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  1. SteelerHoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Good deal
  2. SteelerHoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Get AJ ******* Moye on campus in some type of role!
  3. SteelerHoosier

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    As someone who was not hyped for Woody......we couldn't ask for a better 10 days
  4. SteelerHoosier

    Worst Losses of the Archie Era

    Losing to Rutgers 3 times in 1 year.......gross
  5. So what will Roberts role be? Assistant coach? Transistion to another role? He's housing Fife so he's most likely in the future plans
  6. SteelerHoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I've seen my fair share of dysfunction everywhere I've been personally lol
  7. SteelerHoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Flordia is no more crazy than anywhere else. Crazies everywhere. Just freedom of information laws in Florida make that information more accessible.
  8. SteelerHoosier

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Say we land these two guys to fill out the roster......and Franklin returns......what does your rotation look like?
  9. SteelerHoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Can only hope it happens then.
  10. SteelerHoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    So are we hearing that Lewis is an actual target? Or is it just fan speak?
  11. Stevens to UNC after Roy hangs it up......if it happens I'll flip a table haha
  12. SteelerHoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Lifting =/= bulking. It happens in phases. That's how athletic development works. Even during hypertrophy phases as an athlete you're not doing things guys who are prepping for strong men or body building competitions are. They are athletes and being in the weight room in season is important to that athletic development. Such an uninformed and old school take.
  13. SteelerHoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Wow.......just wow......
  14. These former player really have felt alienated from the program, huh?