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    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Would be a MAJOR add for the Hoosiers. He can theoretically play up to 3 years at IU because he gets a COVID year, and also used a redshirt this past season due to injury.
  2. Yeah Delta seems to give the business most every year to Jay Co in football lol.
  3. I grew up outside of Muncie but actually went to Jay County since the rest of my family went there as well. I’m finishing up school at Ball State right now so Brunk coming over before I go would be kinda cool lmao
  4. I know this would never happen, but seeing as how I grew up in Muncie, I certainly wouldn’t mind it if Joey went to Ball State lmao
  5. I have to agree with you. Stevens may have went a little over the line with the Masshole comment, but it definitely got some of the IU questions off his back.
  6. Any clue on how some of them are currently feeling about either Stevens or the ongoing search?
  7. Goodman is a straight up dork.