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  1. Pudman

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    At the Bloomington Faculty Council meeting today, Dolson presented and said that the women’s team has an average gpa of 3.62. That’s simple amazing. And that Grace Berger recently had a journal article published. Also amazing!
  2. Been looking forward to this game all week! My wife and I are bundled up. Shots to keep us warm. Now a 20 min walk to the game!!!
  3. Pudman

    IUMS NCAA Tournament Thread

    It should work. I was able to watch the semi finals, and I have the same package as you. You could do a trial run with other ESPN+ content first to see if it works.
  4. Walked by there at around 7:00 AM on my way to teach my 8:00 AM class and there was already a line. Also, I had a few students tell me that they saved one of their excused absences so that they could line up early. Love that.
  5. Pudman

    Basketball ticket info.....

    That’s such a bummer! I called 1 min after I saw the email, but they didn’t call back for an hour, at which point I was in a meeting with a senior colleague. Luckily my colleague said to take it and that the call was more important than the meeting!!!
  6. Pudman

    Basketball ticket info.....

    Thanks for the feedback, eddy4iu, I’ll check those out for sure!
  7. Pudman

    Basketball ticket info.....

    As a faculty member, I just got an email today saying I could buy season tickets, so I jumped on two tickets immediately. I am pumped, because I've been on the waiting list for a couple of years. I am not able to make a number of games for various reasons (vacation, conferences, classes, etc.), so I'd like to sell those that I can't go to. I was wondering what people's experience has been with sites like Stubhub, and if that is the best way to sell them. Any advice would be great.
  8. Pudman

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Gotta love Coach Woodson. I am about to play at Ultimate Frisbee Nationals in Denver with an IU Alumni team, and he did a sweet and genuine Cameo for the team. I wish he was our Coach this weekend!
  9. Tips on how to watch the game on CBS today without cable. I still mooch off my folks for their cable to watch games online, but sadly CBS knows that I am not in the same zip code as them, unlike Fox. So, HuluTv or YouTubeTv? I figured I should probably purchase a subscription for March.
  10. Pudman

    2021/2022 Men’s Basketball Season

    I appreciate it. I had intended to keep updating it, but once the semester started I've had no time. I won't get my life back until my classes are over. Perhaps, I could convince one of my students to do it :) Who knows, maybe I'll get a free weekend, and I'll give it a shot.
  11. I wish! I was too busy cheering and telling my wife about it. Miro was wearing a back t. That’s all I got.
  12. Anyone else see Miro Little celebrating with Race!? He’s ours!
  13. The students are pumped. One of my students was in line this morning, but left to come to my office hours, while his friends saved his spot. I sure hope that he didn’t lose his spot just for office hours!
  14. Pudman

    2021/2022 Men’s Basketball Season

    I've fixed it. It should be more reflective of their actual shots in a half-court setting. Thanks for pointing this out!
  15. Pudman

    2021/2022 Men’s Basketball Season

    Thanks, Stuhoo. It’s only as good as the data, which was quite messy and required a lot of cleaning. So there could be some errors, of course. I am going to think about the whole righty/lefty thing and whether it is accurately represented in this viz, because it might not be. The x/y coordinates were plotted for the full court, so I did some cleaning to make it represent only half court. With that in mind, i think it might be incorrect to interpret it the way that you are. That’s why I asked for feedback :) I’ll play around with it some at a later date, but I was supposed to clean up the garage this morning, so I better get to that.