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  1. That was an awesome relay to watch. I’m excited to see what Apple can do in the 100 himself after that anchor.
  2. BeerBQ

    Basement Project

    That is huge. What’s planned for the bar area?
  3. BeerBQ

    Basement Project

    Is that for a projector? We’ve just started framing our basement so I’ll be following this!
  4. I don’t have anything solid but I’d guess Gaines chooses Iowa St. No idea on Miller.
  5. Was IU there to watch him or were they there for someone else? Have you heard if IU has had any contact recently?
  6. Here’s a good summary of all the olympians tied to IU. I haven’t listened to the interviews yet, but they’ll probably come out in a podcast soon. https://swimswam.com/ray-looze-on-lilly-king-i-dont-think-weve-seen-her-best-video/
  7. So far tonight 3 of the top 7 in the men’s 200 free and 3 of the top 4 of the women’s 100 breast have ties to Indiana.
  8. I just scanned through the top 16 of each event so I definitely missed some. I saw the finals last night from 8-9. They didn’t show the prelim of the 100 breast for some reason but I was able to stream that when the coverage cut off.
  9. The first full day of swimming trials is over. There were (by my count, so don’t take it as absolute truth) 4 swimmers with IU ties. Zane Grothe - trains with the pro group at IU. Didn’t make the final in the 400 free but could make the Olympic team by having made the time standard. Josh Matheny - incoming athlete. 6th in the 100m breast going into final tomorrow. Cody Miller - alum training with the pro group. Tied for 11th in the 100 breast. Zane Backes - current athlete. Placed 15th in the 100 breast.
  10. I just realized both DeWitt and Steele are from Fort Wayne and the same club. Im pretty sure I had their coach for a few years.
  11. BeerBQ

    IU Track and Field

    I assume they’ll air 1-2 hours of finals and highlights at some point but it may not be live.
  12. BeerBQ

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    Has it started? My app won’t show it. It just says it’s on at 8:30.
  13. The women got a commitment from a German sprinter. It’s always nice to bring people in that have a shot at a Big Ten A final as Fr. https://swimswam.com/german-sprinter-katharina-wrede-sends-verbal-commitment-to-indiana-for-2022-23/
  14. BeerBQ

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    It looks sunny and rainy. The far side of the field looks to be in much worse shape.
  15. BeerBQ

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    It took some time but we got it figured out. I clicked the link on the schedule page of IU’s website.