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  1. gfeltner28

    IUBB vs Nebraska- Wednesday 2-21-24 8:30 PM BTN

    We should be down enough again for CJ to hit a 3
  2. gfeltner28


    This is the first year of my 37 years that I don't really care if I watch an IU game or not. No blocking out and no hustle. I understand programs have bad years but there is no excuse for lack of hustle. I went over to a Purdue blog and read a little bit after the OSU loss. Talk about miserable. How can you be a top 5 team(typically ranked 1 or 2) for the last 2 years and constantly complain how bad your coach is. Makes me think no matter how good your team is, people will never be happy. It's annoying.
  3. gfeltner28

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Is this where we finish the game thread
  4. gfeltner28

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Whether or not you've coached or played "high level" basketball, it's clear that simple in game adjustments are not happening with Woodson. We hit our first shot 5ish minutes in the 2nd half on a pick and pop by Ware. We didn't run it again. It's maddening watching a guy get paid millions of dollars leave his 7 foot NBA player on the bench with .3 seconds left on an inbounds play under the basket. Maybe it's all too advanced for my brain and I shouldn't question the staff.
  5. gfeltner28

    Fire Coach Woodson

    How many double digits losses negate "deserving"? Seems like we've had a lot of those this year. And getting completely embarrassed twice by Purdue....
  6. gfeltner28

    POTFB 2/10 8 pm on Fox

    There is no possible way anyone in their right mind can think Woodson should be coaching next year. This was an absolute embarrassment
  7. gfeltner28

    IUBB vs Iowa - Tuesday, 01.30.24 @ 7:00 on BTN

    What an awesome game for Leal and Ware. If I'm Woody I start getting in MM's ear about making the MR commitment to getting in shape. He seems to hit a lot more jumpers early on in games. And he doesn't have any explosiveness. Speed and agility drills all summer.
  8. gfeltner28

    IUBB @ Illinois - Saturday, 01.27.24 @ 3:00 ET on Fox TV

    I don't understand how anyone thinks MM is anywhere near NBA ready. He is soooooo slow. He wouldn't be able to guard anybody in the G-league
  9. gfeltner28

    IUBB @ Illinois - Saturday, 01.27.24 @ 3:00 ET on Fox TV

    Not one 3 point attempt. Not a even play to try and get MM an open shot. Why would a wing ever want to play in this system?
  10. gfeltner28

    IUBB vs Purdue - Tuesday, 01.16.24 @ 7:00

    Love his game. But the effort on blocking out is inexcusable
  11. gfeltner28

    IUBB vs Minnesota - Friday, 01.12.24 @ 6:30 on FS1

    Everybody on here is 10 seconds behind. Lol.
  12. Maybe this year the B10 will take a good hard look at it's officiating style and how it's not working in their favor. The argument has always been that they didn't care about changing because of the amount of bids each year. The B10 looks awful right now and it'll be interesting to see how many teams will get in the tournament. Trying to stay positive after yesterday's game. Lol
  13. He needs to show up against good competition. He's been worthless today.
  14. Ware needs to step up his game against good competition too. He's been worthless today