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  1. So...when does basketball start?
  2. IUCrazy2

    UCLA and USC Joining the Big Ten

    Washington will be in the mix because of the Seattle-Tacoma market. This is mostly about that anyway so you have to factor that in.
  3. True, although to me most of the future is starting next year with JHS, Banks, Gunn, and then the following year with Cupps and Newton. Most of the guys on the team right now are transitional players. What you would like to see happen is Indiana making the tournament over the next 4 years, starting to consistently compete more in the BIG, maybe make a second weekend or 2 push over that time, and then really be hitting stride in year 5. That gives 5 to 7 solid years for Woodson to try and make hay with the recruiting that you would hope develops as guys want to get on board with a resurging blue blood with NIL money to burn.
  4. You can transition to that type of team and those type of players though. Was it better for us to have made the tournament this year than to not? I would argue yes. Would losing both Race and TJD have meant that next year was more questionable in the W/L column? I would also argue yes. I believe we can add one more player this year, Reneau would be a guy you grab if you can get him, but I would be looking for the most dynamic scoring wing available in the portal if not him. You figure that (hopefully) Bates of Schifino will lock down that 2 guard spot. So to me the thing that this team most needs will be consistency at Miller Kopp's position that he was not able to bring this year. Having somebody knock down those wide open shots that TJD was getting guys would make this team a Big Ten title contender IMO. We might not win it, but I think we would be in the discussion. Several of the teams above us are losing quite a bit. We would be bringing back our core. A team that is doing well makes future recruiting easier. So keep the core together and work on turning the roster to a more Mike Woodson looking roster in 2023 and beyond.
  5. IUCrazy2

    Xavier Arrested...

    To me this is simple. Cop sees X coming his direction at 90 mph. X sees cop. X slows up from 90 mph while cop accelerates to get to turn around and get back on him. Cop makes up the ground fairly quickly. Cop follows X rest of way back to apartment. I would lay money that the guys in the car saw the police car and did what most rational people at that point would do. Slow the f down and hope the cop did not see what you were just doing. He was probably doing the speed limit from that point on if not a little under it.
  6. I would think that looking at him should be a big clue as to what the coaching staff is expecting to lose in the offseason. This guy doesn't need to be a shooter if he is the down low rebound and put back guy that we are probably going to be without once everything is said and done.
  7. Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong. Some of you have to realize that it is not 1987 anymore, there is work to do, and that your expectations need an adjustment.
  8. Just stop. It was a disappointing game. They were playing really well and we were not. If you could not see fatigue watching that game though, you are blind. It absolutely did have an impact on the outcome (maybe not on win or loss, but absolutely on the margin). Yes, we all realize that we need to upgrade talent at several spots on the floor, but this was year 1, we made the tournament, and the showing we had in it was subpar but was ABSOLUTELY impacted by fatigue. That being said, we got beat. It is what it is.
  9. IUCrazy2


    He needs to get us to at least Sweet 16 first. Some guys make a name for themselves in the tournament, make it happen Trayce.
  10. Everytime we get something going we give up some stupid crap. Close a team out for Pete's sake.
  11. IUCrazy2

    Accept NIT or Decline Invitation?

    You accept it but I have no interest in watching it. I was one of the people who went the last time we played Arkansas at home. Not doing that again. If you play the young guys like people have said, it makes sense. I just don't care enough to put any effort into the losers bracket this year.
  12. IUCrazy2

    IUBB vs Wisconsin - 02/15/22 @ 9:00 on ESPN2

    Yeah, there is a whole swath of potential fans that have been lost over the past 2 decades. Too much to get their attention and watching your team lose, lose, lose just is not fun. I have told my wife several times over the years that I think we might be better. I felt we were a bit better this year and the February has happened...
  13. IUCrazy2

    IUBB vs Wisconsin - 02/15/22 @ 9:00 on ESPN2

    Stop watching and check the scores. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Start with the games that mean nothing against the 300 level teams we beat up on. Having kids helped me too.