punish themselves. Or, when bumper stickers are involved. That **** can't go unpunished!
  11. Last week Woody said it was nothing major - just precautionary. But, who knows.
  12. This brings back bad memories. Didn't Crean want to list everyone as players instead of by their position?
  13. bigrod

    Fire Tom Allen

    We thought it was talent and depth, but it seems it was really just a good offensive scheme and offensive mind. Once that left, we were back to the same old team, and now that offense is doing well at Washington.
  14. bigrod

    Fire Tom Allen

    So he's saying there's a chance... LEO!
  15. bigrod

    Redeem Team on Netflix

    I watched this a couple weeks ago - I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I almost didn't watch it because I was afraid Lebron was going to hog most of the screen time, but he didn't. Very good insight on the behind the scenes personalities that went into that team.