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  1. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Fire Tom Allen

    Chris, Have you heard anymore rumblings about this?
  2. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Fire Tom Allen

    Totally agree, combine the mass exit with currently the worst recruiting class in BIG Ten(84th nationally per 247 sports, only 9 3 star commits) for the class of 2023. The longer Dolson waits to move on, the bigger the rebuild.
  3. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Fire Tom Allen

    Go after Deion Sanders, if we do not win, it would still be entertaining. I do not think the top power 5 programs with openings (auburn, Wisconsin, Nebraska, GTech) will give him a chance yet. We would get recruits, who he would hire as coordinators would be key.
  4. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Fire Tom Allen

    So we are supposed to not be embarrassed to be the worst team in big ten? Giving up 340 rushing yards to the 3rd and 4th string running backs? Getting beat by 42, but at least we didn’t turn the ball over. Great job Tom Allen on that ball security.
  5. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Fire Tom Allen

    This is embarrassing
  6. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Fire Tom Allen

    Tom Allen leaving to take another job like the USF job would be a best case scenario, after all these years of misery we deserve to catch a break like this.
  7. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Fire Tom Allen

    Go Hoosiers!
  8. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Fire Tom Allen

    How much is the buyout after this year? 2023? 2024? How much ticket and parking revenue will they lose if the program goes into free fall?
  9. WhiteyMcSpeed

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    UC picked up 2 more crystal ball predictions today
  10. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Who leaves the program first; Darren Hiller or Tom Allen?

    The offensive line has regressed every year since Hiller has been here. I really miss the days of having an oline with guys like Feeney and Spriggs(we actually developed lineman back then) on it that could run at will. There is no justification for how bad the oline is. Dolson should make Allen fire Hiller immediately.
  11. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Offensive Coordinator - Walt Bell

    I guess we know why Penix decided to transfer. Is this the only guy that we could find that would retain Hiller and Heard?
  12. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Nick Sheridan Fired as OC

    Hopefully this is more of hiring the offensive coordinator first, then the new oc and Allen will evaluate the rest of the offensive staff together.
  13. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Candidate Thread: Chris Beard (Texas Tech)

    With the concern about being away from his daughters. His 2 oldest daughters are in college now, per an article one goes to Columbia in New York. As his daughters get older location should become less of a concern I would think. Timing might be right.
  14. WhiteyMcSpeed

    Indiana @ OSU Game Thread 10/6 4:00PM FOX

    The BIG Ten will not let Ohio State lose, it would jeopardize having a team in the playoff
  15. WhiteyMcSpeed

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    Typical Rabby, now he has an out if Romeo doesn’t pick Indiana.