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  1. 12-15 man class is expected.
  2. Leo

    College Bball Thread

    Manek is everything I wanted Fitzner to be
  3. The difference in social media engagement for his IU good luck post compared to the OSU/Pitt ones is staggering. Go Hoosiers
  4. 31 points, 17 boards, 7 blocked shots, 3 assists. WPIAL 4A Champion.
  5. 25 points, 13 rebounds, and 4 blocks today in a playoff game…with a fractured growth plate in his hand. Pitt’s Jeff Capel in attendance.
  6. From my neck of the woods, I hope to go watch him play soon. Late bloomer, grown 5 inches in the last year. Son of Almamy and Miriam Sy (WNBA). Heard from Memphis, Cincy, Elon, RMU.
  7. Leo

    QB Bazelak picks IU

    Three actually