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    (2025) - CG Darius Adams

    Unofficial visit on September 2
  2. VincentA14

    IUBB Recruit Rankings

    I'll add to the delusion but imagine a class of 1. NcNeeley 2. Fland 3. Newell 4. Harper 5. Flory All top 10, perfect positionally 1-5. Whats scary is that I think there's a legitimate chance with each of them (ranked in order of my perceived likelihood) and the least likely has an official visit coming up right before he decides so you never know. Obviously NIL money and probably minutes will run out so we can't get all 5 but what I like is that it seems all of them will decide in the next couple of months that way when we inevitably miss on a few we have good backup plans that are still ranked within the top 100. Not to mention players that aren't really in deciding mode or aren't leaning to any school, example someone like Bryson Tucker who probably has some kind of offer from every top program but still no indication where he'll go. We could land none or we could land them all, truly doesn't matter, the next step is putting winning teams together but its very encouraging that this kind of talent is considering IU.