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  1. Don’t think Brad comes - but the Holtmann story is fake news
  2. Hoosier987

    Candidate Thread: Thad Matta

    Fake news
  3. I hope so. But will be shocked if it’s Beard - so no need to worry about buyouts
  4. Hoosier987

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    Let me clarify....I would take all those three. In terms of our next coach...not sure - but I bet IU knows.
  5. Hoosier987

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    I wouldn't expect Beilein. I think our next coach is currently in the NCAA tournament...not named Beard, Mussleman or Drew.
  6. Hoosier987

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    I would love Beard..., and a lot people...including Vegas... think we will land either him, Mussleman or Drew since they seem to be all top targets. Maybe my mind will change but at this moment I don't think we get any of those three.
  7. I don't know specifics...other than we were looking good and now it's changed. I hope I'm wrong. We'll see if the insiders here will stick to their predictions
  8. I'm not being negative.
  9. We were oh so close. Closer than we could've imagined...
  10. It's possible that Arch was hoping these guys would "mature..."that's not been the case tho
  11. I’ve said it before...some athletes tend to be brittle and their career is defined by injuries. Obviously, we all hope this is not the case with Rob, but he seems to be unhealthy far more often than healthy.
  12. Hoosier987

    IUBB vs SDSU 11/30 @ 4 pm BTN+

    Phinisee seems to be brittle. I hope he can get healthy and stay healthy.
  13. Hoosier987

    College Bball Thread

    I can tell you that this year’s team plays much better collectively than last year’s team.