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  1. Old Friend

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    FWIW Comer isn't a Big Ten talent. IUPUI and that level a better fit and UIndy or Marian would be better. Having coached a lot against him and having seen true D1 kids, he's not quite at that level.
  2. Old Friend

    Your Moderators

    I want in https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fne-np.facebook.com%2FForagerBrewery%2Fposts%2Fhello-old-friend-the-reuben-sandwich-is-back-on-the-menu-and-ready-for-you-to-en%2F3485486791534473%2F&psig=AOvVaw0F2fwT7vcfXb11N9OJyxdE&ust=1634622586760000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAsQjRxqFwoTCJi-peeh0_MCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAS
  3. Old Friend

    Interesting - Sagarin

    I'm unfamiliar with this. Has it really? That's good news. I'd be for a more hybrid schedule every year. It does affect recruiting; and I suppose the argument can be made whether it affects it positively or negatively; but PU can tell recruits they have a legit chance to win that division every so often. We can't do that (and I know what some will say, but look at the last 75 years. Bill Mallory was a far better coach than Tom Allen and he never made it to a Rose Bowl, beating Michigan only once and tOSU twice during their worst couple of years in the last 100). Indiana having to play Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State every year and likely a Wisconsin or Iowa too gives it 2-3 game hole vs. its main rival. Rutgers faces an almost impossible climb in the BTW. I'd be in favor of a mixed bag schedule every season without schedules tied to divisions.
  4. Old Friend

    Interesting - Sagarin

    I'd love to agree, but I just don't. OSU, Michigan, PSU will always have stadiums that seat 105,000 people and will always get top recruits. We see now how quickly Michigan and PSU have come back from being below their own expectations. I don't think Indiana can ever win against those teams consistently and I said "consistent ceiling." Once in a while, sure. But we haven't beaten Ohio State since 1988, only beaten Penn State twice and Michigan once since then. Once in a while better than 8-4 is possible, but how anyone can believe we can do that consistently surprises me, regardless of how well we recruit because even now with the best recruiting classes in our history, we're getting four or five 4-star kids. Those other schools are getting fifteen 4-star kids and four or 5 5-star kids.
  5. http://sagarin.com/sports/cfsend.htm Indiana at 47. Look at strength of schedule. Did anyone ever think Indiana University would play the toughest schedule in the country? And we have Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State left. No way we drop very far in that category. Indiana, for all the success and positive energy/direction cannot consistently win playing a schedule like we're forced to year in and year out. The Big Ten divisions are a complete joke. I don't know what can be done and know nothing WILL be done, but I said a long time ago 7-5/8-4 was likely Indiana's consistent ceiling save an anomaly from time to time. This is crazy. SOS in football, IU #1 roughly half way through the season. Wow.
  6. Old Friend

    IU Baseball Commits

    Good kid from a baseball family
  7. Spoken like a fan who thinks only of what he wants to see from an athlete and couldn't care less about the kid himself. You're looking at his body (as I mentioned above) and making a determination on whether or not he's "ready." You can't do that. You're also making a lot of pretty elementary assumptions and straw man predictions (screwing around in homeroom, etc), which are cute; but also self serving and again, caring not one bit about the kid. Everyone you know? Why don't you ask them. Because I know a whole lot of people and I disagree with you 100%. I do love how you think you speak for "everyone," though. I coach basketball at the high school level. Have for 13 years, and while only 3 of those as a head coach, I've been around some really good players. One was also a football lineman. He was 6'5" 285 in high school. Best left tackle in the state and it really wasn't in question. He had over 30 D1 offers (was a top 150 kid; which in football is no different than top 50); and could easily have elected to leave high school early and go to college. But he didn't, and most of the reason was he was mentally not yet there and knew it, wanted to finish with his friends, wanted to enjoy his senior year, and despite his talent at the high school level; knew he wasn't ready to block 22 year old defensive ends. Though he certainly could have started or at least been in the rotation. Hurrying the process did nothing for him; and rarely does for kids. Same thing on the same team for a baseball pitcher who ended up at Michigan. His fastball was low 90's and he easily could have left early. He didn't either. Nor did the kid who pitched against my son and his team in sectionals who had a fastball mid-90's. He's at Xavier now doing just fine. How many other examples do you need? The kid I spoke of? 2 years later now the starting LT at a D1 school in Louisiana and the NFL is still in his future if he wants it. It's not all about the body and not all about what fans want to see.
  8. I understand the sports reasons. I'm just no fan of trying to push the maturity of kids. Senior year in high school is something you get to do once. I just sent my oldest to college, and while he's already 19, he still wasn't all the way there mentally as far as being "ready." Some people look at an athletic freak, see his body, and say "play up! Go be with kids older than you are because you're READY!" (He's a baseball player, and I expect nothing from him for a couple of years even though he's tall, strong, and fast; and a solid outfielder) I simply don't see it that way; and on a football team that has relatively high aspirations, I see no "need" to rush a kid along. Maybe there are proven long term benefits. I don't know of them, but maybe there are. I guess I don't see the kid as the next shiny thing (nor any other kid on a college football team), and say he needs to get out of high school early. Why take that away from a kid? Yeah, he's done w high school football, but he's not done with high school. I'm just of a different mindset. Whether a freshman in a good program arrives in January or June shouldn't make that much difference, because I feel if we're relying on him in the fall, we have bigger problems. As an example, due to circumstances, the Big Ten is loaded with 6th year seniors this fall. Some of those guys are 24 years old. That matters in every corner of life when compared to an 18 year old.
  9. When he says here-classed, is he young? Nobody needs young football players. I'm happy to have him, but stay in school, kid. College is full of 22-23 year old men. No place for an 18 year old, generally..regardless of freak body.
  10. Old Friend

    Fishing chat and pics..

    Took my just graduated oldest son (headed to Ball State to play baseball) to Key West over the past weekend. Fished 2 days. First day, drop fishing over a reef and backwater for tarpon. ~ 50 mangrove and yellow tail snapper; most a couple of pounds. Kept 16 and ate them 3 hours later. Blackened and incredible. Struck out on tarpon (my dream fish, which I learned are really just giant carp....I was crushed. Not this mystery monster I'd hoped for) but saw a bunch; which was cool. Finicky f*ckers. Next day, deep water trolling and caught 6 mahi. 5 keepers (20-24", 7-8 pounds) and even MORE delicious. Highly recommend it.
  11. Selectively. If the trolls go away, I'll happily come back more frequently. I sincerely appreciate the thought.
  12. Fife and Dakich are close friends and give each other sh*t all the time. Nothing to read into it other than what any of us would be with our friends. That said, DD is a bad interviewer because he interrupts way too much. His takes are what they are and if you don't see the world as he does, you'll hate him. But as bad as he is at interviewing, yesterday was nothing but 2 friends blowing smoke back and forth.
  13. Old Friend

    New Jerseys/Alternate Jerseys

    1,2,3,4 yes. 5 Eh. Like the shorts more than the jersey. 6 HELL no. I really like 3 and 4. We tried black in football a couple of times and I remember Cam Cameron saying "We didn't look like Indiana." He was right. When you take over a program, you take over the traditions that go with it. Age has nothing to do with that. I'm younger than at least 3 of the self-admitted" old people; but that comment alone just screams entitlement and whiney young guy who thinks he knows everything. As the saying goes, "you play for the name on the front, not the name on the back." Guys who never had names on their jerseys have all done just fine.
  14. Old Friend

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney