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  1. Hoosier987

    IUBB vs Ohio State - Saturday, 1/28/23 @ 8:00 on Fox

    Regardless…great sign
  2. Hoosier987

    (2019) PF Trayce Jackson-Davis to INDIANA

    Well-deserved. He’s putting up better numbers than Edey and he isn’t 7’6.
  3. Hoosier987

    IUBB @ Minnesota - Wednesday, 1/25/23 @ 9:00 ET on BTN

    Thanks for sharing. Wouldn’t expect him to say anything else. TJD won the game…not the staff. That was bad coaching…it makes me appreciate Woodson that much more.
  4. Hoosier987

    IUBB @ Minnesota - Wednesday, 1/25/23 @ 9:00 ET on BTN

    Glad we won but horrendous coaching by the staff. This should serve as a reminder for Woody to go out and get a bona fide coach in case this happens again. If we were playing against any other team outside of a depleted (already bad) Minnesota team…we lose.
  5. Hoosier987

    IUBB @ Minnesota - Wednesday, 1/25/23 @ 9:00 ET on BTN

    Please get an assistant that can actually coach. This is some of the most pathetic coaching I’ve ever seen!
  6. Hoosier987

    IUBB vs Michigan State - Sunday, 1/22/23 @ Noon on CBS

    Great game! Make it 4 in a row against Minny.
  7. Hoosier987

    IUBB vs Michigan State - Sunday, 1/22/23 @ Noon on CBS

    Antoine Davis now 2nd ALL TIME on the NCAA scoring list. Also became the #1 in 3point makes 2 weeks ago.
  8. Awesome W! Tjd was masterful
  9. 19 point lead now down to 10. How many times have we seen this before? On the cusp of blowing out a team to the point of no return…only to have them crawl back. Until Indiana wins a game or 2 like this…I fully expect to lose this game, as history has proven time and time again. At least I’ve prepared myself.
  10. Hoosier987

    Mike Woodson

    Well said. It’s gritty a performance and can be this team’s formula for winning…as you mentioned, they have to do it…no let down…even if it means 3 hour practices 1 day before game time. Let’s hope this carries over and that they found something.
  11. Hoosier987

    Mike Woodson

    That’s very true. Maybe he’d play if he’s part of the good guys.
  12. Hoosier987

    Mike Woodson

    I could see Texas
  13. Hoosier987

    Mike Woodson

    Thanks for the clarification. This would make more sense…though I still think the quote doesn’t portray confidence.
  14. Hoosier987

    Mike Woodson

    Here’s a name for everyone for entertainment purposes because it would never happen…Calipari….and I would love it. Imagine the UK fans…
  15. Hoosier987

    Mike Woodson

    Not a quote that exudes confidence. He doesn’t sound like he has answers. Woodson went from preaching all year “next man up” if injuries occur to “two of our veterans are on the sideline…” now that the injuries have actually occurred. Further, confusing is the the fact that the “young” players he mentions are a super senior and 2 juniors.