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  1. upperarlington

    TV Series Thread

    Agree, that is a great show. Intense. My son is a chef, so I get a feel for what the back of the house goes through. Just started season 3 this week on Hulu.
  2. upperarlington

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    I saw he was the 11th player to come to us from JMU. Hope it pays off well for us.
  3. upperarlington

    Music Thread

    The first cassette I ever bought for $4.99 in high school 1977. Then Bachman Turner Overdrive, Not Fragile album was next.
  4. upperarlington

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    Both my kids graduated from OM 2 years ago. We still go down often for games. They never wanted to come home! Smith's high school is in our conference here in Columbus.
  5. upperarlington

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    thanks for doing that. Let's do it again with a new coach in place!
  6. upperarlington

    Music Thread

    Man we loved those Wednesday dime beer nights with Dr. Bop in the 80's. Worst beer ever but who cared?