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  1. That’s a great question. Not sure 100% on those rules. They have spring semester enrollees to get them going in the program all of the time. That’s when football players come and go. Not sure how they completely navigate that.
  2. No it doesn’t after spring semester.
  3. It’s only 1 of 2 if they transfer in season, and in good academic standing. Scholarships are renewed after the spring semester, before the 1st summer session every year. So there can be a clean split from either side prior to that if the player is in good academic standing.
  4. Great pickup at this point or any point really. The size plays right away. Welcome to IU!
  5. mdn82

    IUBB Men's twitter feed

    Hey man, with the coaching change they didn’t have their normal exit interviews which would typically include a development plan. Coach Woodson is watching hours of data, practices, and game film to compile those now that the internal options are set. At the earliest we will probably start seeing those trickle out individually is probably over the next couple of weeks. We will probably see some short bursts of content from them, but probably not much this year until after the start of the first summer session. This is how it has mostly been the last few coaching changes after the rosters were set or blown up.
  6. I too am curious how they handle this one. After Smith they stuck in family for three hires. Third time was the charm. I don’t know peoples personal beliefs on Dean Smith, but at the time most certainly felt he was on that RMK level. They were good again within 10 years. Wish we had that ambition.
  7. Good luck coach. I became a fan of his explicitly because of that Raef Lafrentz and Jacque Vaughn team in the 90s at Kansas. UNC poaching him from Kansas was phenomenal on their part at the time. Then Kansas poaching Self coming off a title game was equally phenomenal. Enjoy retirement sir.
  8. mdn82

    College Bball Thread

    Baylor can get hot man. I love Few and Gonzaga, but I personally thought Kentucky the year they lost to Wisconsin was more likely to go undefeated. Weird things happen in a single elimination tournament. I would still only give the field at this point 20%. Great team in a weak conference. Few might be one of the smartest men alive.
  9. Bob Knight wasn’t personable unless you “got” him and respected him. For such a prick he made a gym full of kids at every camp both laugh and listen to everything that I was a part of. Those 3x3 tournaments on AH (if you made finals) were some of my best childhood memories. I don’t give a damn if a coach does cartwheels on the sideline in a clown mask. Give me someone that can get through to kids consistently and can explain elementary basketball knowledge when they need it. What I like about his ex players is they trusted and respected Coach. That says a lot. Our language is basketball and to some recruiting. Speak our language, and own up to your mistakes or shortcomings, and we will love him. So will the players. If you try and bs us or try and talk to this fanbase like we are stupid it won’t end well for you. I think that shouldn’t be an issue here.
  10. mdn82

    World Wide Wes

    Now that he is an executive it makes no sense to get caught in the weeds at the college level. I bet if Woody needed put in touch with someone, ok. But WWW isn’t going to be at the EYBL or Nike headquarters for IU like he was for Cal and Memphis/Kentucky after his godson, friends kids, and then nephews went and played for Cal. Just off the top of my head he was directly involved with Dajuan Wagner, Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose, Brandon Knight, Kidd-Gilchrist, and Anthony Davis. I would assume KAT as well with how it played out. None of those kids play for Cal without WWW. But around 2015 he really hasn’t been involved in as much with Kentucky. Guessing he was trying to get legit. Dude is just famous for being Waldo in pictures and knowing everybody. Has been since Jordan.
  11. Scholarships are the 1st start of summer session to the 1st session of the summer session the following year. They are renewed mid May of every year. After the spring semester we have a choice same as student to renew or not. Same as them. If they leave in December as long as they are in good standing academically it won’t hurt us much. But if we kick a kid off mid semester it will hurt our APR. Gelon’s “ATHLETIC” scholarship was not renewed after the season = no harm to APR. IU’s BOR offers a full academic scholarship if their athletic one is taken away from them. We are just one of the few schools that offers that part.
  12. Yeah man, I know you and I have had discussions probably over the last 15 years on IU guy vs not IU guy. I think to a degree we both hedged at various times if it was needed. We will see how it plays out. But I really like the structure they are going to surround him with. He is an X and O guy. The other guys will help with recruiting and making sure he doesn’t hand a kid a pop giving IU the death sentence. Out of every ex IU guy, at the point it had to be Woodson or Lewis I think. Good time for a reboot for everyone.
  13. mdn82

    World Wide Wes

    Best way to put it honestly. Sometimes you have to hit 75 in a 60 to get where you are going. I truly think Archie was willing to play in the gray, but when your teams look like dogshit it’s still a dog eat dog business. Bye bye relationships.
  14. mdn82

    World Wide Wes

    Good dude to have on your side if you want to win. Recruiting is a game of relationships and very few people have more relationships than WWW. Been that way since the late 80s or early 90s. I know Dajuan Wagner at Memphis was the first kid WWW helped Cal with. That dude should have been an absolute stud in the NBA. Pretty much any other name kid for about 10-15 years after was associated with WWW.