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  1. Old Friend

    Fishing chat and pics..

    Took my just graduated oldest son (headed to Ball State to play baseball) to Key West over the past weekend. Fished 2 days. First day, drop fishing over a reef and backwater for tarpon. ~ 50 mangrove and yellow tail snapper; most a couple of pounds. Kept 16 and ate them 3 hours later. Blackened and incredible. Struck out on tarpon (my dream fish, which I learned are really just giant carp....I was crushed. Not this mystery monster I'd hoped for) but saw a bunch; which was cool. Finicky f*ckers. Next day, deep water trolling and caught 6 mahi. 5 keepers (20-24", 7-8 pounds) and even MORE delicious. Highly recommend it.
  2. Selectively. If the trolls go away, I'll happily come back more frequently. I sincerely appreciate the thought.
  3. Fife and Dakich are close friends and give each other sh*t all the time. Nothing to read into it other than what any of us would be with our friends. That said, DD is a bad interviewer because he interrupts way too much. His takes are what they are and if you don't see the world as he does, you'll hate him. But as bad as he is at interviewing, yesterday was nothing but 2 friends blowing smoke back and forth.
  4. Old Friend

    New Jerseys/Alternate Jerseys

    1,2,3,4 yes. 5 Eh. Like the shorts more than the jersey. 6 HELL no. I really like 3 and 4. We tried black in football a couple of times and I remember Cam Cameron saying "We didn't look like Indiana." He was right. When you take over a program, you take over the traditions that go with it. Age has nothing to do with that. I'm younger than at least 3 of the self-admitted" old people; but that comment alone just screams entitlement and whiney young guy who thinks he knows everything. As the saying goes, "you play for the name on the front, not the name on the back." Guys who never had names on their jerseys have all done just fine.
  5. Old Friend

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

  6. Old Friend

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

  7. Old Friend

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

  8. Old Friend

    Player decisions

    I doubt very much the development pieces were all being done by Archie (most of that is done by grad assistants, if you want to know the truth. That's true nation wide and always has been), and a whole lot other than "bad coach" can affect details in sports i.e. shooting. Baseball slumps are 99% mental. Hitting got guys to the majors, and shooting got kids to college. Durham's jumper looked exactly the same as it did when he got to IU. No form was changed. Come on, fellas. The truth is a disconne3cted team with no confidence will shoot like sh*t. That's on coaching as much as anything, but kids didn't become bad shooters because they were coached "badly." Poor offense? Yes. But then again, Crean never so much as set a screen for Jordan Hulls; and there's awful offense (especially off the ball) all over the place.
  9. Old Friend

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Unless you were acting in the best interest of the kid and not burning a year of eligibility for him to play for a very mediocre team.
  10. Old Friend

    Is Indiana just UCLA at this point?

    UCLA built its brand with one long run which was accomplished in large part because a booster funded the players' career there. When Indiana has that as their legacy, we can make that comparison. Today's UCLA is not the 1960's UCLA. Not even close. John Wooden's fingerprints are long gone from that program. Bob Knight's are still very much on Indiana's program. I don't think the two are really comparable. But...... Indiana made a conscious decision as a university to de-emphasize basketball and every president through McRobbie upheld that standard until 2 weeks ago when McRobbie finally got out of the way and allowed Scott to do what he needed to do. Indiana turned down Rick Pitino TWICE. Indiana never contacted one of its own until recently. Indiana ran from its roots and we got what we got. That was a decision made by academes who preferred to be known for the Kinsey Institute or Kelly School; and had no interest in sports nor any care that men's basketball was their proud university's most visible and marketable entity. We now have : A former Indiana player with significant NBA pedigree as the head coach (understanding the role is critical and I've said so for 2 decades) A high level college coach (who boasts a 74% win percentage in a 17 year career) with strong ties to Indiana who has 15 conference or conference tournament championships on his resume, and elite 8's with 2 schools plus a final four. He also recruited the most sought after duo in the history of our state - with the possible exception of Edwards/Jones - OUT of Indiana. Next, it's rumored we'll have a very old hall of fame guy who's won championships at every level of basketball serving as a consultant. Larry Brown is one of the top basketball minds of all time Nobody knows yet what the results will be, but that's the resume of an entity treating itself like a top tier college basketball program, not some dying dinosaur. Oh, and UCLA is in the final four. =)
  11. Old Friend

    Indy Restaurant Recommendations?

    Yep. Absolutely if the weather's good. Others for you, Hornsby... Iaria's for Italian. It's a "joint." (south College Ave) Was Rick Majerus' favorite spot and exceptional. Revolucion in Fountain Square is killer if you like tacos. If you find yourself north, Miracle sushi in Carmel on old Meridian Street is by far the best i've ever had, and I've had it in San Diego. Noah Grant's or the Salty Cowboy in Zionsville are great....Salty Cowboy very casual. Can't go wrong with Ambrosia in "mid town." Corner of Kessler and College.
  12. I agree with you. That was my point. Exactly, as a matter of fact.
  13. I still believe the culture at IU is unique and it matters. I think the fact that former player support of MW is unanimous matters and I think IU is a different place. Can someone else win at IU? Yep. I think Sampson would have. But do we want that? I think Scott Drew could. But do we want a guy who lies to kids and families? I think Brad Stevens could. But obviously Archie couldn't. Crean couldn't consistently, Davis was a train wreck. Indiana has tried to move away from its past and the culture which built it. I guess I don't see any reason not to try the way myself and many others have supported. I've had enough of de-emphazsizing IU's most visible and marketable entity. Indiana is NOT "just like everybody else," and to me it's time to act like it. I like the set up, too.
  14. Hey, Bow. At the risk of someone changing my answer spending 4 years blabbing about things I didn't say just so he can follow me around like a child and criticize me like he has nothing better to do.... I like it. I talked to a friend last night who is very close to Butch Carter and by proxy Mike Woodson, and I know the IU basketball "family" is behind it. That matters to me. Woodson wants the job and won''t listen to any of the exterior BS. He's not afraid of the task at hand, believes in player development and local recruiting. I like all of that. Archie wasn't willing to work a room or really change anything. Woodson will be. If you take the names off the resumes, I love Matta and would stack his resume against, say Matt Painter's. Woodson has 20+ years of NBA experience with teams that got better when he was the head coach. Players respect him and like him. That matters. A reality? I wanted Brad Stevens. He was the holy grail. But on second thought and looking at it after stepping back, he really hasn't done anything Woodson hasn't done save coach in college successfully for a short time. Woodson played at Broad Ripple, played at Indiana, and played in the NBA for 10 years. That will resonate w kids whether they have heard of him or not. He may be the most under-rated player in the history of the Big Ten. He was a 2000 point scorer in only 114 games at Indiana. He was Big Ten player of the year having played just FIVE Big Ten games his senior year. As Dakich said today, Woodson has dealt with the egos of Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin. He can handle players' mommies. The minutiae won't bother him. Matta will help him with the ins and outs of running a college basketball program; and I think that combo will really be fun. My opinion? I think Indiana - shown by Matta w Woodson, are getting back to their own culture (no longer running it like a mid major), and at the same time, running IU men's basketball like a top tier basketball program for the first time in 21 years. I see a whole lot of questioning and doubt above; and I had it too at first reaction. Having had some time to think about it, I really like it and think he deserves this shot. The "family" will now be united and that can do nothing but help. Edit : Bob Kravitz doesn't like it which means I love it. He and so many others are so damned unable to look beneath the surface. Why journalism guys like he and Zac Osterman (whose experience is playing Madden and NCAA Basketball on XBox) are asked for their input on sports. I digress..