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  1. Kopp and PS will get hot here soon hopefully. They have to keep taking the open looks
  2. gfeltner28

    IUBB vs Providence - 11/30/20 @ 2:15 ET

    My goodness, might have to worry about Race not coming back next year. That kid put some serious work in.
  3. gfeltner28

    Game Thread: 11/28 vs. Maryland - Noon - ESPN2

    He could've had a slight tear before this injury
  4. gfeltner28

    IU Baseball: Big Ten Tourney

    Thanks for your posts. Jeff's dad was my hitting coach growing up. I was able to get a scholarship to college for baseball. I use this site every day and love reading your updates. Go Hoosiers!
  5. gfeltner28

    Game Thread: Purdouche Edition

    Damezi looks so unathletic on defense and lost on offense
  6. gfeltner28

    Indiana vs Butler Game Thread 12/15

    Feed JMO every play to start the 2nd half
  7. gfeltner28

    So some concerns I’m having...

    I think we were completely overmatched in talent last night. The guys Crean left are just bench players. With the exception of Morgan. Archie needs to get more of his guys in there before my iu basketball world starts crumbling again. I also think the motion offense is outdated and had a lot to do with our TO's. I was very impressed with dukes movement and off ball screens. Let's face it, basketball is a game of screens now. And damn, I thought Romeo was way better from 3 than what he has shown
  8. gfeltner28

    New unis

    Nice!! I was playing baseball in an allstar tourney in bloomington when I was 12. I hit a dinger when Randle El was umping and he signed the ball. It's a great memory.
  9. gfeltner28

    (2019) C/PF - Kadin Shedrick to Virginia

    I would love to see the numbers here. Do we have the highest budget in the B1G?
  10. Better teams don't max out early in the year
  11. Am I the only one whilo is staring to think nike paid for this investigation? You know addidas was outbidding somebody. Or they would've payed 5,000 or 10,000 dollars to these kids. Somethings not right here
  12. gfeltner28

    NBA Thread

    Huge pacer fan here. Look for dipo to pick up early fouls just like game 2. No way the nba lets the cers win. Hope I'm wrong.
  13. gfeltner28

    #IHSAA Boys/Girls State Tournament

    Thanks. Today was the first time I've seen them play this year. They're definitely a gritty defensive team. They had a 3 minute offensive possession. Great game. Ben Davis could've sealed it, but missed those free throws late in the 4th. It was a great game.
  14. gfeltner28

    #IHSAA Boys/Girls State Tournament

    The Warren Central point guard looked really good vs Ben Davis. Do they have anybody with major scholarship offers?
  15. What a game here. My buddy just told me about the ihsaa app on roku. Ill be watching these games all day.