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  1. upperarlington

    General New Coach News

    ya, it's sad as I really though he was the guy after his success at UD. I used to talk to him when he would come into the bank here in Columbus when he was at OSU with Matta.
  2. upperarlington

    TV Series Thread

    great show. Lergarski is faking it with the finger rolling you know.
  3. upperarlington

    IU Men's Golf

    its gonna be in the 50's down there. Not too shabby.
  4. upperarlington

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    great hire, his son is a monster.
  5. upperarlington

    Book Thread

    Just finished "A Lowcountry Heart" by Pat Conroy. I have always loved his books and have been a fan since The Lords of Discipline. His prose always takes me back to the beauty of the South Carolina barrier islands and the city of Charleston. This book was published after he passed away in 2016 and contains many excerpts from his blog and a heartfelt letter to his grandson with advice on being a better basketball player on and off the court. He never got to see him play high school ball.
  6. upperarlington

    (2021) WR Malachi Bennett to Indiana

    good pickup and he can put on some weight at IU.
  7. upperarlington

    College Football Thread

    My boy Kiffin's picture! I was on their board yesterday and they were tracking flights like crazy. Thought it may have been Sonny Dykes from SMU. They are saying Heupel is Butch Jones 2.0.
  8. upperarlington

    Ole Miss WDE Ryder Anderson Transfer to IU.

    He is a great kid. A real leader on the Ole Miss team. Have watched him play for three years and he will be an asset to the team.
  9. upperarlington

    IU Football Ranked!

    well this is interesting to me. Who thought of this matchup? I am an IU alum 1987 but both my kids are at Ole Miss now and I get down there often for games in the Grove. Tuttle should have a field day against The Rebels secondary but Rebel's offense can score very quickly. The fans loved Coach Allen and still wish he was there to coach their defense.
  10. upperarlington

    milehiiu has passed away.

    what a great guy. He always had a kind word for me. Gave me a great baked wings recipe when we used to all post during the IU Football games. He grew up in Dover a couple of hours from me here in Ohio.
  11. upperarlington

    BTown Banners Tailgate 2021

    Oh ya, I'm there. Need good food though.
  12. upperarlington

    Prayer Thread

    great news. Now go get me 10 DDA's by 5 or you're not going home.
  13. upperarlington

    Fun IU Memories

    Did that other guy in our picture pass away? He was really chill I remember.
  14. upperarlington

    Fun IU Memories

    we lost to Navy that day. But made up for it later. Take care bro-
  15. upperarlington

    Fun IU Memories