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  1. Just as I predicted. A true home game with a top flight atmosphere that was almost all IU fans. That was a different experience for Clark and Iowa on road this year not having half the sold out crowd and what was essentially a neutral environment in someone else's gym. Credit to the Indiana fans for that and I think it threw the Hawkeyes off their game to face such a hostile environment. Also, Clark was far more gracious in defeat tonight in postgame presser I watched compared to last year so full credit for that. Part three very likely coming in Minneapolis on Saturday of Big Ten Tourney assuming neither slips up Friday. As expected, bracketology projects Indiana to host again and win basically cancelled out Illini loss in metrics. Really fun game and first time team looked like they could potentially make a deep March run.
  2. Aaron

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley TO INDIANA

    Again his Letter Of Intent is signed. He can't just de-commit and waltz out as so many people believe. IU has to let him out of his LOI or he plays nowhere next year without sitting out. If Woodson is gone, no doubt he may leave and would get out of his letter if he wanted. That happens a ton when a coach changes so if you are suggesting Woodson might go than there is a legit possibility he does not come. If administration is the same I have never heard of a kid asking out solely because of a poor performance the season before. Mgbako was let out of Duke because the spot he thought would be open and was promised for playing time was not. Even that is rare though. McNeely asking out without a clear player taking his minutes solely because the Hoosiers had a bad year is completely unprecedented and never heard of it happening.
  3. As I said above we need to get used to fact that colors no longer determine home and road. Like that in pretty much every sport now. Light colors no longer mean home and dark no longer mean road. It is random choice by night in pretty much every sport.
  4. Sorry missed the humor as did Wat Shot with his comment it appears:(. My bad. I have seen to many silly posts that all these Iowa fans are somehow going to invade Assembly Hall this week. Also if one thinks darker colors feel like road uni's you are not watching enough other sports besides college basketball. Any other sport (including NBA) you often have dark uniforms regardless of venue. This idea that home teams where lighter colors has not been a thing for years in anything but college bball and that is changing too. We need to get used to the fact that the color of the uniform no longer indicates whether game is home or away but chosen at random.
  5. Iowa is not going to have that many fans there. Yes Caitlyn Clark draws on the road, but at any team worth a damn this season it is 80-90% home fans. Don't expect different at IU. I don't like these uniforms either but Adidas kind of forced IU to do it and am much more concerned about results on court than what team is wearing. Iowa had maybe 10% of the fans in Assembly Hall last year with a similar team and the game was not even sold out. This one has been for weeks and to get into the stadium will cost premium prices on secondary. 'The worry about it being this huge invasion of Iowa fans is so beyond ridiculous. It reminds me of the AFC Championship between Colts and Patriots I went to almost 20 years ago where everyone was worried about this huge invasion of Patriots fans. It ended up being 90% Colts fans and the best atmosphere ever. Same with IU Kentucky with Wat Shot. Will be absolutely similar tomorrow and best atmosphere for any game in Assembly Hall since last season men or women with Hawkeyes facing a very hostile crowd. Also remember with new system the lower part of the arena is now assigned seating for season ticket holders and only a few hundred are available on secondary market (out of nearly 7,000). Any Iowa fan who bought tickets five weeks ago in GA before sellout will be relegated to row 32 and above (court level GA is being done differently with wristbands and not just available for anyone per an IU release today). I am fine with people taking issue with the uniforms or white out. However, this worry about it looking like an Iowa home game or not having an elite home court advantage is really really silly.
  6. Aaron

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen to Maryland

    You can't just "Decommit" once you sign a letter of intent as McNeely has. IU has to let him out of the LOI or he sits out a year. Without a coaching change, it is very rare for players to ask out of their letter no matter how bad a season the team you are going to has. If this happens, would be very unusual and would be a another black eye on program (as if program does not have enough of this already) as bad performances very rarely make kids want out. Of course if their is a coaching change as many want but seems unlikely, than all bets are off and wanting out of his LOI would not be unusual.
  7. Aaron

    IU Baseball

    He added in his postgame presser it will likely be 4-8 weeks.
  8. I can. When you don't beat anyone higher than a projected seven seed you don't host. Beat Iowa (either this Thu or Sat. in Minneapolis which is 99% likely to be matchup then) and you take care of that problem and will host if you don't slip up against anyone else (NW, Maryland, and Fri Big Ten opponent) between them. 1-1 vs. Iowa and 3-0 against the rest will do the trick. 0-2 against Iowa or another loss in the other three and you don't host without winning Big Ten Tourney.
  9. You want any chance of hosting NCAA Tournament games? Win this. NET feel to 17 after yesterday. If you lose probably need to win Big Ten Tourney to host as NET will fall to 20 and only way it gets back to top 15 and hosting is going all the way in Minny with a couple signature wins over Hawkeyes and Buckeyes. With a win, your NET probably goes back to 14-15 and if you can blow out Northwestern by 20 or more and beat Maryland by double digits, probably back at 11-12. As long as you don't take a bad loss Friday in conference tourney, your NET stays right there regardless of Saturday if it is close and that is good for at least a 4. More than anything though, despite 6 Quad one wins over tourney teams and no losses in quads 2, 3, or 4, best win is over a projected seven seed at home. I can almost guarantee you the reason IU was a 15 seed in first reveal despite NET being a few spots higher, is lack of win over a team that is in top-16 and hosting. Beat Iowa and that problem goes away and your seeding likely matches NET going forward.
  10. This is dangerous game. Illinois has all the talent in the world despite massively underachieving this season. Really need to go at least 1-1 this week to stay in prime position to host NCAA games. 2-0 would lock it up assuming they don't slip up in their final two conference games. At that point, team is just trying to use Big Ten Tourney to move up to a two or three seed rather than a four seed. If team goes 1-1 over next few days, probably need to get to at least Saturday in Minneapolis to hold onto that four seed and host. 0-2 this week will probably require getting to Sunday in Minneapolis just to get back to a four seed. Team is likely to be somewhere between a three and six seed unless they win the Big Ten double which would likely bump them to a two. Vice Versa, unless they lose next five before March Madness, won't go below six. In other words to host: 1. 4-0 finish locks it in regardless of performance at conference tournament 2. 3-1 probably will require winning Friday and getting to weekend in Minneapolis 3. 2-2 or worse probably means needing to get to at least Sunday to host and be better than five or six seed. A reminder that women's tourney has a 11 days between that and NCAA's rather than the four days on the men's side. This means a deep run in league tournament will not impact rest time before March Madness.
  11. Aaron

    IU Baseball @ Myrtle Beach - Feb. 16-18, 2024

    That was a signature road win that will look great on the NCAA Tournament resume come selection time. 7-2 final score. Struggling George Mason tomorrow at 11am to close the weekend on ESPN+.
  12. Aaron

    IU Baseball @ Myrtle Beach - Feb. 16-18, 2024

    IU has blown this one open. Cerny with a two-run RBI single to give the Hoosiers the two runs back he cost them with his big error in sixth that led to game tying runs. Than Shepard belts a two-run home run to dead center and it is 7-2 Indiana top 9.
  13. Aaron

    IU Baseball @ Myrtle Beach - Feb. 16-18, 2024

    Brandon Burckel with potentially the biggest hit of the season so far as he ropes a tiebreaking solo HR into the LF bullpen in the top of the 8th. IU up 3-2 now and six outs from victory.
  14. Aaron

    IU Softball

    That is a really a bad loss to a mid-major that was double-digit games under .500 last year and cancels out the Oregon win essentially. Given the competition, this was a weekend IU needed to sweep if they wanted to stay ranked. Still solid start to season, but this defeat hurts the resume big time.