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  1. Hoosier2016

    2021 Transfer Portal

    So let’s say hypothetically...we get Xavier Johnson and Keion Brooks...what is our realistic ceiling/floor? That seems like a ton of talent to win some ball games
  2. Hoosier2016

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Going through who Xavier Johnson follows on Twitter it would almost indicate he’s decided IU. Looks like almost half the people he’s following has something about IU in their bio...
  3. Hoosier2016

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Jerome Hunters ceiling is extremely high imo. I think Woodson could turn him into a star. He's the ideal NBA style player Woodson is wanting.
  4. No PM we all want to know! Lol
  5. Hoosier2016

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    Hard pass
  6. Hoosier2016

    General New Coach News

    Can’t wait to watch iu score 40 points a game if we get moser...Jeez
  7. Hoosier2016

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    On pace to score 40 points! Can’t wait to watch this high powered offense at iu...smh
  8. Hope is high still here. Learned to not trust the media. Sounds like there are some reputable sources backing Stevens to IU and that’s what I’m going to go with...skepticism only due to last Friday and being so disappointed lol
  9. Boston up 5 at half
  10. Would he have more insight than most?
  11. Peegs just said “Stevens is done, done, done”