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  1. Yeah, good riddance as far as McRobbie is concerned IMO.
  2. IUCrazy2

    Happy 50th Birthday, Calbert Cheaney!

    This makes me feel old. My all time favorite IU player.
  3. If they are employees then every benefit they receive needs to be monetized and taxed and the IRS will have to be involved in these under the table payments from shoe companies which should (if they are employees) amount to tax evasion.
  4. IUCrazy2

    General New Coach News

    I will thoroughly enjoy watching that program fall off when he leaves. His protection from the media for the stuff that has gone on over there is second to only Wooden.
  5. IUCrazy2

    College Bball Thread

    And how does that detract from my point at all? Top 10 team playing in a crappy league which ensures they get a 1 or 2 seed almost every year. They don't play anyone before the Sweet 16 basically every year. Yeah, they are good, but that garbage conference they play in is like 18 to 20 guaranteed wins every year. There is a reason they get that far every year but have zero titles. They are basically Kentucky in the old SEC on steroids. A good program that really benefits from playing no one for 2/3 of the year. Except their schedule is even worse than what UK used to play.
  6. IUCrazy2

    College Bball Thread

    Top 10 team playing in a MAC level league. They probably will go undefeated eventually but to me it will not be nearly as impressive as the last few teams to do it before them. They play 5 or 6 varsity teams and then about 20 JV teams before the tournament and get rewarded with a 1 or 2 seed every year and then always choke. Good program, good team, but overrated IMO. It would be interesting to see them play in a P5 conference and see what they look like year to year. They would still do well, but I lay money the undefeated threat goes way out the door.
  7. IUCrazy2

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Yeah, maybe just some depth. We have a pretty solid roster for the majority of our minutes, it may be getting more difficult to get one of the guys higher on the wishlist because of playing time concerns. You know that TJD is penciled in for sure at one of the bigs.
  8. IUCrazy2

    2021 Transfer Portal

    As others have mentioned, you are not trading Joey Brunk for anyone. He was a free scholarship that you either used or lost. And me personally, if it was a trade between Brunk and Brooks, I would keep Brunk. I don't think that Brooks makes us demonstrably better but I do think the antics that have followed him could be a distraction. Additionally, it is not Brunk that people were talking about replacing with Brooks. It has been Hunter, Phinisee, or guys like Galloway and Leal. And those are the types you would have to have leave to make room for a guy like Brooks if he ever entered the portal. I would not make that trade, that's just me.
  9. IUCrazy2

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Nobody is wringing their hands over Brunk leaving. They were saying that trying to compare him leaving to trying to bump one of the players currently on the roster off the team for an unnamed, hypothetical person who hypothetically turned down the school once, hypothetically has stats at his current P5 school that are not much better than those we want to replace because "athletic and highly ranked", and maybe some other hypothetical issues. Most of us are saying you don't boot the guys being discussed here to add someone who has not shown that they are demonstrably better. That would go for any hypothetical player.
  10. IUCrazy2

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Sorry, saw this after my last post. I will drop it.
  11. IUCrazy2

    2021 Transfer Portal

    He is a 6'7" player who shot 21% from 3 last year and 44% from the field. He turned the ball over almost 2 times a game. Yes he scored 10 points and pulled down almost 7 boards but he played on a team that won 9 games. His Dad is a big mouth which can be detrimental to programs. His time is ticking away to show he is NBA ready and he knows that. Hunter has already been a role player. Hunter was worth 6 points and 3 rebounds with better 3 point percentage in 6 less minutes a game. Galloway is just getting started and had an injury hamper his freshman year and when you look at his stats, they are not much different from Brooks in his freshman year. I just am not seeing Brooks as being all that big of an add. We need guys who can space the floor and he is not that guy. This is not a huge upgrade so why push a guy out for someone whose career has been underwhelming to date?
  12. IUCrazy2

    2021 Transfer Portal

    For me, the way his recruitment went down left a bad taste in my mouth to begin with. Getting heavily recruited by Indiana, you choose to go to rival 1 or 1a depending on what part of the state you are from and then his parents bad mouthed the fanbase. And his career at UK turned out just about like everyone said it would. He was not the typical Calipari "I could be in the NBA right now if not for the rules" player and it showed. So now we are supposed to boot a kid off the team who has committed and fought through some really tough years to make room for him? I mean if he comes I will support the kid, but I don't want to boot Jerome or Rob or Galloway or Leal to make room for Brooks. He made his bed.
  13. IUCrazy2

    Next Season’s Expectations

    I am really disappointed. Seems like Woodson is already regressing after the quick start. ;) Edit: Seriously though, this has been a real good couple of weeks with good news every few days. I got spoiled. It is going to be a long 7 months waiting to see what these guys can do.
  14. Why would he or Lander leave after recommitting? I think Woodson was probably really honest with these guys when he asked them to stay with the program. Trey and Anthony said they were Hoosiers. There are only 2 guys I can think of who are left who have not said anything one way or the other.
  15. IUCrazy2

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    He will have to be on the refs constantly to make sure they are not allowing tackle hoops like they usually do.