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  1. Hoosier987

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland

    2004 may have been the closest? DJ White was borderline top 10 and Josh Smith…of course Smith went straight to the NBA after high school.
  2. You make some good points with Caleb. Imo, I think there’s more to the story…I have no idea what, but something just isn’t adding up.
  3. This will be addressed for our last scholarship.
  4. This recruitment was fun!
  5. Annoouncement pushed back to 6PM. Not a surprise. Heard that was a possibility a couple hours ago.
  6. My friend who has followed Rabby feels it’s usually good news.
  7. Kansas fans seem mighty gullible.
  8. Majerus for the win!
  9. False alarm! He’s not. I was looking at mutual followers…my bad
  10. Has anyone from 247 done a CB? Rivals is a joke
  11. By a lot. This would be an enormous get…not only because Mgbako can take us to the next level but for optics too.
  12. Yep. Saw his evening update. Says there’s people that think it’s squarely Indiana vs Kansas and another that think Louisville is in the lead. Nobody knows…and as reputable people have mentioned numerous times it’s to “not believe rumors you hear.”