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  1. Old Friend

    Welcome Coach Miller

    You know as well as I do you're in part referring to me, and given what another guy said last month, I thought I'd make an appearance for no other reason than you two still seem obsessed. You've always done exactly what you did here. (and if "stalker" is name calling, then yep. It fits a couple guys, and I'll stand behind that as long as I need to) It's cheap and it's a narrative....not reality. THIS is why I left and only rarely post anymore. Making some claim that I can't "take it" is laughable. Who "took" more than me over the years? I'll wait. I did so because I knew damned good and well my first point below was accurate and the ease of narrative vs. truth is time tested. 1) I'll give you a week. A month. As long as you want to find a single time when I insulted someone without being personally insulted first - and I don't always mean in a single post. I mean given history. I'll wait on THAT, too. Same question re: condescending. I'm condescending toward YOU simply in response to the way you always treated ME. Something about not being able to take it?? When have I done that without it having been done to me, first? You included and don't lie to everyone and give it the "who, ME?" BS. You know better and so do I. Stop it. You're civil to me, I'm civil to you; and I promise there are only a handful of people where condescension has entered the fray. I'll call a spade a spade. You can either take it or you can't. 2) My story on Archie was consistently that we needed to wait until he had his own players to judge him. I never - as far as I know - claimed anything. He's very obviously a good coach. Is he the right coach? I know I never claimed that. And he's got about 3 weeks to make some changes because his team is awful to watch, and I know a whole lot of influential people, including one woman whose name is on the building where he coaches, have had enough. I also know the support from administration has been sub-par, and all of the blame isn't on his shoulders. That's for another thread. 3) In response to your bunk mate a couple of weeks ago, who also claimed I said Tom Crean would be great at IU, that's another laughable narrative and a flat assed lie, just like my saying anything but the above re: Archie. "I can teach a fat kid in flip flops to stand still." "You can't win the conference and then finish 10th." "Tom Crean can get kids to say yes, but he can't build a program." Any of that sound familiar? THAT's what I said, among myriad other things. Since his first season when I watched his offense stand still; and for his entire tenure we could only score consistently in transition.
  2. Old Friend

    POTFB 1/14 @ 7 PM FS1

    1) Jump 2) I said from the beginning it wasn't a good idea to judge Archie until he had his own players to fit his system. He has his own kids and plenty of talent. You can see the results as easily as I can; and the "why" is equally obvious. 3) One of the reasons this board became impossible to stay with is the foolish notion that someone's ego or style somehow makes him wrong. Dan Dakich has been spot on, dead on the head of the nail 100% right about this program for years, and I have said as much for a long time. The body of evidence from the masses who don't want to hear it from him is massive and should at some point be eye opening because he's spot on and has BEEN spot on. Go to 1070 the Fan and listen to the podcast from today (Jan 15th). He sums it up perfectly with support from former players and I completely agree. I promise so many people will listen to how he says it and call him an idiot. Like Groundhog Day. But he's right. He's 100% right. And....I've been telling you all he's been right for YEARS. Style points are for losers. Where are we now? 4) The other primary reason this board became impossible is I promise the same couple of gutless trolls will quote this (or they'll at the very least start typing before they realize I'm talking about THEM and stop) and come with some lame personal attack because for whatever reason think they have to quote, rebut, and criticize everything I say - regardless of how true it is - because of some snowflake personal agenda. They can't help themselves because it's their theater and their only act. You know who I'm talking about and so do they (one in particular who I never saw add one damned thing to this board. I didn't post for several months and THERE he was nitpicking and trolling as soon as I did. Literally within minutes. Same cast of a few characters bobbing their figurative heads in agreement and reveling in themselves. Still with the same pathetic material as if this board and personal attacks is what gives them their juice. After 4 months. No thanks. I have no time for moronic idiocy like that. Get a life, clowns). You all can keep him. His normal 4 word posts are riveting. I hope the rest of you have an incredible 2021 that's far better than 2020 was. Archie's not the guy. I know it just like you know it, bleed....Jump.
  3. Old Friend

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    Armaan deserves credit for that, but thank you.
  4. Old Friend

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    Whatever. Semantics, and certainly not with any volume. See : "same guys bitching about the same sh*t." You and Josh. What a shock. Return to your miserably negative and vindictive life and keep congratulating yourself on how smart you are. Same guys. Same sh*t. Predictable as the sunrise. Laters.
  5. Old Friend

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    Gone for almost a year and it's the same guys bitching about the same sh*t, (it's seriously like Groundhog day) with the same complete lack of understanding about the bigger picture. We'll know a lot more about things when we hire a new president. Hint to the same cast of characters. McRobbie is the problem. Not Archie. We can keep up the carousel of coaches if you guys want to. That will never matter without the right support, and boys.....we don't have it under McRobbie. Think bigger. See you in a year.
  6. Old Friend

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    It wouldn't surprise me one bit if it weren't. Kevin Warren is not close to qualified to run an athletic conference. I don't care how many law degrees he has, the personal and competition elements of it are incredibly beyond his realm of leadership. I know he was the COO of the Vikings, but he shows about as much understanding of how to run the Big Ten as sportswriters do about covering sports. It's really sad what the Big Ten has become. It's now a politically correct, err on the side of extreme and over-caution, let's try to please everyone, kumbaya, over-thinking, over-assume their position of leadership in college sports bastion of ignorance and "everyone gets a trophy." God, I miss John Ryan, Ralph Floyd, and Wayne Duke.
  7. Old Friend

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    The leadership of the Big Ten conference is an incredible joke. Commissioner Warren is as far over his head and out of his element as a man can be. The Big Ten's in trouble.
  8. Old Friend

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    Your last indicates the problem with this site, our country, and Americans as a whole right now as far as I'm concerned. It's as if democrats are supposed to, by some unwritten law disagree or oppose everything republicans do and vice versa. There's no room for dialogue, no room for civil disagreement. Politics used to be two political parties basically wanting the same things, just taking two different roads to get there. Ideas were discussed and debated. Americans chose party sometimes in duality in the same election based on who might be a better leader locally, nationally, etc. Today? Everything is political. Everything seems divided along political lines, and the incivility/crudeness of disagreement is disgusting. Politics has become a cesspool. Republicans aren't evil people. Democrats aren't evil people. There are loose cannons and morons on each side; and it's as if we've let those people define an entire party to the point of people acting flat out vile toward one another. Why is it you feel as a democrat it's an exception to compliment someone on the other side of the aisle? Do you feel as if supposed to "swipe left" every time regardless of circumstances? Compelled to align with democrats along the party line simply because you generally agree with the democrat platform? Serious question. If "yes," I hope you can see the problem with that and the division it's causing. I generally lean the other way, but I'm pretty liberal socially. I don't have a problem complimenting a democrat. For example, I think Mayor Hogsett has done some really sound things here in Indianapolis. I wonder why it seems so difficult for some to give any credit to a political opponent?
  9. Old Friend

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I know. Idiotic. I just knew what was coming. I'm with you, believe it or not.
  10. Old Friend

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Fixed it for you. You're as blind and biased as I think you are if you truly believe Trump is at fault for that. Seriously, man. Do some homework and just be objective. How anyone can blame DJT in total blows my mind beyond words. The abject ignorance and blindness of that.... Obama used divisive rhetoric on a regular basis, starting with "cynical voters cling to their guns and religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them." He said "anti-immigrant sentiment or anti trade sentiment" is a way to explain their frustrations. Obama called all opposed to same sex marriage "bigots." Obama called the pro-life movement a "war on women." He called immigration enforcement "racist." Obama called the GOP "the enemy of Hispanics." Then...Obama was the one who claimed Trump was somehow capitalizing on America's traditional resentments. Obama was the president who ran with the narratives in Ferguson, MO in 2014; never offering an apology once facts came out, eye-witnesses testified, and the officer was acquitted because Brown had in fact reached for his (officer's) gun. Obama has selective memory, just as the media seems to. He is not detached from the division as he seems to think he is, and in fact was the main culprit. Trump took the opposite side, so it's HIS fault? No. Sorry. Facts : Unemployment under Trump...lower for black people, lower for Hispanic people, lower for women than under Obama. GDP growth up from Obama. Wages up from Obama. But sure. Blame Trump. Other than rhetoric, what action or policy has led to the "end of American hegemony?" If you don't or won't see the division in Obama's presidency (hell, it's why Trump WON), you're either blind, ignorant, or in denial. There is no other explanation. Not much of the above is my opinion, so don't give me yours.
  11. Old Friend

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Perhaps I accidentally added a zero like you forgot one (see how easy that is?). If you stopped reading over a typo, or something that simple? That's absolutely your prerogative but doesn't change the point. It always baffles me that so many people come here to attack, argue, and nitpick instead of just talk and have dialogue. What's so wrong in your world that you'd make a comment like that in favor of the guts and meaning of an entire post? I mean you took time to post a wise @$$ comment. Why?
  12. Old Friend

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Nothing would make less sense than to cancel because of players getting the virus. I drove for about 8 hours today and listened to sports radio almost the entire time. It's hard to get away from the two big news items (race relations and COVID), so I just listened to several people and heard lots of viewpoints. Dan Patrick, Doug Gottlieb, Wingo and Golic, Dakich, Rickard and Staysniak, and all of their guests. One point came up time and again, and it was nice to hear : The only stat that's up in the US is positive test results. Everything else is way down. Deaths/death rate, hospitalizations, ICU visits, etc. Also heard this and looked it up : In Indiana, only 4% of ventilators are currently being used for COVID patients, according to IN.gov. According to the CDC, (copy paste) The overall cumulative COVID-19 associated hospitalization rate is 94.5 per 100,000 which is 0.00094%. Larger point? Hospitalizations, also according to the CDC, the cumulative hospitalization rate for people 17-22 years old is ~ 10 per 100,000 people. There are about 5200 D1 college basketball players, so the odds of even 1 (1 of the ~ 5200 total) player being hospitalized w COVID are about 2:1. (Odds of a player being hospitalized with mono - according to University of Michigan microbiology dept) are ~ 0.9:1 and odds of a player being hospitalized with the flu about 1.3:1 based on historical data) Another stat discussed today was ~ 10% of COVID deaths were attributed to patients without a "severe 2nd co-morbidity." Our immune systems can largely handle COVID like anything else . Mononucleosis has - over time - a far greater hospitalization % than COVID does among college aged kids, and to be very honest people need to get sick so immune systems stay strong. "Getting" COVID doesn't appear per the numbers to be any worse for the young or healthy than getting the flu. As long as kids are kept on campus and with team mates, tested frequently and the proper precautions are taken, there is no justifiable reason to cancel any sports season. That was the general consensus among talk show hosts and guests as well. We are much better equipped to handle it than we were, we know who's truly vulnerable and young athletes generally are not, so getting it isn't a significant risk; so as long as those athletes are quarantined and tracking is monitored, sports should be just fine. (Queue.....well, I'll wait and see......)
  13. Old Friend

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Do me a favor. Here's my post word for word. What did I present here as "news?" Opinion is allowed, right? Unless you're a stalker with an agenda. Which...well, you are. But go through this and let me know what's so offensive to you. Seriously...what's your issue, dude? When I wrote it, I had no idea about the increase in numbers in SC, but that doesn't change what's happening there. "Spoke too soon" is that great of an offense? Seriously, man. Get a grip on yourself. Nobody wants to read your personal crap, but I'm sure as hell not going to let you do it without rebuttal. Here you go....what in the hell is your issue? Edit : Harvard seems to agree with what I said below about when COVID originated. Just a bunch of whataboutism, probably. They're just Ivy League. They should probably listen to a guy who can't spell and blames it on auto-correct. Funny how nobody else has that problem. 1) Pulling out of the WHO (I believe it's temporary) was a good move until that organization actually bases what it does on "health" instead of politics and money. I believe the move was designed to provide an avenue for new leadership which is "pro-west" rather than "pro-China." Any organization that takes its (or any of its) orders from communist leaders is not one the US needs to support. Especially one that so clearly covered up COVID as China did. Some of you can crucify me, and I bet some will. 2) I just came home from a trip to South Carolina. Wide open. Beaches, restaurants (though some with seating outside), carriage tours, some bars w live music, very few masks.....and no outbreak. No spike. 3) No spike so far even with protests happening for 2+ weeks. In fact, according to Johns Hopkins map, which is where I get my data, yesterday was the lowest "positive cases" day in the US since March 25th, the "curve" has been flat since late April; and we're testing over 30x more people than we were then. Anyone with a functioning brain can make that logical correlation. 4) When it comes to transmission, I don't think anyone truly knows. I saw something a week ago that said along with prior respiratory conditions, it was a protein enzyme in blood that determines whether or not a person is vulnerable or not. 5) ER docs early on had no idea how to treat it so they put everyone "critical" on a vent. Turned out to be the wrong move. Doctors now know how to treat it, and the medical system is just fine, now. In most cases? "Here's some acetaminophen, stay hydrated, get some rest but also get on your feet, and call me if it gets worse." That is the treatment now. So we're staying closed for treatment that's almost identical to a bad cold. We have 40k-60k dead every year from the flu, and we HAVE a vaccine for the flu. If we didn't? How many dead would there be every year? Again, that logic tells me this isn't even as bad as the flu except in "some" people. So, determining who comprises that group of "some" seems to be of utmost import, now. 6) Based on conversations with some friends who are doctors and nurses? This thing has mutated a few times and is now pretty weak, overall. That's why ICU visits are far fewer and hospital stays are far shorter. I just don't think we're dealing with a lethal killer; and death rate has dropped, even with flawed numbers (attributed and assumed deaths). I also think it's been around far longer than January 21st, and I think our immune systems by and large have done and are doing well dealing with it. All based on personal experience and conversations with medical people. I'm done with the fear. I'm done with the shaming of not always wearing a mask (on a walk in my neighborhood.,...sorry. Not happening.) I'm done believing there are ANY "experts" on this, including Dr. Fauci. I think we have lots of anecdotal evidence on some things, I think personal experience counts. I think the several friends I have who have diagnosed positive and had mild symptoms (same is true for all of you and anyone else with the same experience) counts toward an educated opinion. And I for one man think keeping everything closed any longer is foolish. At some point, elected officials aren't expert on anything either, and while we need to protect the vulnerable; I think it's time to smartly get back to normal.
  14. Old Friend

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Is "Grammar" capitalized for a reason? Put down the shovel, dude. It's funny....you pretend to speak for other people, and pretend to believe what "they" would do. A classic case of a severe social anxiety disorder. You're on an island. You don't present anything but your own bile and spew narratives as if they're truth; but you usually do it in record time. I guess that's something. Why don't you just leave me alone? I know....it would detract from your post count, which I would bet is important to you, but you might try taking ab breath and learning to live with the fact that some people just aren't going to appeal to you and you don't always have to point it out. When you mis-use words and capitalize when you don't need to; you're awfully difficult to take seriously. You don't want me to go back and re-post your garbage, do you? A little self reflection would do you some good, stalker.
  15. Old Friend

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    What's better is their retort that says "attacking grammar means you have no point." Well..no. It means I don't take you seriously and don't think much of your intellect.