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  1. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    I would agree with you, but I wonder what that waiver process would be like at this point. Hopefully they work with the kids as much as possible.
  2. mdn82

    App for Iphone

    Oopsie doodle I had an answer put out there but it’s wrong for the 10. Not honestly sure where to tell you on the new phone. I will probably have to download tapatalk too like everyone else.
  3. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Completely understand. I am with you. My biggest disappointment in the current state of America is everything is a political issue. Something as simple as wearing a mask for the betterment of a whole is the ultimate kick in the nuts for some, or the ultimate weapon for others. It’s a ******* mask meant to help. Like I said early on they won’t block all, but with that, social distancing, and good personal hygiene we wouldn’t have ******* threads up wondering if we are even going to have a season. It’s not a ******* political argument. It’s a simple ******* humanitarian discussion. In the military Aloha, I bet that heavy equipment gets pretty uncomfortable in the middle of a desert. I doubt anyone is arguing with why you need to wear yours, or a firefighter needs to wear their heavy gear in a fire, or a police officer wears their vest. I just don’t get why it’s so ******* hard. Hope you get to enjoy abroad.
  4. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Agreed. Our lack of empathy is alarming. It’s honestly just sad more than anything. It really shouldn’t surprise me with people, but it does. Down here in Florida a person with political interests tried suing over mandatory masks. That one got thrown out real quick. Like how f’ed up do we have to be to sue over something like that? How hard is it to wear a ******* mask? Even if you don’t agree with it at worst you are out the inconvenience of wearing a mask. At best you can save someone’s life, potentially someone you love. Like I don’t get the huge deal. For years if you travel abroad and you see an Asian person they are wearing a mask. There is a reason why. They have things like this quite a bit. I trust they know more than Facebook. It’s just ******* sad and pathetic.
  5. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Yeah its the same in Cape Coral. Well Walmart not so much, but your Publix, Target, etc. it’s pretty much everyone. Not meant to be a crack at Walmart just the way it is down here. Most places refuse service if you don’t wear one.
  6. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    Ha you might want to get a cream for that one man. Maybe an antibiotic as well. But if they take your temp just make sure it’s not a doctor that would work at MSU or OSU.
  7. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    I just don’t see us having much of a sports season at all in any sport this year. I don’t see when basketball starts many of our cupcakes will travel. B1G/ACC and other games where there is travel in any direction will probably not happen. It sucks, but if I am not making money in college I am not risking that.
  8. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I can’t speak for their current testing strategies but 429 seems like it would be a current Covid test and not an antibody test. I would think the numbers would be higher on an antibody test. Plus the way the world is the cynic in me feels like they would jump through a hoop to make themselves look better and say only xx amount are currently testing positive. I would vote for currently infected and contagious. It just sucks. As much as for selfish reasons I want sports I don’t want anyone to go through this in an unsafe environment.
  9. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I really like what Texas did here. They rated activities based on risk. Obviously a lot of it is common sense. But helpful nevertheless.
  10. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    That sucks. I truly fear we are at a point of no return and when sports are supposed to start there is just no way sports with larger rosters or non money makers won’t cancel this year. That would be horrible and a doomsday scenario for college athletics. If football can’t be played safely this year I have no clue how many programs even survive. In the grand scheme of things it isn’t that important, but I don’t think people truly think of or underestimate the mental aspect of things like this not being available daily does to a large portion of people. It’s July 8th and this year has felt like 3 years already. Lol I watch Korean Baseball now. Korean Baseball!!! Definitely beats the alternative. Around now in a normal year of course we would have the July evaluations, training camps for football, little league World Series, summer ball for NBA, and just coming out of the all star game. This year just sucks.
  11. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    We have officially started the process to pull out of the WHO during a pandemic. I can’t believe I just typed that. There are many angry things I can say about that, but we have officially isolated ourselves, buried beneath propaganda that in no way protects us, and further harms us going forward. I understand some that don’t like the initial response and I get that, but every time you go to work and disagree with your boss are you walking out? The key difference here is I am uncertain how we as a country can be frustrated with an organization that we never fully followed their advice. We are the worst country in the world with response, message, cases, and deaths. It’s not even really close. Let’s pray for a weak flu season. We are going to need it. Before the hand full of Trump supporters that come out frequently on stuff like this start bashing my post I don’t blame him. I blame the people that enabled him more than him. The checks and balances have failed us. This move in no way makes us safer. That should be the only question on a decision like this. Are we safer with or without? We just aren’t. We are removing the most prominent scientific resource with world data during a pandemic where we are far and away the worst. Incredible
  12. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Yep and you have to think that 50% includes every small community ICU. Like Parkview for instance in Northern Indiana funnels everything to PRMC or Randallia. The community hospitals don’t have a ton of people in ICU longer than a day or two. If so they funnel to their main hospitals. That’s pretty common in Indiana. The overflow rooms wouldn’t be counted as ICU rooms until they switch their designation if needed. Currently they would be looked at as a normal inpatient room. It’s all based on how they set up billing if that makes any sense. But I would be willing to bet that 50% number the majority of those patients are in a handful of hospitals across the state. The emptiness is from the community hospitals. Which is pretty normal. As things sit today I am not worried about Indiana. But if they ever start to fill up and one day the state data said like 95% and then the next day said 65%, that isn’t anyone fudging with numbers. That’s just they created more ICU rooms which is fairly normal even in non-Covid times. The crazy part is all of the heart disease in Indiana. There are probably more people in CVICU today across the state than in actual ICU rooms. There are plenty of beds and ventilators in Indiana and room for expansion.
  13. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    It’s actually more common than you would think. I know you are southern Indiana so me describing Parkview in Fort Wayne doesn’t mean much. But if memory serves me correct Parkview Regional Medical Center is where everyone is funneled into. They had 99 ICU beds. Of those 99 around 50 are CVICU. Out of those 99 they sit at least at 85% capacity daily. The 2nd floor is all ICU and PICU. Completely separate. Third floor is all long term ICU. The overflow used to be shift everyone a floor up. I won’t pretend to know the plan for this, but a floor is around 60 beds. 30 of those can be converted. With this I am sure they have more that can be converted. With Indiana having horrible heart issues they won’t take away from CVICU. Those rooms are set up in a way they can do emergency surgery in the room. Most health systems have actually reduced rooms over the last 20-30 rooms so they could stay at 80%+ capacity. If you aren’t, your health system is losing money. ICU in Northern Indiana including smaller hospitals regularly stay at 80% or higher. I have no clue on Texas, but I doubt in a larger city they would drop much further below that number.
  14. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Usually they sit at almost full capacity. Most hospitals have overflow ICU rooms they can convert to ICU. Smaller hospitals can convert more rooms than are currently listed as ICU rooms. Now if it has to be a negative pressure room that’s another story and typically there aren’t many of those. Larger hospitals that carry 500-1000 beds have ICUs that are usually 10% of their overall beds. They can usually convert so that 20-25% of their overall beds can be ICU. Depends on the health system and how new their buildings are. Guessing Daltons hospital hasn’t touched their overflow so even when they say 80% or whatever they are really at 40-50% at most. People can see the original numbers of almost full and don’t realize how agile hospitals can be in a pinch. When you get into the overflow and are almost maxed out that is New York. When people are in the halls you know.
  15. mdn82

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Yeah man I am so hopeful to go visit family in Florida this summer. I just don’t know. I just worry about picking something up and passing on to my grandma if I were to go down. I would be fine (most likely), but others I care about maybe not so much. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app