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  1. IUHoosierJoe

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Anybody know why Anthony Walker isn’t here?
  2. IUHoosierJoe

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    I'm not playing hypotheticals at all. You're the one posting that you're so sure what is going to happen in the future, who won't improve, who won't start. I have no idea. I don't know how anyone can know for certain who is or isn't starting next year. Can we guess? I suppose so. But that would require a lot of hypotheticals--who improves a little, who improves a lot, who doesn't improve much at all, who might be injured, etc., etc. Seems kind of silly to make a definitive statement as to who is not starting without knowing all those hypotheticals. I'd love to see Gunn make a Tom Coverdale-like improvement going into his sophomore year. That would help us a lot. Will he do it? I don't have any idea. You have apparently decided he can't, or won't, or didn't. If you're so certain what is going to happen in the future, maybe help me out with lottery numbers. I don't usually play, but if you can see into the future with that type of certainty, I might spend a buck. I didn't think my point was really that hard to understand. I thought it was pretty obvious, in fact.
  3. IUHoosierJoe

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    I don’t really care about last year. Players work hard in the offseason and sometimes improve dramatically, especially between their freshman and sophomore seasons. I get that some people either don’t understand that or have looked into the future and decided it didn’t happen. So now, about those lottery numbers…?
  4. IUHoosierJoe

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    Thanks, chief. Could you give me tonight’s lottery numbers?
  5. The problem isn’t just that they turn them away IMO. The bigger problem (for both the players and their coaching staff) is that they accept their commitments and then turn them away.
  6. Kopp got beaten badly enough on the boards at the 3.
  7. The best part in a few days will be the Kansas people accusing IU of being dirty. Hopefully.
  8. IUHoosierJoe

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    My point wasn't to compare Mallory's schedules to Allen's. My point was that the teams Mallory beat were generally poor non-conference opponents and lower level Big 10 teams. That fact can easily be researched and is not debatable. So while Mallory was certainly one of Indiana's best football coaches, his tenure wasn't exactly the roaring success that people here who didn't live through it seem to believe. As I said, the people here who bash Allen would have been bashing Mallory back then.
  9. IUHoosierJoe

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    None of those teams were good at all in the late 80s.
  10. IUHoosierJoe

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    I liked Mallory as well. Great representative for IU, just like Allen is.
  11. IUHoosierJoe

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    I was an IU student during the best of the Mallory years, the late 80s. I think what people choose to remember now is much better than what it was. Northwestern and Wisconsin sucked then, and Penn State hadn’t joined the Big 10 yet. Mallory dumbed down the non conference schedule and generally beat non conference cupcakes and the bottom of the Big 10. He was 1-39 against teams that finished in the top 3 of the Big 10. The years he beat Ohio State and Michigan, they finished in the middle of the conference at best. So those of you who get your thrills bashing Allen would have done the same to Mallory.
  12. IUHoosierJoe

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Pretty sure that’s a recruiting violation as he mentioned a recruitable athlete by name
  13. It’s likely he hasn’t even met half of those people. Doubt he met all the people at IU he connected with on social media. When they’re serious about something, they connect with the people connected to it, whether they’ve met them or not, if that makes sense.
  14. It means that as of right now, he is very serious about IU, which means a lot more than if he wasn’t connecting with very many people there.