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  1. rebelhoosier848891

    RIP Brother CCGeneral

    CCG will be missed. Huge IU fan and avid poster. Gone too soon....prayers to his family.
  2. rebelhoosier848891

    Ed Schilling Leaving, Mike Roberts Arriving

    Heard Bob Knight may be moving back to Bloomington. Maybe there’s a reason —lol. Can you imagine the Board meltdown/explosion if Archie picked Bob as the next assistant! Epic. (I THINK I am joking by the way)
  3. rebelhoosier848891

    Joey Brunk to Indiana

    Welcome home big fella! You are the kind of recruit we should have gone after harder in the past—a tough—hard nosed—Indiana kid who will bring hustle and passion to the program. Better late than never. Now help us turn the culture around and let’s get back to our winnin’ ways! Hoo—Hoo—Hoo—Hoosiers!
  4. Just did not seem locked in tonight..... Great defense at times this season. Need more shooters/scorers and fewer injuries! That being said—Thank You Juwan Morgan! You have become one of my all-time favorite Hoosier players!
  5. rebelhoosier848891

    #IUWBB - 2019 NCAA Tournament

    Great win for the Lady Hoosiers! It’s another big step for the program and recruiting —which are both on a definite upswing! Now—let’s go duck hunting!
  6. rebelhoosier848891

    2019 NIT Tournament

  7. rebelhoosier848891

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr. to Kentucky

    Would love to see a shooter to go along with all our athletes...Anybody else up for recruiting a pure three point shooter from Indiana? Names?
  8. rebelhoosier848891

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr. to Kentucky

    Head says UK Heart says IU Please let the heart be right on this one! Someday—one of these recruiting classes has to be the one to take us back to the top—-here’s to hoping Brooks—an Indiana kid—wants to be part of that with two of his friends- who also happen to be Indiana kids. Let it be IU!
  9. rebelhoosier848891

    The Crock of Crap B1G Postseason Awards Thread

    Crap is right. Juwan is way underrated. I hope he goes crazy in the big ten tourney on all those ranked above him—-and brings our first tourney title home. That would be the perfect ending to his great career!
  10. rebelhoosier848891

    Juwan Morgan Appreciation Thread

    Juwan will be missed. One of my all time favorites as well. No scandals—and all class. But most of all—he worked his tail off —on and off the floor to become the great player he is today. He may not be the type of player the NBA scouts go crazy about—but he is a GREAT college basketball player. Heart—desire—hustle. I hope he leads us to a lot more W’s this season. Let’s enjoy every minute of it because players like Juwan don’t come along that often. Hats off to J-MO !
  11. rebelhoosier848891


    We needed that! Well done boys—now let’s get on a win streak!
  12. rebelhoosier848891

    Seasons Greetings 2018

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays—Hoosier Nation! The team already gave us an early Christmas present with an undefeated Month of December. Let’s build on that. I hope everyone enjoys some time off with their family and friends. For my family—we also celebrate the birth of the Christ child. And—as I recently told a UK fan—even Santa wears red and white! Whatever your traditions may be—it sure is awesome to be part of the best fan base in the world. GO HOOSIERS!
  13. rebelhoosier848891

    Indiana vs Butler Game Thread 12/15

    That was flat out awesome! Go Hoosiers!
  14. rebelhoosier848891

    2021 General Recruiting Thread

    I am hearing that down here in the South as well. Just led his baseball team to state runner-up finish in baseball. But—word is his parents want him to play basketball. Good to have options! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app