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  1. Big time recruiting pickup for 2025. https://swimswam.com/3-in-class-of-2025-sandpipers-luke-ellis-hands-verbal-commitment-to-indiana/
  2. BeerBQ

    The Official Btown Banners Beer Thread!

    Where at? It sounds like it’s selling quick down here.
  3. Pretty good start for IU. It’s good to see Hafnaoui keep some of his momentum from the Olympics and Matheny get a shot on an international team. I tried to watch but I don’t have a Peacock subscription.
  4. BeerBQ

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Didn’t he have 2 stops at Stetson?
  5. BeerBQ

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    And if X is back ready to start I’m pretty happy. Seems like a good situation either way.
  6. BeerBQ

    NCAA to “weed out” weed from banned drug list?

    I think the only issue is the part I bolded. If you test positive for alcohol you’ve likely drank fairly recently. Weed can stay in your system for weeks. I agree that it’s time to stop punishing athletes for it. *I’m not a doctor and this is based on what I’ve always heard so I could absolutely be wrong.
  7. BeerBQ

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    What did he say? I assume it was on a Twitter spaces. I saw they had one but couldn’t listen.
  8. BeerBQ

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    Any names? I saw the girl from Iowa St was on a visit recently.
  9. BeerBQ

    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    It was originally tweeted by IU a few weeks ago so he didn’t actually type that part. The part I really think is interesting given the recent rumors is that it was posted the day after the game in West Lafayette. That would be throwing some serious shade if they are true.
  10. It looks like they do based on this article. https://swimswam.com/breaking-down-the-stakes-around-the-extra-year-of-ncaa-eligibility/
  11. Getting those guys in at 7th is big. It seemed like a few guys didn’t have great morning swims yesterday but brought it in finals to be 9th with times that should’ve been 5-7. Finishing 4th would be a great day.
  12. Day 4 should be another solid one. Burns has the 200 fly that he won last year and the 200 Br should be a good one. It’s too bad they ruled Hafnaoui ineligible . He would’ve put up some points.
  13. They were to 10 and the second Big Ten team. Only 4 points behind OSU and they had a relay get DQ’d. Looks like a good performance to me.
  14. No idea. She’s still on the roster. I’ve noticed with swimming they don’t really announce injuries.
  15. Looking solid so far. I was thinking top 10 would be good. I was surprised no one score in the 1m yesterday.