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  1. Nice to see some recruits come on board. Next year’s class should be really good for the guys. The have about 4 guys that have already been fast enough to have scored at Big Tens including 2 guys ranked in the top 10. The top guy has been fast enough score at NCAAs already. Also worth noting a guy from my HS is committed.
  2. I’m curious to see how schools like UNC (and inevitably Duke and ‘Cuse soon) handle these searches. Unfortunately as IU fans we’ve gotten pretty experienced with them. The bottom line is that it’s not as easy as it seems. Every realistic coach has questions and concerns.
  3. I’ve never done whole hog, but that sounds fantastic. Count me in. As far as BS goes, I can’t seem to count him out. I also can’t tell if it’s because I actually believe it or because I want to.
  4. How are we cooking that pork? Sounds like it has the makings for some great tailgates.
  5. Tough finish but an overall solid meet. That was with a top guy out for the second half of the season. There are definitely pieces coming back for another good run.
  6. Tomer Frankel 9th in 200 Fly in 1:40.68. Burns 7th in 1:40.42. That is moving. Still in 5th with 189 and UL in 6th with 179.
  7. IU still in 5th with 3 events to go. Up 8 on UL and 19 on A&M. I got the stream started for these last few events.
  8. Georgia is 3rd with UL and Tex A&M 6th and 7th. I just skimmed today’s lineup and UGA looks safe but it should be tight for 5th. NC State, OSU, and Virginia are also close behind.
  9. Looks like Capo ended up 4th and Franzman stayed 12th. The 200 Fr and 400 Medley relays are both tonight. The 800 relay seemed like a pretty solid performance. There were 2 Fr and no Srs on the team and no one qualified in the individual event unless I missed someone.
  10. BeerBQ

    General New Coach News

    I don’t know what I expected based on “watch the deadline” but this wasn’t it.
  11. BeerBQ

    General New Coach News

    What level do you coach at? I ran track/XC and helped with some coaching and so did my wife. This thread is entertaining. I don’t know that I’ve fully dismissed anything or completely believe anything. The majority of us seem to like Beard, Muss, and Oats with Drew causing some disagreement. I’ll pull for any coach, but I’d really hope at least the first 3 are talked to.
  12. BeerBQ

    General New Coach News

    If they’re doing or planning interviews it can’t be good to have the rumor that they’ve already made an offer out there. I think there will be multiple interviews done.
  13. BeerBQ

    General New Coach News

    Did he say who he’s hearing them from? Someone mentioned IU letting names out to gauge reactions and I’m curious if there’s any evidence of that happening.
  14. My biggest fear. This Celtics team’s any great. The fans aren’t thrilled with him. There’s talk he’s lost the team. It just doesn’t seem like a great situation for him.