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  1. Dalton26

    Justin Smith Declares

    We'll give him a pass for going to Purdue.
  2. Dalton26

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Somewhat Unrelated I saw this and figured I’d share for a laugh.
  3. Dalton26

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Agreed. It’s hard to read intent through text, and I made a broad statement when it honestly would’ve been easier to be more specific. Sometimes I forget people can’t read my mind. It never got personal or insulting and whether we agree or not, I’ll have those kinds of discussions anytime.
  4. Dalton26

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    You do realize this discussion was started on you making a “straw man” argument right? The whole thing about me being upset about people following recommendations which I never actually said. Not to mention we were discussing people freaking out which was what my entire post was about.
  5. Dalton26

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Well what would you call people calling the police on others for not wearing a mask? What about people reporting businesses for opening back up? Creating an $11 million pop up hospital at the tax payer expense at NRG stadium, that never had a patient when it was closed down a couple weeks ago? County judges threatening to throw people in jail or fine them $1000 for not wearing a mask in public while releasing convicted criminals from jail at the same time? Thank god the Texas Governor stepped in before she could really do anything because that’s exactly what the county judge in Houston tried and did do when all this started. I’d say that’s freaking out, if not it’s darn close. I’m not at all upset if you or anyone else wants to wear a mask. I’ve not said a bad thing about anyone that prefers to wear a mask either.
  6. Dalton26

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Who is upset? People having different opinions now makes them upset? Good to know.
  7. Dalton26

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I get that and you do have a point. That’s weird, I guess that just depends on where you live. I can walk into a store right now and get gloves, hand sanitizer, and all that stuff right now. On a side note, to show the ignorance of some of the people in politics. The mayor of Houston was on live tv the other day talking about the importance of wearing masks and wearing them correctly while his mask wasn’t even covering his nose.
  8. Dalton26

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Then they should be taking the proper precautions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m going around sneezing everywhere or walking around stores for no reason. But I use common respect. If I have to sneeze I don’t just cover my mouth with my hand I’ll cover it with my shirt etc stuff like that. But I do that whether there’s a virus or not. That’s what I mean by people need to use common sense. If everyone in the world wants to wear masks then more power to them. I’m not telling anyone to not wear them, I personally won’t. That’s my decision and if I do catch the virus that’s on me, and not on anyone else. Because I got food poisoning and missed a day of work. It’s our company policy right now that if you miss work you have to be tested before coming back to work. edit: Actually just a correction I did wear a mask once and that’s when I had to pick my dad up at the hospital after surgery. If I have to go into a dr office or hospital I will absolutely wear one.
  9. Dalton26

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I was just tested for it a few days ago. The whole world doesn’t and shouldn’t stop because some people are freaking out over this virus. I work in the chemical industry so I still have to go to work everyday. If someone is high risk why would they be out in the first place to where I’d be able to spread it to them? Again as I’ve said before, common sense goes a long way here but no one seems to be using it. If you’re high risk, be responsible for yourself and stay home. Don’t expect everyone else to be responsible for you because you choose to take the risk and go out. Eventually people need to take responsibility for their self instead of expecting everyone else to do it for them. My grandfather is extremely high risk, so he stays home, it’s really not that hard. He does the same thing during flu season too. I’ve always washed my hands a lot and used hand sanitizer a lot before this virus but I haven’t increased it since this all started. Edit: I’m a slight germaphobe just for reference. It’s not like I don’t wash my hands or anything like that. I’m just not concerned about getting the virus because I’m responsible for myself just as everyone else should be too
  10. Dalton26

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    That’s not what was said at all. I wash my hands like a normal person should. The differenace is I’m not freaking out and changing my life because of this. If you use a little common sense then you have nothing to worry about. Everyone that is freaking out now should wear a mask during flu season too if they’re so concerned now.
  11. Dalton26

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Personally I have done nothing different since this all started, and I work in a shop where truck drivers are in and out all day and I'm still negative for the virus. If people want to wear them a mask then theyre more than welcome to, but I wont. TBH down here in Houston I see very few people wearing them at all.
  12. As I'm sure everyone knows by now, we lost Gary Overley Jr better known here and around the IUBB message board community as CCGeneral. Everyone knows the countless hours he put in over the years to the message board, but we all know his true pride and joy was the recruiting section, they truly were his baby. With that being said, the idea was presented to the mod team and they jumped all over the idea. So from this point forward, the recruiting sections on BTB will now be known as the "CCGeneral" Gary Overley Jr Recruiting Section. RIP Buddy, we all miss you around here!
  13. Meeting with the Clippers and Jazz Alex Kennedy: LAC meeting: Charles Cooke, Jeremy Morgan, James Blackmon, Austin Nichols, Mangok Mathiang, Troy Caupain, Antonio Blakeney, Chris Davenport. – via Twitter AlexKennedyNBA Alex Kennedy: The Utah Jazz are meeting with James Blackmon Jr., Tidjan Keita, Antone Warren, Jeremy Morgan at the @ProBBallCombine. – via TwitterAlexKennedyNBA
  14. The mods are having a nice discussion about this so why not get everyone else involved too.
  15. Dalton26

    Dakich under investigation

    A lot of people in that community are just as upset by that firing as Dakich is. Not to mention their school board had an emergency meeting at noon on a weekday and gave the coach less than 24 hrs notice about the meeting. Also the superintendent or AD(I don't remember which off the top of my head) son was on the team, sounds like Jr didn't get enough playing time and daddy got mad.
  16. Season kicks off TONIGHT!!! I think the Panthers are going to put a hurt on the Bronco's tonight.
  17. NBA Comparison: Tony Mitchell/Noah Vonleh Strengths: Excellent wingspan (7’2.5”) for his size ... Possesses the body control to get to and finish at the rim ... Very capable of making an impact off of straight-line drives ... Has an NBA-ready frame ... Surprising lateral speed for a player with as much muscle mass as he shows ... Defensive potential is his calling card ... Already shows the signs of being a high-level defender ... Can guard multiple positions on the court ... Length could allow him to develop into a small-ball big in the future ... Light on his feet on the perimeter ... Disruptive defender, jumps passing lanes whenever he sees the opportunity ... Was an interior presence defensively, especially as the weak side defender ... Able to stay on the floor and block shots as a perimeter defender due to excellent reach ... Possesses nice defensive instincts ... Closes out well and under control on shooters ... Flashed solid footwork understanding on the offensive end ... Will make open or uncontested threes ... Shot has a nice rotation and backspin on it, hits the rim softly ... Sees and makes the extra pass ... Monster on the offensive boards ... Can keep possessions alive with rebounds and will convert second-chance opportunities into baskets ...Very good cutter off the ball ... Good at cutting back door. Looks for defender to turn head and then makes his baseline move to the lane ... Ally oop threat, likely to make plenty of highlight plays on lob passes ... His offensive numbers are misleading as he actually has very good potential as a shooter, if he can hone his ability in using deception to create looks ... Weaknesses: No real defined role offensively yet ... A little bit stiff in his movements and running the floor ... Thick legs ... Doesn't always exhibit an ideal level of intensity ... Needs to work on his ability to create shots ... Shot mechanics need some fine tuning as he has a bit of a slow release and seems to telegraph his shot too often ... His motion gets sped up if a defender is too close to him ... Shoots with minimal arc and not much rotation ... Only shot 52 percent from the free throw line ... Is not a strong ball handler, dribbles high and away from body ... Can be very loose with the ball, especially with his off hand ... Does not create his own offense ... Won’t be an instant facilitator at the next level ... Has trouble recognizing the open player as a playmaker … His effort was very up-and-down during his stint at Indiana ... While he has the tools to become a quality defender, was slow at times reacting on defense ... Late-bloomer so his basketball IQ needs some catching up ... Post skills are extremely raw and in need of refinement ... While he shows solid attributes and potential as a rebounder, remains extremely unproven having averaged 2.6 and 5.4 rebounds per game over his FR and SO seasons ... Is recovering from a torn ACL suffered in late January, which could cloud his draft stock ... Outlook: Hoping to capitalize on the substantial internet hype that he had generated, Anunoby entered the 2017 draft and signed with an agent, despite a disappointing season in which he suffered a torn ACL ... After shutting down Kentucky freshman Jamal Murray in the Round of 32 in the 2016 NCAA Tournament, Anunoby became a hot name and one to watch for in the 2017 draft class ... His numbers saw an uptick, but with his struggles in getting clean looks, his game didn’t change much before he ultimately went down with an injury ... Had Tom Crean kept his job at IU, Anunoby likely would be back in Bloomington, IN ... However, with him being young for his class (won’t turn 20 until September) and possessing the body and athletic profile that he does, he certainly possesses a lot of intrigue to teams ... A bit of a tweener as he lacks a polished skill set, especially offensively at either forward position ... At this point he's a project, coming off a major injury ... With proper development, Anunoby could become a valued asset in the modern NBA game ... Notes: Averaged 25 mpg, 11.1 ppg, 5.4 rpg, 56.3 FT%, 31.1 3P%, 55.7 FG% in 16 games as a sophomore ... Measured 6'6.5 without shoes, 243 lbs, 7'2.5 wingspan, and a 8'10.5 standing reach in the summer of 2016 ... Brandon Jefferson 5/8/17 http://www.nbadraft.net/players/og-anunoby
  18. Dalton26

    Daytona 500

    Finally about to restart. Hopefully. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  19. Dalton26

    OC Candidates

    Haven’t been able to get into AEW personally. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  20. Dalton26

    Game Thread:POTFB 11/30 @ 12 ESPN2

    8 wins, winning conference record, and beating Purdue. Damn good season! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  21. Made up for it. Just tighten up and play error free football from here on out. 🤞 Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  22. Dalton26

    RIP Brother CCGeneral

    Rest In Peace General. He and I butted head sometimes and other times it seemed like we were sharing a brain. The world lost a great one. Prayers to his family. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  23. Penix is looking really good. Granted it’s ball state, but definitely excited to see this kid play. Edit: I’ll likely be regretting pushing so hard for Ramsey last year. Lol Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  24. Wow shocked by this. Hope the colts pick him up. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  25. Just created a yahoo league, PM me your emails if you want in. I know a league was talked about before but it seems to have died out. As far as rosters go Ill let you all 100% choose that. My friends and I are in our 10th season and we go all out including individual defensive players but i know a lot of people dont like that. Just let me know whether you want standard or PPR and we will go with majority. 1. Dalton26 2. biteoftheapple 3. Crimson and Cream 4. WayneFleekHoosier 5. btownbanner6 6. IUsafety 7. Str8hoosiers 8. HoosierPap 9. HoosierRuss 10. Fulkme15 5 Votes - PPR 1 Vote - No Preference 1 Vote - Standard