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  1. Hippopotamo

    College Bball Thread

    It’s ok, not that serious
  2. Hippopotamo

    College Bball Thread

    Did you use speech to text on this one? Jeez
  3. Hippopotamo

    College Bball Thread

    Do we want Dusty May if he also can’t beat Northwestern???
  4. I think I’m out on watching IU basketball for a while. This isn’t a serious program.
  5. I’m 30 years old. I was a freshman and sophomore during the Zeller/Oladipo era. I was a diehard fan during the Crean tenure, the disastrous Archie Miller tenure, and during the last two seasons with Woodson. If IU doesn’t get rid of Woodson after this season I think I’m going to take a break from IU basketball. It’s hard not to feel like an abusive relationship right now and if IU can’t get serious about its basketball program I don’t see why I should be serious either.
  6. My question about May is: do we have to hire him now? Even if he goes to an OSU and we hire Pearl, wouldn’t he still accept the IU job should he be offered again in 4-10 years? I don’t necessarily see the rush in hiring him as Woodson’s replacement when he’s young enough to be Woodson’s replacement’s replacement.
  7. I agree. Also, Woodson talked a big game when he was hired about how he wasn’t gonna be patient and wanted to compete for big ten championships right away.
  8. Unfortunately, it feels like our best hope for a coaching change is more games like last night.
  9. Did Woodson think this would be an easier job? He doesn’t seem like he’s all that interested in recruiting and there’s seemingly no willingness to chance from a plan that is clearly not working.
  10. Hippopotamo

    Indiana @ tOSU Tonight @ 7 ET Peacock Game Day!

    I didn’t expect to win, but I really didn’t expect to get blown out against OSU. They’re not good and we look terrible.
  11. Hippopotamo

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland to Kentucky

    Some of you guys are really dramatic. If IU gets Boogie, great. If not, move on to the next one. I trust this staff will be just fine.
  12. Hippopotamo

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    You all are a fickle bunch. The championship game was 2 and a half weeks ago and the season doesn’t start for like 6 months. Relax
  13. Hippopotamo

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Guys, the national championship is literally going on right now.