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  1. keith88lx

    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    I’m currently in the fire academy with a guy that was a basketball manager at Michigan state and he said this if fife in a nutshell. He wasn’t surprised by this and said him and Izzo butted heads all the time.
  2. keith88lx

    General Coach Candidate News

    My daughters name is Kinsley. I’m on the brad train 100% now.
  3. keith88lx

    College Football Thread

    Mullen is playing really well for Clemson. Hope his brother can duplicate at IU.
  4. keith88lx

    Indiana vs Penn St Game Thread

    Just my two cents. I just wanted to mention a few things. I was at the game and it was a fun atmosphere in the first half. I noticed a lot of people left at half time which is common even from my days at IU to go back to tailgate. But later large groups of people would leave anytime Penn State made a big play or if IU did not make a big play. Over heard Penn State fans point at the large amount of IU fans leaving during the game and then state how embarrassing it was. And I agree. My buddy and I went out later to watch the night games. I was at a bar and ran into several football players. I’m not going to name this player. he was a nice kid and kind of opened up. He stated to me that he was disappointed in IU fans for leaving the game like that. He really wished the stadium was more full and would stay that way through the whole game. He said that hes going to give it 110% because he always does. He wants to win more than us fans want. But he just wished the fans stuck around to watch the game.
  5. keith88lx

    (2016) DE Allen Stallings to IU

    My buddy was there coaching and again his text to me was " Stallings is a Monster"
  6. keith88lx


    This sums it up for me. I've missed 4 games this year and that is a rarity that even my wife wonders what the heck is wrong with me. Saturday night after church, we grabbed dinner. I thought I'll be home by tip off, no big deal. Then my wife said she wanted to stop by Best Buy and buy a TV for our basement. I said no problem, I can still watch the 2nd half. The crazy thing, I never even checked my phone for score updates. Finally got home and wished that I missed the whole game.   I'm at the point that I love the team, but I'm ready for a new coach.
  7. keith88lx

    (2016) DE Allen Stallings to IU

    I never contribute to this board but always on to read updates on IU athletics. However; my buddy is a wrestling coach here in the Chicago burbs so I sent him a text on signing day asking if he has ever heard of Stallings. He asked why and I said because he signed with Indiana to play football. His response was "the kid is an animal". Very happy with him signing with IU.