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  1. upperarlington

    College Football Thread

    man, that is just crazy. $400 mil profit. Gotta love insurance payouts. And the worst facilities in the ACC. I imagine this will be the common practice from here on out in College athletics with 10 year contracts now.
  2. upperarlington

    College Football Thread

    Where does the money come from? Endowment fund? Miami just got screwed: Paid Manny Diaz buyout. Paid Mario Cristobal buyout. Finally will pay Mario 8 mil year for 10 years
  3. upperarlington

    College Football Thread

    yep, but he pled down to reckless op and got reinstated last week.
  4. upperarlington

    Game Thread: POTFB

    still get emotional watching Starr's kick. Man we needed it that year. IU'87.
  5. upperarlington

    Game Thread: 11/13 vs Rutgers - Noon - BTN

    that one poster a few years always called him Bill Stench.
  6. upperarlington

    Music Thread

    my mom was Janis Joplin's kindergarten teacher in Port Arthur TX in 1948. Gone too soon.
  7. upperarlington

    College Football Thread

    they have 3 wins over Top 25 in the CFP. Leach is a trip on twitter!
  8. upperarlington

    TV Series Thread

    Not yet, but still loving Big Sky and the Legarski twin.
  9. upperarlington

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    glad to hear you're enjoying Dayton. My father in law was a GM parts supplier when they were booming in Moraine in the 70's. My wife's brother in law used to be the UD AD, retiring a few years ago, and we have been to a few games at UD arena. Great venue. Madison is supposed to be a great town with the lakes and friendly people. I grew up in Cleveland in the 70's and couldn't get out of that town fast enough. Both my kids are at Ole Miss now and we love that SEC atmosphere and Oxford. UA is a great Columbus suburb, high taxes, but great schools. Will be going to the Grove this fall for another game. A site to behold with the game day atmosphere, restaurants and food and cordial student body.
  10. upperarlington

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    frustrating to say the least. You know a large Marion's Pizza helps a lot of pain go away. My wife is an Oakwood 86 and UD 90 grad.
  11. upperarlington

    (2022) RB Gi'Bran Payne to INDIANA

    I graduated in '87. Sat through some lean @$$ years back then. But we always went to the games. Babe Laufenberg, Duane Gunn, AT etc. Great to see us finally on the mend.
  12. upperarlington

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    It is frustrating to see why IU attendance has been so bad. In the 80's we had great crowds. They used to give us pass-outs to go to the tailgates, but we always came back in the 3rd quarter to watch Babe Laufenberg, Ernie Jones and AT run the ball. Both my kids attend Ole Miss and SEC football is a sight to see. The grove is an awesome place to tailgate. But they do struggle at times with kids leaving at halftime. Saban at Bama gripes about full stands after halftime as well, and my kids say sitting in the sun is a ***** when its 90+ degrees in August and September. Now baseball is a whole different story. Ole Miss averages 9600 for every home game. Miss State even more and Vandy is right up there as well.
  13. upperarlington

    2022 Trevell Mullen Commits to Indiana

    Great pickup, let's make sure no one else snags him now.
  14. upperarlington

    Sept. 18th Game - TAILGATE/GET TOGETHER

    ya we always go in. I'm giving Natty's son his first taste of Old Style at the tailgate.
  15. upperarlington

    Bloomington Food Choices

    i worked at Taco Johns one semester when IU said I "should take some time off." Big Wheel was a classic. Forgot about Bandidos by College Mall for their happy hour as well. Crappy margaritas. 2 hours of a stomach ache and no buzz.