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  1. FightFor6

    Major announcement?

    Fair -- taking the stance that you don't like the schtick isn't pointless. It's actually harmful. I don't wait on baited breath for the guy's content either, but I also recognize the potential impact on earnings for our players by having an individual with connections that is as invested as EP is to the program. Apparently, the IU athletic department and coaching staff feel similar as well. Fans that incessantly complain about how uncomfortable the interactions are from Eric are ultimately going to negatively influence player's earnings potential by advocating for less of his interaction with the program. I won't sign off on that perspective. How's that for a "hot" take?
  2. FightFor6

    Major announcement?

    Because he's about to make them money? What are you even arguing at this point aside from Eric shouldn't be involved with the program because it makes you uncomfortable? Every single Power 5 school in the country will have thousands of fans that post cringeworthy material as bad or worse than EP has posted over the years. The number that directly make athletes considerable money will likely be able to be counted on 1-2 hands. Again -- that is the ONLY thing that matters.
  3. FightFor6

    Major announcement?

    Uh, have you been on Twitter in the past ~10 years? That is obviously false. Look, end of the day, whether a middle-aged man's interactions with recruits makes you uncomfortable or not is irrelevant. The guy is about to make current IU players more money and that's all that matters. Recruits will overlook the awkward mentions if it results in more cash in their pocket. Some of you guys look for any reason possible to twist yourself into a pretzel of outrage.
  4. FightFor6

    Major announcement?

    Hot take: Some of the Nancy's on this board complaining about how "creepy" EP is are a bigger detriment to the bball program than the Hysterics shtick. Sure, they produce the occasional cringe-worthy, borderline interactions. But, at least they're creating content that clearly the current players enjoy and now apparently may be providing opportunities for $$ on top of it. That's more than any of the critics on this board have done. Whether you like it or not is pointless. This is the new NIL world we all are living in so might as well get on board.
  5. FightFor6

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino to INDIANA

    The only thing that would make this coverage worse is a forced advertising break after the Bossi interview. Just let the kid announce. Edit: ****. Spoke too soon.
  6. FightFor6

    (2023) - PG Jeremy Fears

    Fears playing with Brad Beal Elite on ESPN2 right now for anyone interested.
  7. FightFor6

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    At 2:59 of that video: Don't think I've ever seen anyone get a bunch of high fives from teammates and a standing ovation from the stands for missing a fast-break dunk and turning the ball over. Wild.
  8. FightFor6

    College Bball Thread

    Does that really mean anything though? There are plenty of people collecting unemployment benefits from the state with zero intention of actually working. I'm just saying I doubt he is putting both feet forward for some of these open positions knowing he would likely face a complete roster rebuild with the open transfer portal.
  9. FightFor6

    College Bball Thread

    My complete guess is that Archie is pretty set on sitting out a year unless another amazing offer comes up. He just came out of one of the biggest pressure cookers in the country. Jumping into a new role where he would have to deal with the portal and all the madness associated with it probably isn't high on his to-do list right now.
  10. FightFor6

    Proposed Men's Bball Rule Changes

    I bet B10 refs are salivating at all the extra potential fouls. Edit: apparently need to click the gif for it to work.
  11. FightFor6

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Apologies if I missed it, but is Adam Miller considered an option? Could see XJ, Miller, and Stewart thriving similarly to how Illinois' guards did last year. Is it unlikely just because he's at an in-conference rival or are there other reasons?
  12. FightFor6

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Has Earl Timberlake been discussed at all in this thread? Former #35 ranked recruit that went to Miami. He's an athletic 6'6" wing described mostly as a slasher/defender. He's also another DeMatha guy. He wasn't on my radar originally but given Xavier's comments about Victor talking up IU, I wonder if there's a connection with Timberlake as well.
  13. FightFor6

    Player decisions

    Sign me up.