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  1. FightFor6


    When is the last time no 1 seeds made the Elite 8?
  2. FightFor6


    The Anti-Painter.
  3. Have to get this guy. Good momentum in the program right now and he keeps us on the ascent.
  4. Rebounding is the biggest issue right now. Way too many second chances for them.
  5. FightFor6


    Taking a break from laughing at PU, this Drake team looks legit. They have the makings of a 12-seed Cinderella.
  6. FightFor6


    I can't stop laughing at Edey screaming every single time after he scores. His defender is like 6'3.
  7. FightFor6

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I would agree with that. I don't like the 5 attempts per game at that %. On the flip side, the guy was 56% from inside the arc on 10 attempts. Question is, can the staff put him in a position to do what he does well and limit the low efficiency shots? I think they could.
  8. FightFor6

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I don't see a lot of other guys on the roster next year that can put the ball on the floor and go get a bucket for themselves. I'd like a sniper as much as the next person, but we have multiple holes to fill with the amount of scoring that is leaving.
  9. FightFor6

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Chris Ledlum is an interesting name out of Harvard. 6'6" wing with scoring ability. Not a great shooter but would bring another dimension to the offense.
  10. FightFor6

    IUBB vs Iowa - Tuesday, 2/28/23 @ 7:00 on ESPN2

    This Iowa team is a reflection of their coach. They play an incredible game and can't resist being a bunch of classless clowns.
  11. FightFor6

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Sure would be nice for those 3 so get a couple more wins between end of season and BTT. 8 Q1 wins looks a whole lot better than 5 when you're battling for a top 3 seed.
  12. FightFor6

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    Mike Woodson broke them.
  13. FightFor6

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    If you had told me free throws would be 17-6, rebounds 26-11, and TJD would have 0 at half, I would have predicted we were down 25. Thrilled to only be down 4.
  14. Time to shut it down. Guys are clearly gassed. Get them some rest and hope they can rebound to close out the season. Really bad showing.
  15. FightFor6

    College Bball Thread

    Yeah, I'm good not being in Baylor's region.