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  1. SteelerHoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    No shooting, no depth, and our best player is about to graduate......yeesh
  2. SteelerHoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    What a crappy way for this season to end. Just wow.
  3. SteelerHoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    Terrible pass!
  4. SteelerHoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    Can we install an energizer battery in phinisee so he can play for 40mins a game?
  5. SteelerHoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

  6. SteelerHoosier

    2018 NCAA Tournament Games

    I've never been a fan of Bennett. His style will win a lot of regular season games, but unless he opens it up he'll never make consistent deep runs.
  7. SteelerHoosier

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I agree. Ridiculous. It would be different if the scale of these happenings were much smaller, but in these most recent situations? These coaches know.
  8. SteelerHoosier

    Sean Miller caught on phone

    Really hoping Archie is clean. I think he is. Would suck to finally fully come around to the hiring the last half of this season only to for him to be tied to this mess
  9. SteelerHoosier

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I'll believe it when I see it
  10. SteelerHoosier

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I'm really hoping we get out of this cleanly
  11. Probably not this year. Better? Yes. Good? I am not holding my breath for it.
  12. Well at least we are no longer over signed, right? Not surprised by the news that all three of those guys are staying in the draft. Good luck to them. I hope they represent IU well wherever their pro careers take them. Will be interesting to see how the rotation shakes out come winter.
  13. SteelerHoosier

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    What did he do?