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  1. Pudman

    Basketball ticket info.....

    That’s such a bummer! I called 1 min after I saw the email, but they didn’t call back for an hour, at which point I was in a meeting with a senior colleague. Luckily my colleague said to take it and that the call was more important than the meeting!!!
  2. Pudman

    Basketball ticket info.....

    Thanks for the feedback, eddy4iu, I’ll check those out for sure!
  3. Pudman

    Basketball ticket info.....

    As a faculty member, I just got an email today saying I could buy season tickets, so I jumped on two tickets immediately. I am pumped, because I've been on the waiting list for a couple of years. I am not able to make a number of games for various reasons (vacation, conferences, classes, etc.), so I'd like to sell those that I can't go to. I was wondering what people's experience has been with sites like Stubhub, and if that is the best way to sell them. Any advice would be great.
  4. Pudman

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Gotta love Coach Woodson. I am about to play at Ultimate Frisbee Nationals in Denver with an IU Alumni team, and he did a sweet and genuine Cameo for the team. I wish he was our Coach this weekend!
  5. Tips on how to watch the game on CBS today without cable. I still mooch off my folks for their cable to watch games online, but sadly CBS knows that I am not in the same zip code as them, unlike Fox. So, HuluTv or YouTubeTv? I figured I should probably purchase a subscription for March.
  6. Pudman

    2021/2022 Men’s Basketball Season

    I appreciate it. I had intended to keep updating it, but once the semester started I've had no time. I won't get my life back until my classes are over. Perhaps, I could convince one of my students to do it :) Who knows, maybe I'll get a free weekend, and I'll give it a shot.
  7. I wish! I was too busy cheering and telling my wife about it. Miro was wearing a back t. That’s all I got.
  8. Anyone else see Miro Little celebrating with Race!? He’s ours!
  9. The students are pumped. One of my students was in line this morning, but left to come to my office hours, while his friends saved his spot. I sure hope that he didn’t lose his spot just for office hours!
  10. Pudman

    2021/2022 Men’s Basketball Season

    I've fixed it. It should be more reflective of their actual shots in a half-court setting. Thanks for pointing this out!
  11. Pudman

    2021/2022 Men’s Basketball Season

    Thanks, Stuhoo. It’s only as good as the data, which was quite messy and required a lot of cleaning. So there could be some errors, of course. I am going to think about the whole righty/lefty thing and whether it is accurately represented in this viz, because it might not be. The x/y coordinates were plotted for the full court, so I did some cleaning to make it represent only half court. With that in mind, i think it might be incorrect to interpret it the way that you are. That’s why I asked for feedback :) I’ll play around with it some at a later date, but I was supposed to clean up the garage this morning, so I better get to that.
  12. Pudman

    2021/2022 Men’s Basketball Season

    Perhaps this might be a good thread to add this to, or perhaps not. I'll let the mods decide. I got curious the other day about where the players have been taking their shots on the court. My curiosity was sparked when someone was chatting about where PS tends to take his shots, and how he rarely, if ever, drives. So, I found a dataset on Sportsradar that has play-by-play data for every game any includes x/y coordinates. Using that dataset, I put together this dashboard of player shot selection, type, and where the shots are taken on the court. Let me know what you all think! https://public.tableau.com/views/IUMBB20212022ShotChart/Dashboard1?:language=en-US&:display_count=n&:origin=viz_share_link I thought it would be fun to put this together, since winter break between semesters is long and I need something to do. Plus, it could be fun to have my students create this in a data viz class I teach.
  13. Pudman

    College Football Thread

    On a similar topic to spending, I created a dashboard using the College Athletics Financial Information Database to assess college athletics revenue for all FBS schools. The data is aggregated for all sports, I could have broken down by sport, but I haven't yet. The dataset includes expense data too, which, again, I could have done and probably will, but I haven't yet visualized it yet. https://public.tableau.com/shared/N6XWMGDST?:display_count=n&:origin=viz_share_link I use this data in a course that I teach on data visualization and the students have to create a dashboard similar to the one above in class. They find it incredibly interesting, especially those who love college sports!
  14. Pudman

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    Just saw him and the coaches, while my wife and I were on a walk around campus. Looks every bit of 6’3”. He was there with his whole family. We said “Welcome to IU” and we got big smiles and thanks from all of them.
  15. From a faculty perspective, I've appreciated McRobbie's leadership at IU. He had to make some tough decisions during the Great Recession, but did well to help IU weather that storm much better than many of our peer institutions. His wife was a fantastic member of the IU community, and had been instrumental in helping to develop fantastic programs, such as ServeIT in the Luddy School, that has been invaluable to the Bloomington community. As a leader of the academic side of the institution, I would definitely give him high marks. As for Whitten, myself and my faculty colleagues seem pretty excited about this hire. She has deep leadership experiences, and according to the IU website that is publicizing this hire, she is a "sports fanatic," which is a great thing! https://www.iu.edu/about/leadership/incoming-president/career-highlights.html