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  1. upperarlington

    IU Men's Soccer Offseason Updates

    Pretty cool that Coach Yeagley's son signed. I didnt see any St Louis kids this year.
  2. upperarlington

    College Bball Thread

    I remember asking when is this guy gonna be finished playing?
  3. upperarlington

    College Football Thread

    that was great. Both my kids go to Ole MIss and I was thinking what a dumb @$$.
  4. upperarlington

    On the 19th Anniversary of 9/11

    I watched bits and pieces of the Today Show broadcast. Man that was a crappy day and was hard to relive that. Hold everyone close tonight.
  5. upperarlington

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    My wife is a Columbus OH Public schools high school teacher and they are scheduled to be online until January. K-8 still undecided. She started her team's women's soccer conditioning 3 weeks ago with 6 feet distancing. Lots of cone drills and running.
  6. upperarlington

    Fishing chat and pics..

    crabbing is a blast. Loved taking the kids when we traveled to the Charleston area islands.
  7. Seems like $337,000 for meals is a bit high. Wow.
  8. upperarlington

    College Football Thread

    Jimbo Fisher seems like a tool. Makes a lot of money for an OK record after 3 years.
  9. upperarlington

    Aubrey Burks to IUFB

    Love FL 3 stars. They have worked out well for us in the past.
  10. upperarlington

    (2021) QB Donaven McCulley to INDIANA

    Great get, we will have a loaded QB room.
  11. upperarlington

    IU Football Off-Season

    I remember that 1986 OSU game. It was my "second" senior year and I had two OSU buddies in town. They were not happy that we almost beat them. Pete was a hell of a kicker. That spring we won the title in New Orleans. What a road trip that was.
  12. upperarlington

    Holiday Wishes

    I still love Hot Wheels.
  13. upperarlington

    RIP Brother CCGeneral

    what a great guy. He had reached out to me when he found out I went to Culver. Always had great recruiting bits. RIP man.
  14. upperarlington

    College Bball Thread

    Bruce Pearl is like the Jackie Sherrill of College Basketball.
  15. upperarlington

    BTownBanners Football Tailgate

    He seems to have gotten much better. The Xanex I gave him did the trick.