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  1. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson

    But, this is Indiana... We do everything possible to squander opportunity until we are backed into a corner and have little to no good options. It's kinda our thing.
  2. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson

    I seriously doubt Woodson is going anywhere after this season, unless he decides on his own that he is done. It doesn't sound like that will happen, but there's always a chance that he will decide he doesn't have the energy needed to get the program back. Unfortunately, I think he has much more faith in his ability than we do.
  3. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson

    If we go back to the interviews that Woodson had over the summer, with the talk of winning now and hanging a 6th banner, he is failing miserably by his own standards. I too have fallen into apathy. I've been a fan for over 40 years, and now my normal routine now is to see the final score before I determine if I even watch the game. Unlike many on here, I was lucky enough to watch two championship seasons live. IUBB games used to be a central part of my day, but now, its no longer compelling. This whole hire a new coach, get excited, be disappointed, wash-rinse-repeat cycle is getting boring.
  4. bigrod

    Fire Coach Woodson

    So simple that he hasn't been able to fix it.
  5. I don't think these are great, but even as an old guy, I'm all for anything that could help freshen up the staleness around the program.
  6. We aren't that bad. I mean we are not a smart team. We don't hustle. We can't shoot and make stupid passes. Other than that, we're not bad.
  7. bigrod


    As I've said before on here, I've been an IU basketball fan since I was about 15 years old, in the early 80's. I think with every new coach, there's that period of excitement and hope, and it just eventually gets crushed. How can we spend so much money on coaches, recruiting, and now NIL and still never get over the mediocre hump? It's frustrating, and with every new coach, the patience just gets thinner and thinner. At the end of the Archie era, I was pretty ambivalent about IU basketball. It has come even sooner than Woody. We have NIL money, recruiting money to go anywhere we want, and yet still cannot put together a roster that includes any kind of consistent shooters. How can our roster construction be this poor? St. John's is considered a likely tournament team, and here we are floundering around hoping to crack the top 100. I know Woodson talks about getting IU back, but it seems like he either doesn't have the energy left in the tank, or just simply doesn't know how to get there. Simply saying we have to work harder is not a solution. What about working smarter? What about coming up with concepts that actually work in college basketball? He refuses to run plays to actually put his players in positions to succeed because that's not the way its done in the league. Supposedly, everyone is working harder, but the results remain the same. The players don't need to know what to do, they need to know how to get there.
  8. bigrod


    I've been a fan and watched IU basketball since the early 80's. Admittedly, my memory isn't what it used to be, but I don't ever remember being as thoroughly disappointed as I was last night. This team is totally lost. They don't have anything to hang their hat on when times get tough. There is really nothing they do exceedingly well. What is this team's strength? As has been the case for the last several years, the roster construction is totally flawed. When was the last time we had really good guard play? This team is not good enough offensively to let opponents get second and third chances every possession because they refuse to put any effort into blocking out and rebounding. This team has talent, but they just can't seem to effectively utilize it. At a certain point, that has to fall on coaching and/or lack of accountability.
  9. bigrod

    IUBB @ Rutger - Tuesday, 01.09.24 @ 7:00 on Peacock

    X took a clear shot at one of the Rutgers player's groins and got a flagrant 2 and was tossed. Unfortunately, that wasn't the even the worst part of that awful display last night.
  10. bigrod

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    So, liquid lunch...
  11. bigrod

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    You can't take lunch because you're out of the office? That makes no sense :)
  12. bigrod

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    Or what Barry Alvarez did for Wisconsin Football. They were bottom dwellers before he took over.
  13. bigrod

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    Not being dismissive - I totally get what you're saying. I guess I'm saying that we currently aren't at the level to consistently beat the worst of the B1G, so lets start there and work our way up.
  14. bigrod

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have wanted to play JMU this past season.
  15. Fracture? Owy? booboo?