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  1. Unless they make the Big Ten schedule double round robin instead of just a round robin like normal or move it to spring. Lot of unknowns right now.
  2. Aaron

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    Publicly he loves Indiana (and a lot of him still very much does) but privately he has acted like he has gotten to big for Indiana which is a shame. He has the wrong people in his ear right now and is convinced stardom is better in a big market. Needs to listen to different people. Here is the Inside The Hall Podcast in which Scott Agnes explains in the nicest way possible that Vic has turned into a real diva: https://www.insidethehall.com/2020/07/08/potb-335-a-look-at-victor-oladipos-decision-to-sit-out-with-scott-agness/ We can be forever grateful for what he did at IU and also acknowledge he's let fame go to his head. Both can be true.
  3. Aaron

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    That's a bit harsh. I am not an 'insider' per se but I have talked to a couple people who know he duped the Pacers last week big time. Vic is definitely a good guy at heart and I will forever appreciate all he has done for IU and put the money for the lounge. Its also true he has people in his ear now and is not making the most mature decisions when it comes to handling this situation and several others.
  4. Aaron

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    I am not usually since I don't hear a lot, but I do know a couple people around the Pacers and I do know he has become a bit of a pain to deal with and duped the team with this decision. He has the wrong people in his ear right now and is not making the best decisions showing loyalty to the State that has made him who he is. We can still love Vic and I do for his time at IU and how he has given back for the lounge and he is a great guy at heart. He is just not good at handling fame and has wrong people in his ear now.
  5. Aaron

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    Sorry but its true. I love Vic and he is no different from most NBA players and I will be forever be grateful for his time at IU. With that said it does need to be acknowledged that he has let fame go to his head a bit. It does not change the fact that he is an IU great and has done a ton for the university with his donation to the lounge. I have zero problem with Vic not playing and many are not. The way he handled it though was truly egotistical and self serving. He lied to both the Pacers and the local media all last week than leaked it to the National media late Friday afternoon without telling Pacers first (and yes I know for a fact this is true). No one can say that is a good way to handle an announcement you are not playing.
  6. Aaron

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    That's for sure. From everyone I have talked to (and I have spoken with three people who are somewhat close to the situation) Vic has turned into a bit off an @$$ and has no appreciation for basically Indiana (IU and Pacers) making him who he is. Very sad that one of IU's own has turned out this way. I think we can still appreciate what he did at IU and be forever grateful while also acknowledging he has let the fame in the NBA go to his head and has no loyalty to Indiana anymore and only himself. Speaks to larger issue in society with how some people handle fame and is very unfortunate.
  7. Aaron

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    The problem here is there is a backstory to what Vic did. Its not that he chose to sit out which is understandable, but the manner in which he did it. Vic said Wednesday he was taking it day by day and would decide later. Then Kevin Pritchard went on JMV Thursday and made it sound like Vic would play as far as he knew. Vic then leaked the next day that he would not play to Shams Charnia who is a national writer for the Athletic rather then telling team first AFTER telling local media Wednesday he would decide later (nothing changed in two days so he was not truthful two days earlier). This caught the Pacers off guard and forced the Pacers to release a statement four hours later supporting the decision after doing some PR scrambling. This is what has led to all the anger and speculation that he is not happy and wants to leave Pacers which may or may not be true. Either way Vic did not handle this well. Everyone fully supports him not playing, but the manner he handled it was very diva like and unprofessional to leak it to media first rather than tell team (and yes Vic directly told the reporter he was not playing directly rather then informing team, it was not leaked through a third party like what happened with Andrew Luck).
  8. Aaron

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    People in Indy not happy about Vic and think it means he will leave after next year. JMV was especially hard on him on radio Friday. The reality is we live in a time where athletes are prima dona's and won't play under less than ideal conditions. Its just current society seeping into sports.
  9. Aaron

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I am sure we have under counted deaths but we have way under counted cases by 15-20 million it seems. Either way we have a big problem.
  10. Aaron

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I can tell you Indiana is one of the few states that is doing well and the numbers seem normal where I work and have for a while now. Praying it stays that way here but fear the worst. First the Northeast got it. Now the South and West. Presumably Midwest has to be next but I hope not. If Indy 500 really runs with 175k that will be the ultimate test and may well be when Indiana gets overwhelmed. I don't actually believe the numbers are higher now than at first we are just testing a lot more. With that said the numbers are WAY to high and people need to be careful when out.
  11. Aaron

    IU Baseball

    If this guy is as good as advertised he should be our shortstop next 2-3 years depending on his age. Jeremy Houston is decent defensively but has always been a weak link with the bat, so Espalin should be able to beat him out easily I would hope.
  12. Aaron

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Update: I spoke with someone I know who is a doctor and he said while nothing is certain, even if antibodies only work for a short time as this study indicates, you can still tweak them for a vaccine to make them last longer as long as antibodies are produced at all which clearly Covid does. It does mean though until a vaccine you are not safe from getting it again so that is still significant. Also he says treatments can be developed obviously even if vaccines fail. Feel better now and glad I spoke with this person although still a scary situation.
  13. Aaron

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    https://abcnews.go.com/Health/covid-19-antibodies-fade-months-study/story?id=71406787 This more than a little worry some. Obviously this is very preliminary but if true we may be really really screwed as a species and not sure how you can develop a vaccine if antibodies don't last. Any thoughts? Do we quarantine the whole world for a few weeks so virus dies off on its own running out of hosts? Do we just live with it and treat it like a cold and let many die? Obviously herd immunity will not work. I hope for the best but this may be most depressing thing we could find out right now.
  14. Aaron

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Mask wearing is clearly political. Kroger in Bloomington=nearly everyone wearing mask. Kroger in Fishers=split with a slight lean towards wearing. Kroger in Crawfordsville=almost no one wearing a mask. If that is not the political and rural/urban divide mentioned above I don't know what is. FYI I always wear a mask in public when indoors.
  15. I know IU is overly cautious but is it normal to report these minor violations or is IU on an island doing this?