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  1. IndianaSconnie90

    Welcome Coach Miller

    This hire is only risky due to him being a mid major coach, having said that, he was able to do quite a bit with what he had at Dayton. If Archie can recruit the state even a fraction better than Crean did and he can bring a strong defensive mindset to this team I think we'll turn out fine. I'm interested to see who stays and who goes from here. It's been pretty quiet about who's heading out and who's staying, will play a big role in how his first year turns out
  2. IndianaSconnie90

    Welcome Coach Miller

    My point is that it's a risk to take a coach from a mid major college, especially if you're fred glass right now. For every coach you just mentioned there's 10 others that turn out to be bad decisions from mid major programs
  3. IndianaSconnie90

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Maybe they're waiting on Calipari.......
  4. IndianaSconnie90

    Welcome Coach Miller

    For those suggesting a mid-major coach, there's really only 1 question glass needs to consider. Is he willing to allow the basketball program to be the guinea pig for a coach from a mid-major college? Because that's what it would be, nobody knows what a coach from somewhere like a Dayton is going to do with a program who plays big boy teams every year
  5. IndianaSconnie90

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I give it until next Friday for Alford. If we haven't heard a solid rumor or they haven't announced him as the next coach then I have to believe it's Billy. All of the other coaches that are being brought up on this forum have been available and if they haven't made an offer to one of them then they must not be too high on our "want" list. There's only one other coach that IU realistically, in my mind, is/should be looking at, and that's Billy D!