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  1. https://twitter.com/indianaswimdive/status/1446637864549326850?s=21 Being from Indiana I don’t know much about open water swimming, but this seems to be a good sign for the distance events.
  2. The official graphic tweet. I didn’t really follow times too close but it’s always nice to start out with wins.
  3. BeerBQ

    Hoosier Hysteria date set - 10/2/21

    Loud. Lots of people seemed happy to have him back.
  4. Some good stuff there. Not sure how much you can draw from from this but the men should be good by the time it matters.
  5. Awesome news! I thought he was one of the more fun stories of the Olympics.
  6. BeerBQ

    James Monds III

    Seems like someone was trying to change his mind.
  7. Was anyone there? I saw on Twitter it got a bit chippy and the coaches had a “chat” for a while after.
  8. If IU has to sign off and doesn’t it will create a recruiting mess. Regardless of the playbook situation (if there even is one), it would absolutely be used against them.
  9. Pretty good olympics overall with 11 medals. That women’s 200 breast was great to watch. I was really happy to see Zach Apple finish with a WR on the relay after that 4x200.
  10. That was an awesome relay to watch. I’m excited to see what Apple can do in the 100 himself after that anchor.
  11. BeerBQ

    Basement Project

    That is huge. What’s planned for the bar area?
  12. BeerBQ

    Basement Project

    Is that for a projector? We’ve just started framing our basement so I’ll be following this!
  13. I don’t have anything solid but I’d guess Gaines chooses Iowa St. No idea on Miller.
  14. Was IU there to watch him or were they there for someone else? Have you heard if IU has had any contact recently?
  15. Here’s a good summary of all the olympians tied to IU. I haven’t listened to the interviews yet, but they’ll probably come out in a podcast soon. https://swimswam.com/ray-looze-on-lilly-king-i-dont-think-weve-seen-her-best-video/