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  1. I think the issue is more they play to their competition. When they have played top competition they have looked like a fellow top team. However, they have also played down to lesser teams as well. Also, they are really missing their top defender and captain Daniel Munie who has missed the last few games with a hamstring injury.
  2. That was easily IU’s worst match of the season. I know they have lost twice but that was to teams who will compete for a top seed in the NCAA Tournament. This MSU team has played really badly and its a game you need to win. Period. This year may turn into 2014 again with a middle of pack Big Ten finish and barely over .500 record but a really good NCAA tourney seed with lots of good wins and a very hard schedule.
  3. Aaron

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    There will be. That is announced separately as part of Tennessee's and SEC's TV schedule release which has not happened yet.
  4. Aaron

    IU Women's Soccer

    PSU is the annual top dog in the Big Ten and always top 10 nationally while Trine is DIII. That's the obvious reason. The team still has maybe its best defense and worst offense in program history.
  5. OSU has pulled an IU basketball 2010-2011 to 2011-2012 turnaround in soccer this season and will compete for Big Ten Title. They are legit good and punched the Hoosiers in the mouth and it took IU a while to respond. IU just played their toughest three game stretch of the season and their last tough road game of the season with Munie still out. Ugly day but schedule loosens up significantly next couple games and all the rest of the top competition is at home.
  6. Easy. IU is behind the times and charges the same roughly $55 for ANY main level seat if they have a few left over tickets (which they do every once in a while) whether the game is against UNC or Moorhead State. Past thinking like this is why the program has struggled. Its not a big deal but its a small part of the trend of why we don't keep up with the times and don't always compete with other elite teams. Every single other team in the country (including IU Football) charges based on the opponent and seat location. IU does not (other than charging less for balcony than main level).
  7. Harms is a better goalie anyways. Would rather he starts even when Pratt is healthy.
  8. Sounds like all the injured are going to be fine. Great night.
  9. What a result! Tonight the team looked National Championship caliber against an Akron team who is also of similar level good. Defense was superb tonight and IU dominated in all aspects. 2-0 final and 19-4 in shots. Hoosiers Punched the Zips in the mouth and never let them off the floor
  10. IU still leads 2-0 and playing great but the bodies piling up as Munie, Henderlong, and Sessock all hurt. All non contact and nothing dirty from Akron. All maybe hamstrings?
  11. IU 2-0 at half. Easily best IU has looked in several yrs against an elite team. Keep it up!
  12. Harms is the better goalie anyways in my mind.
  13. Aaron

    IUMS vs St. John's - 09/06/22 @ 8:00 on B1G+

    Mihalic's goal was a beauty and a bicycle kick.
  14. Aaron

    IUMS vs St. John's - 09/06/22 @ 8:00 on B1G+

    Well St. John's plays a defensive style as oppose to the attacking style Clemson and Portland do so its 0-0 at half with few opportunities for the Johnie's and only slightly more for IU. Complete opposite of the frantic pace of first two matches and it has everything to do with the difference in how Red Storm play.
  15. Aaron

    IUMS vs St. John's - 09/06/22 @ 8:00 on B1G+

    Yup. A stationary front over Kentucky and Tennessee is firing up showers and storms everyday and along the Ohio River it's pretty much afternoon storms until it moves out. Bloomington is on the fringe of it and has gotten a few pop up storms but has remained mostly dry except for Saturday when it poured hence why the ND match was canceled. Rest of week looks decent in Btown but still have the small threat of the pop up storms for now but much less than Evansville and the Ohio River. Should be good to go for St. John's and Akron match unless an unexpected storm pops up. I am not a weather man BTW. Just repeating what I read. LOL