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  1. Pudman

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    Just saw him and the coaches, while my wife and I were on a walk around campus. Looks every bit of 6’3”. He was there with his whole family. We said “Welcome to IU” and we got big smiles and thanks from all of them.
  2. From a faculty perspective, I've appreciated McRobbie's leadership at IU. He had to make some tough decisions during the Great Recession, but did well to help IU weather that storm much better than many of our peer institutions. His wife was a fantastic member of the IU community, and had been instrumental in helping to develop fantastic programs, such as ServeIT in the Luddy School, that has been invaluable to the Bloomington community. As a leader of the academic side of the institution, I would definitely give him high marks. As for Whitten, myself and my faculty colleagues seem pretty excited about this hire. She has deep leadership experiences, and according to the IU website that is publicizing this hire, she is a "sports fanatic," which is a great thing! https://www.iu.edu/about/leadership/incoming-president/career-highlights.html
  3. Agree!!! I am tried of my in-laws, both Purdue grads, giving me crap after each IU loss year after year. Think I might just spend the afternoon prepping our garden instead.
  4. Pudman

    Archie. Miller. Fired.

    Not that I know. Aside from having the same major, they seem pretty different to me! It’s interesting to get the student perspective. So many I have heard from talk about football this year instead of basketball.
  5. Pudman

    Archie. Miller. Fired.

    Been following this forum for years, but it’s my first post (my profile says that I just joined, but I had to change my profile name, because I had initially signed up using my IU username and would like to stay anonymous)! Anyways, I am a faculty member at IU and was talking with my 5 of my students today about IU basketball. I asked them what their thoughts were about Archie, and they all groaned and said that they want him gone. Not a representative sample by any means of the student pulse, but those students are certainly ready to move on and start enjoying IU basketball again!