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Lt. John McClaine

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  1. Lt. John McClaine

    Is Coach Crean Indiana's Best Option?

    Thank you for this! I completely agree!
  2. Lt. John McClaine

    Most Important 2017 Recruits

    I feel like many others, that all 3 will go Pro. It's just the World we live in today with NCAA Men's Bball. Were people shocked when Cody and Victor wen Pro? I wasn't, it's just the modern landscape of the sport that we all love.
  3. Lt. John McClaine

    This Year's Starting Five - Post CH Edition

    I'd like to have Newkirk come off the bench, ideally, but I think we need his speed in the starting 5. So, like others have said: Newkirk, JBJ, Robert, OG, & Bryant. A nice blend of quickness and size 6th man: Juwan Morgan Bench: Deron, CuJo, Green
  4. Lt. John McClaine

    2016-2017 Indiana Basketball

    Man, Green and Davis look strong!
  5. Lt. John McClaine

    OG Anunoby #1 Draft Prospect in Big Ten

    Totally agree, if you check the guys out at Draft Express, they put many nice, in depth videos out on College ballers. I'm a Mock Draft nerd, and I've seen many of their videos, and they're typically very thourough and much more than just a highlight reel.
  6. Lt. John McClaine

    (2015) SF Ogugua Anunoby to IU

    That's a pretty solid comparison. His game reminds me of Trevor Ariza on the Houston Rockets.
  7. Lt. John McClaine

    Collin Hartman Injury

    I wonder when we will get a definitive answer? When JBJ tore his it seemed like we had to wait a week to find out the severity.
  8. Thanks for posting this, these two guys intrigue me.
  9. Lt. John McClaine

    (2016) SG Grant Gelon commits to IU

    People also need to understand that recruiting a guy like Gelon, a NW Indiana kid, makes sense. It could help open a pipeline for Indiana to recruit for years to come in an area that we typically don't do well in, it fulfills the need to replace a shooter like Nick Z, and he's a 4 year player. I laugh out loud and then get pissed off when I read our Fanbase say something like Grant needs to Walkon, or that Crean jumped the gun offering to this kid. Chances are Crean and Staff know more about all things Basketball than you do, just stop.
  10. Lt. John McClaine

    Injury Updates- JW/ROJO/CH/OG

    I love our Freshman, and Juwan has pleasantly surprised me this last month. It's more than him playing sound Defense or grabbing rebounds, but for me it's that Juwan typically makes the right Basketball play. He doesn't force things, makes the right pass, moves without the ball, etc. After watching Hanner, Hollowell, and others that have played the 4 spot for IU, that goes a long way with me.
  11. Lt. John McClaine

    March Madness Uniforms

    They're ok, I like that we get a 3rd or 4th jersey each year. It's cool for the fans and I also enjoy it because it typically pisses off most of the fan base that was born in the Branch McCracken era. Sorry guys, not all change is bad.
  12. Lt. John McClaine

    Old guy question

    36 years old, and I've never liked it. To me it just doesn't make sense for the B1G to have one, we are already gonna have 6 At Large bids, and it's not like Rutgers or Minnesota is gonna run the table and punch their ticket to the tourney. The Conference tournaments make sense for the little guy mid major schools so that they can get into The Big Dance since they'd never get an At Large bid, but for a power conference all it is, is bragging rights and the possibility of injury. That being said it sure would be nice to win this damn thing one of these years.
  13. Lt. John McClaine

    Tom Crean's postgame locker room speech

    I'm so happy for him. Criticism aside, you can't ever take away the fact that he's got two Big Ten Championships in 4 years. That's a big deal to Hoosier Fans after such a long dry spell.
  14. Lt. John McClaine

    (2016) PF De'Ron Davis to IU

    Yes sir, I'm definitely part of the Niego fan club
  15. Lt. John McClaine

    (2016) PF De'Ron Davis to IU

    Happy with DeRon in the fold next year, our FrontCourt sounds very exciting for next year. In the BackCourt, Newkirk, RoJo, JBJ, and Curtis Jones we have plenty of talent. Not to mention Devonte Green to help out.